EXO Season Greetings: China Ver.

안녕 나의 사랑들.. ㅋㅋㅋ
예, 또 엑소 굳즈. More EXO merch this month.
Calling all EXO-L around the world, I know I'm a bit late about this but to hell with it!

I received so many EXO merch this past few months and I can't blog about them all in one post cos typical me loves to take photos of everything, every word and every angle so I'm afraid it won't fit and it will be suuuuper long.

My laptop was acting up so I couldn't transfer all the photos to my hard disk which I was supposed to do ages ago but I forgot. While the sun shone so brightly in my room I took the opportunity to re-take the photos of my merchandises that I was requested to post about. And save them all in my hard disk.

Some of my followers on Instagram asked me to do an unboxing videos of my merch but too bad I don't own a proper camera for that and worse.. I don't even know how to, even if I do have the proper equipment. haha! I hate making videos to be honest so.. But I think this is considered as 'unboxing' too right? I mean, it shows the public everything from the beginning like the typical unboxing videos I watched but this is better because PHOTOS DOESN'T LET PEOPLE TALK FOR AGES BEFORE THEY ACTUALLY UNBOXING HOW COOL IS THAT??? Yes, I'm being sarcasm.

Too bright but this is how the China Version packaging looks like.
The inside of the huge box
One of my favorite photos from the planner diary.
I love the design of the cover. So aesthetic but still has EXO touch in it. This 'behind the scene' video duration is about half an hour if I'm not mistaken.
At the back of the DVD Cover.
Don't ask me how I took this photo. It was crazy but it worked, EXO Mini Calendar.
Group photo for December calendar.
EXO members autographed at the very first page of the main calendar.
The tall squad.

I decided to cut down the amount of the photos from 2582350 to 10 so I won't bore people with all the EXO crap. I hope all EXO-L who wanted me to blog about this will like all these photos. Not much but at least there's something to blog about. So sorry the photo was a bit.. dull? It was raining heavily outside when I re-took this photos,

Thanks for reading! Till next post. Toodles!

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  1. I don't actually know all the members, but most of them. Chanyeol is my favourite - he was so polite and cute in Room mates, and his performance on Unpretty Rapstar was pretty good! :)

    Anna xx

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Omg my favorite is Chanyeol too after Kris left the group. I love his performance on Unpretty Rapstar too. He's too cute in Roommate. hehehe

  2. not exactly an EXO-L, I only have dibs on D.O.
    But I know many people who'd kill to have these in their hands.

    1. Most of my friends are fond of D.O too.
      I bet some of them are because the price was a bit ridiculous.

  3. Ahh merchandises of our favourite group are always so beautiful. Unfortunately the prices never co-operate with the (especially poor) fans. Huhu.

    I'm always a little amazed with some vloggers like how good they are at making and editing their videos. I wanted to be one but I don't know how to. I mean, it's already funny how I have the tendency to be one when really, I hate my voice. lol. But yeahhh, I only watch unboxing videos if I REALLY want to know what's in something that I REALLY want to get. Some of them are really too talkative and it's unnecessary, but oh well, that means we just have to find another videos. lol.

    And psshh, the photos aren't dull at all. They're all great as usual! <3

    1. True! I stopped buying official merchandise because I realised the amount I spent on the merch is enough for me to travel outside of Malaysia. It's too expensive but if the items is like an item that I REALLLLLLLY REALLY NEED, then I will buy it.

      Me too. I always curious to how they make an unboxing video without revealing themselves on the camera but still got both their hands to do all the unboxing. YASSSS those talkative youtubers are major turn-off for me. I prefer unboxing videos with no talking just music and captions. hahahaha
      Same, I will only watch an unboxing video to know what's in something that I want.

      Aww thanks Ain. But can't beat your photography skill. Yours are much better than mine.


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