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Tqa London

London is my nickname not where I live. Introvert and stuttering is one of the reason why I rarely speak on my daily basis. Malaysia based lifestyle blogger who blogs about almost everything from beauty to books, music to bullet journal. But mostly about places that I visited, food that I ate and things that I bought recently.

Some facts about me:

  1. Obsessed with face mist
  2. A bookworm
  3. Coffee addict
  4. Obsessed with cereals, pancakes and cinnamon rolls.
  5. Still practicing and studying Korean Language on her own
  6. Also trying to learn French at the same time
  7. Animal lover
  8. Listen to kpop too especially NCT & BigBang.
  9. Loves to travel and try something new
  10. Not afraid of crazy rides at theme parks
  11. Love the smells of vanilla, ocean, sandalwood, babies and new books
  12. Love the sound of the rain

I love to write and share every bits about my daily life that makes me really happy. Even though my english is not that good, I hope everyone who read my post will understand everything that I was trying to convey even the slightest. I guess that's all about me. Do contact me on Instagram, twitter, here on Blogger or anywhere that you preferred if you have any questions that you want to know. I'd be glad to answer and help.

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