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Cafe | Aboong (아붕)

안녕 여러분~
It's been.. months(?) since I last update my blog. So sorry for abandoning it for way too long, I mean not that anyone really read it or anticipate it but yeah.. you know what I mean.

A few weeks ago one of my followers on Twitter mentioned me on this one particular food post. When I saw the photos, I immediately texted Ayu to bring Ashley and try the dessert to cheer her up after a long depressing week for her. So I decided to treat my girls something sweet to sweetened our weekend meet up session.

Aboong is located at the busy (famous for cafe spots) Subang SS15, same row with The Library, Coffee Cottage and some other cafes behind McDonalds. We agreed to grab some of the Bungeoppang (붕어빵) before we head off to Mid Valley for lunch.

I love cafes with natural lighting and white wall so I made Ashley stood there for me to photograph her with the logo.
Of course you guys are smiling, it was your favorite girl's treat ^.^

Yogurt + Nutella filling + chocolate sauce + chocolate covered grapes in a large fish bread that tasted like waffles. Sooooo good!
Ashley: "Babe, look at me!"
All the yogurt will immediately melt in your hand because the bread was too hot and fresh.
This cafe is still a baby here in KL but the people were swarming the place like crazy.

We were there pretty early so we don't have to queue to order. Lucky for us then but after a few minutes, the pick-up counter was so busy. We were the earliest but we were the last to get what we ordered because we were the only people that asked for the large Bungeoppang so it took some time to make the bread because they only have two machines. Other than that, I love this place and this is the first time I told my girls how delicious it was because I hate yogurt and I thought it was vanilla ice cream. Will definitely come again for this but maybe with my siblings.

Listening to: Dawin - Dessert


  1. the cafe looks nice!
    and wow, i just realized this new layout of yours! very neat and simple! LOVE IT!

    1. The cafe was really nice and the ice cream was really good.
      Yeah I changed it a few months ago. Thank you for noticing hehe ^^

  2. Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)

    1. Aww thanks Aini. As much as I want to collaborate, I guess I have to pass since I rarely blog nowadays but thank you so much!

  3. The only cafe I ever tried in SS15 is Grafa Cafe ehehe. Will put Aboong in the list soon. Looks awesome!

    1. There are only a few cafes in SS15 that I ever tried like Aboong, Tryst, Coffee Cottage and Cosans (bcos cosans is 24hrs) but I never tried Grafa yet so I will put THAT on my list hehehe :)

  4. so temptinggg! *crying emoji* that fish-shaped cake sangat comellah :p
    is it pricey?

    1. It was so good! To me the price is fair enough. RM10 for regular and RM12 for large size (one that I ordered).

  5. It looks so delicious !

  6. Oh my, you guys are pretty much lucky! Even if you can't go to Korea, Korea can still come to you in Malaysia. Why can't Korea come to the UK too?? huhu. Those bungeoppang looks absolutely cute and yummy! How clever am I to read your post during fasting? lol.

    1. In Mont Kiara, it's practically a mini Seoul right now. Populated by Korean expat hence a lot of Korean marts, restaurants, cafes, language school and food stall scattered all over the place. Boleh cari jodoh sekali kalau nak sebab banyak abang2 korea kat situ. And trust me, Korean cafe scene is still growing here in KL.

      I need to find at least one Korean restaurant or cafe in the UK. I bet it will be nice to have experience a little change of the cafe scenery. I mean there's a lot of Australian and Japanese vibe coffee shops around the world, but not Korean. Hopefully there will be one soon in the UK, better yet more!

      Hahaha and how clever am I to post about this during fasting? ><


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