October Favourites (Pt. 2) | 2020

Continuing from October Favourites Part 1,  here's part 2 of my October Favourites. I never had this much favourites before. I guess my 2020 is not all that bad. October has been so much fun and loving and how I wish I could stop the time and just stay in October for a very long time. I've been doing nothing but eating lots of good stuff last month because my sister was so into Tiktok recipes so when she made some, she'll give it to me for taste test.

Speaking of eating a lot of good stuff, I ate a lot of sweets and coffee for entire week of my birthday because I thought that is the best self-reward I could ever give to myself since I've been start dieting and working out to lose weight. A damn week of eating cakes, carbs and caffeine? I am beyond happy. Now I've been working out like crazy but I feel good about it. I've come to think that I want to work out to stay fit and healthy instead of losing weight, because somehow I am happy being in my current size.



6th October last month was my birthday and on the 5th, I received a cake and my favourite coffee from my sister and her husband which was unexpected because it wasn't my birthday that day so I was like, "what's up with all these?" and my sister said that my birthday falls on Tuesday and my brother-in-law's day off is on Monday so it's the only day they can run to get a cake that they secretly ordered for me so I really appreciate it. The cake has a "HBD TQA" written on it but my naughty nephew put his toys on top of the cake when my sister wasn't looking and he repeatedly poke the top of the cake box and so the writing were smudge and she tried to fix it (as you can see the white swatch on the top haha) but I find this incident super cute! I love every bit of it.

My sister told me that the cake was actually my brother-in-law's idea. I guess I've been talking too many times about how cute Korean cake is so they got it for me and my sister pair it up with a latte from Starbucks. I had a nice night enjoying the cake and coffee while watching my favourite shows the entire night. Best birthday ever!



I already rewarded myself with so many impulse shopping during RMO on March to June so I thought I don't want anything else. But then I remember that my mini ring journal was too small and looking weird with the inserts sticking out so I thought why not getting a proper one? And while at it, I also bought myself a linen handmade mask with mask chain to go with it. The mask reminds me of Korean Mask from Chuu that was sold out when my friend in Korea wanted to help me buy it. And the best thing about this handmade mask is, I can add my name on it. Adding Tqa or Tqa London would look weird to me so I just put my initials on it ⏤ T.L.

The beige was almost sold out, only 6 left when I added mine to cart. I love anything beige. The transparent mask chain is a need because I told (@aqasnote) that I kept losing my mask each time I went out to eat because I often forgot to put it back on and ended up leaving it at the restaurants. It's very dangerous for leaving my used mask at random places because I'm too lazy to carry a bag, so this chain really helps me a lot. Don't want to lose my handmade linen mask now, don't we? haha
The mini ring binder that I bought the 2nd time is a perfect diameter for a journal because the inserts does not sticking out like the previous one I bought. I had fun creating mini spread in it and maybe one day I'll share some of the photos of the spread that I did here.



As if they knew, NCT U released this song a few days after my birthday and I thought it fits so well so I keep listening to this song for the whole month ⏤ and still do though because it's so good. But turns out this song is actually a 19 rated song what the hell SM? The lyric for English version is even worse for my innocent heart AHAHAHA! But yeah I still like this song no matter what it is about. One more thing, LUCAS is killing it, again. First SuperM's comeback and then WayV's Bad Alive and now NCT U? He's on a roll and I think he's like the new Mark.
Put your hands together make a wish ~
손을 맞대 make a wish ~



The day before the government dropped the CMCO (Conditioned Movement Control Order), we went to Core By The Mechanic in Cheras because my sister wanted to have something to drink because it was a really hot day that day and Niko Neko was closed (Monday). I got a latte and she opted for their Iced Ranoha Chocolate. She loves it and I love my coffee, a tad bit too strong for me but after I added syrup, all is well. Blog post about this cafe coming next month because I have tons of other blog posts lining up waiting to be publish hehe

This time I feel totally fine that my friend did not remember my birthday, as long as my family did. Actually my dad forgot about it too until today and I'm not the type to remind people about it. I'm not expecting anything. I am just grateful to be able to live this long and see how to the world has become. This world is so fucked up that often times I wish I was dead so I don't have to witness all the worse things that happen these days. But my sister small gestures by getting me something that I like, makes me want to live and keeps me going. I envy everyone who has more than one friends because I realised that sometimes, we need to gather all sources of strength during this hardships that we could possibly find to keep going. I only have one, my family. Relatives? No. Friends? Only one but we only see each other like once a year or maybe twice when she's not busy and we only talk on Instagram comments. Unlike me, she has tons of friends though and they even went on trips a lot! I'm not jealous but I wish I have a human to talk to. My walls probably had enough of me talking about what was going on in my life. LOL! I'm just tired of pretending like I'm happy when she's not around, because I'm genuinely happy to see her happy without me and I wish I could have the same thing but reality is I do not. Well, maybe I finally have a human to have fun with one day.

That was a random rant but I just feel like I need to let it out now I feel so much lighter and my head feels clearer and empty which is good right? She (my friend) never reads my blog so yay to that.
Hope you guys have a great day and thank you for reading. Much love, T.

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  1. That cake is so pretty ^^

  2. My lil bro was 5th Oct.
    Happy belated birthday.
    Luckily you have a friend. I have none but I have my family's members.

    1. Really? Same with my cousin! haha Thank you!
      And Happy Belated Birthday to your brother too.
      Aww family is always the best and always be there for us. Ada kawan yang satu tu je pun tapi rasa macam takde kawan. Setahun berapa kali je catch up. Here's to us having more friends in the future.

  3. hepi belated besday tuuh

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate it :)

  4. great pictures as usual.. happy belated birthday darl =)

    1. Thank you so much Siti, I really appreciate it 😊

  5. sy dari first day nmpak korean cake tu lagi rasa mcm nak beli but smpai skrg tak terbeli lagi hahaha but ur cake so cuteeeee lah kak tqa! suka gila tgk kek yg minimalist & aesthetic mcm tu hehe

    OMG! first time dgr lagu make a wish tu ingatkan lirik dia biasa2 je BUT NOT UNTIL I READ THE COMMENTS! mcm tak percaya je lirik dia kotor mcm tu HAHAHAHA

    I feel you kak. I was at the same situation few years back before I enter uni. all day long sy tak bercakap dgn siapa2 kcuali dgn family. i was like that for almost more than one year. until one day, sy rasa mcm lets try something new! so sy beranikan diri apply for my degree (sbb before this sy mcm tkt sgt like i am more comfortable being alone). and alhamdulilah i met a lot of new friends. what i'm trying to say is try to get out from your comfort zone kak. try jumpa dgn org/kwn baru. honestly, it is not good for ur mental health. If sy tinggal dkat area rumah akak mmg dah lama sy ajak akak keluar & have lots of fun. but, sadly sy dekat sarawak :'( but we can totally be friends! hehe

    i'm sorry if my words ada terguris hati akak. I pray you get what you're waiting for kak. inshaallah, everything will change one day :) I just want to let you know that you will always be my inspiration sbb gambar akak smua aesthetic! & sy dah dpt agak akak lalui smua ni but finally baru skrg nmpak akak mcm open up sikit. take a good care of yourself kakk. if you need someone to talk, then let me know! i love youuuu :')

    & can't wait for your new blog post!

    1. Tulah, dah lama berangan nak beli and teringin nak rasa. I really like simple cake too and it tasted amazing.

      Kan?? Memang best je layan until I found out about the lyric, terus macam... "hmm.. y'all really something" hahaha
      NCT songwriter should stop making songs about road head or birthday sex. WE DON'T NEED IT! SuperM's Drip pun sama. First time tengok Mark terkial-kial nak jawab lagu tu pasal apa. At least Highway To Heaven tu ada Johnny pandai coverline hahaha

      I think you're right. I was at my happiest moments masa sekolah form 1 and masa kerja retail dulu sebab banyak kawan. But after I quit my job and focus on my bedridden mom, and then she passed away followed by my dad's sickness yang memang kerap keluar masuk wad, I gave up on making new friends sebab takde masa. Then bam! covid happen, lagilah tak boleh keluar rumah whatsoever. Yeah it's not good for my mental health and selama ni memang diam je sebab taknak family risau since dorang dah ada banyak masalah already. Aww that's so sweet of you. Kan, kalau duduk dekat2 mesti boleh hangout sama2. That would be nice. Of course we can be friends.

      No, takde yang mengguriskan at all, in fact your words motivates me more. That is so nice of you. Kadang2 rasa bosan dgn feed sendiri but your words encourage me to post more. I'm very reserved and tak open up sebab taknak orang risau or feel bothersome. Tapi tak tau kenapa in this post terasa macam nak meluah. Maybe sebab terasa hati sangat kot with my friend. Thank you and I LOVE YOU TOOOO!

  6. Woaaahh.so long tak datang sini lepas lama tqa tak update. Btw, Happy belated birthday Tqa. Semoga dipanjangkan usia dengan segala kebaikan dan dimurahkan rezeki dengan segala keberkatan dan berpanjangan. Aaminn

    Seronoknya dapat birthday kek yang comel. Korean birthday cake is trending. Simple and cute.
    Love the handmade linen mask too :)

    1. Tu lah terasa lama sangat tak update and visit your blog. It feels good to blogawalking again.
      Aww Thank You so much! You're too sweet. Aminnn ya rabbal alamin.

      Double the fun sebab rasa dia sedap haha! Kan? Masa kat korea lagi dah pasang niat nak beli dekat local cake shop kat sana tapi hajat tak kesampaian. Alhamdulillah my sister faham what I like and she made it happen.

      That's my favourite item right now.


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