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안녕 여러분~
I was supposed to blog about this a long time ago but I totally forgot.
My friend found this newly opened cafe hidden in my home area where I always hangout at the 'mamak' there. It was above Chatime so that's why we often overlooked it.

From the window of the cafe I thought there was no seats left because lots of patrons already filled the place. But I was greeted by the owner and lead us to our seat by the window. I guess I need to go and see an eye doctor. I love sitting and having coffee by the window. The cafe was packed because we coincidentally went there during lunch hour.

We were awed by the decoration of the cafe although there was no photos of them. The cafe was covered with owl soft toys, owl murals, owl mugs, owl teapot, owl vase, you name it, they have it. If God wills it, I want to come back to this cafe and try their Rose Latte and take lots of photos of the cafe's decoration.

The Owl Cafe is a semi-self service cafe.

I didn't get the chance to take a proper photo of the waffle because that was my first time I've seen such delicious-looking waffle, I ate it right away. That was so rare of me. Normally I will take photos of everything first, eat later. LOL 

My Mocha. It's either Mocha or Cappuccino for me. 

Via's Cappuccino. I love the swan latte art on it. 

This was actually my post-birthday celebration so you can figure that this post was drafted a year ago *tsk tsk tsk*.

I told them all I want is a cup of coffee and a long chat with my friends. We were chatting away and lost track of time until the waitress came up to me and took my coffee cup and whispered to us, "Any last order? We are closing." I was dumbfounded. I was like "we've been talking for THAT long?? They are closing already!"

It was a great time. Thank You girls for this amazing and sweet post-birthday celebration. I will never forget it. It was perfect because I always prefer Waffle or Pancake over cakes, especially on my special day.

Listening to: Justin Bieber - Confident (Ft. Chance)


  1. Owl cafe! What a quirky concept, but I do love owl! Rose latte sounds nice, make sure you try it next time you go and blog about it. hehe. Aw I can still catch a glimpse of the waffle there. Bet it looked and tasted gorgeous! More cafe reviews please! ^^

    1. I thought so too! I just loveeee themed cafes. I read a lot of good reviews about their rose latte it makes me eager to try it myself. Yeah sure definitely coming back and to post more cafe hopping experience. You too babe, love to see more of UK cafes. Looking forward ♥


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