Tqa Turns 24

안녕 여러분~ 잘 지내?

Okay to those who have read this original post, sorry but I have to re-wrote this post because I realized I sounded like an ungrateful brat. So here is the second (and better, less bratty) version of this post.

Yesterday was actually my Birthday so this post is a bit late but I don't really care. I was secretly excited for my birthday (I mean who doesn't right?) but I was at the hospital visited my dad on the 5th and I was down a little bit so I don't really remembered what day or date it was until one of my followers from IG whom I kinda close with on Kakao Talk, texted me, wished me a Happy Birthday.

I was like, "really? it's today?? Omg it's my Birthday! *soliloquy* should I tell my family? no? yes? let them remember? tell them now?"

But my real question is,

is it terrible of me to even forgot my own Birthday? I mean that only happens to Uni Students, CEOs, Celebrities, Socialite, Prime Minister or idk.. BUSY PEOPLE?? I was far from busy, I mean all I ever did was eat, sleep, online, sleep and repeat! I guess I was too caught up with my Dad at the hospital that made me forgot everything including taking care of myself.

Then Ashley and Anis sent me a super long birthday wish on LINE and it made me smile to realized some people do made some effort by going to bed late at night just to wish me on time and told me I mean so much to them.

Many of my followers from IG texted me (idk how they got my number honestly it was kind of creepy and I hate to asked them "you are so sweet, but who are you again?" for the 1738272th time) and said "I'm sure you're having a party tonight and have a good time!"

If you consider being at home alone eating cup noodles and sleep at 6pm till the next morning is a party, then yes I had an awesome party for sure.

Just to make myself happy, I gifted myself with a Daniel Wellington 'Glasgow' watch that I've been dying to have since last year because I think I deserve it after 3 years not wearing any watch.

Plus I wanted it even more after I saw Sehun wore it on his EXODUS teaser photo. Eep! Matching couple watch with second hubby! I want to have a matching couple watch with Chanyeol but he's a Rolex collector. So in order to buy myself a Rollie, first, I must sell my brother and my kidney or any other organs. But saving up for a Rollie doesn't hurt right? LOL

Me: "Thank You so much Tqa!"
Tqa London: "Oh no big deal.. you've worked hard." *pat myself on the back*

Went to visit my Grandma at my Aunt's house and she saved me some of her Brownies because she knew how much I love her Brownies. Still, she doesn't know it was my birthday and I kept it quiet and considered this Brownie is my birthday treat. Haha how pathetic.

To those who remembered and took some time to wished me, Thank You! You guys made my day and I am grateful for that. That's all I ever need when it comes to birthday wishes, not a birthday party, fancy gifts or bratty requests from people that I know.

I also wanted to wish one of EXO members Lay or Yixing (in the photo above) and one of my favorite acc on IG @lichipan a very Happy Birthday. I am beyond excited to share the same zodiac with you fine people.

생일 축하해 ~

Listening to: Fly To The Sky - 너를 너를 너를


  1. Aww Tqa! From now on, you're on my 06/10 list of birthday! And danggg, how gorgeous is that WD watch! May Allah bless and keep you safe always! <3

    1. Hahaha Thanks Ain! I really2 appreciate it. Well, I already put yours on my 25th Sep slot in my planner. ^o^


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