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안녕 여러분~
My last MWIP post was 2 years ago can you guys imagine? LOL
Still, I will not going to stop this label just yet. It's a label that might come in handy if I don't have nothing else to post about but that doesn't happen... yet. Sometimes I just forget about this label because I was too excited to post about something else. Pfft typical me.

I've been locking myself in the room for the past 2 weeks I don't even know why. I don't feel like talking to anybody and only went out for a coffee or to eat or to check on my dad and then I'm back in my room.

My sister who is a makeup artist decided to practice a 'Skull Candy' themed makeup on my face. I think because she was bored and had nothing else to do on her free time. Took me 2 hours to washed it off.

Ashley gave me this book that she bought at Big Bad Wolf. So this is my current read on my side table.

I went back to my hometown a few weeks ago with my brother and his friends, I saw this Ya'sin in my Grandma's room. I remembered she told me she got that for me. Back then I was like "oh, okay Thanks Maktok!" and leave it. But now I realized how precious this is to me. I will take a good care of it.

I'd never found an M&M chocolate bar before and when I did, I think I got addicted to it and I need to have it like.. all the time! But I'm on a strict diet right now so I can only drooled over this photo.

Went to KL Food Truck Feast because I'm a huge fan of food truck.. food? They have everything from waffles to coffee to bubble tea to mexican and even Ikan Patin Masak Lemak! 

I came a bit late and didn't get to try Chef Jo's (Malaysian Masterchef judge) cooking. Maybe next time then. KLFTF is happening twice every month here in KL.

A few days ago was Eid Adha and guess what? I didn't even know. How terrible!
My sister and dad was on leave and they bought so many groceries and I was like, "what is up with them?"
I asked my sister "you're not going to work tonight?" and she gave me this super-shock face and said "tomorrow is Eid KAU DAH KENAPA??"

And..... I wasn't expecting any guest so I just wear my stripe palazzo pants with plain shirt when my sister's fiance's family arrived like. 24623576 people! I just hate dressing up.

Aidil came an hour later after my sister's fiance went home. And he brought us MORE FOOD!
Which means more calories I needed to burn. Alhamdulillah!

So this is how my week goes. Someone asked me this question before, "How did you came up with this post? It's such a brilliant topic if one has nothing else to post about!"

I got this idea from someone who was also a blogger. She's the one who created this label and asked me to try it and I got stuck with it ever since. She stopped blogging last year but I remembered her each time I post about this. Maybe you guys should do it too if you guys really interested. It helps me cleaned up my gallery too! LOL ^^

Listening to: The Weeknd - Can't Feel My face


  1. cantiknya Yassin tu.. macam tebal je

    1. Thanks. Ha'ah tebal skit sebab ada rumi dan terjemahan. ^^

  2. I've started making a 'week end update' section too. Hehe. Because I do love reading bloggers update on how their week went. Anyway, I totally understand you--on how we sometimes just need our time alone and sometimes it's not just for few days, but weeks. I had that moment too, and I think there's nothing wrong to 'kurung' yourself every once in a while.

    That skull candy make up looks good! And what a beautiful Yassin! I always loved it when someone presented me one <3

    Lol I recently worn a stripey trousers too, well it's a jumpsuit (the one I wore for London Fashion Show, it will be in my next update heheh) but it looks almost as same as your palazzo pants!

    1. I love to read bloggers week end update too. It's like a everything in a nutshell. I wish I know more blog that has this kind of post tho I really enjoy reading them.

      I know right.. I just need some time alone. Plus I have anxiety problem, sometimes I think people don't want want presence or bothered or disturbed. I feel uninvited. Well that's just some of the things that people like me feels.

      Yes! I saw it on your instagram and I was like, "omg should I post it? shouldn't I?" hahaha I prefer jumpsuit but I don't have the body so the palazzo pant paired with oversized shirt will hide all my fat will do. hahaha I can't wait for your LFW post cos you went to Linda Farrow's right? I'm a huge fan of her shades.


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