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Cafe | Garage 51

안녕 여러분~
My first experienced at Garage 51 was horrible but this morning I gave it another try since I found out they changed the entire menu selection (and a few lousy staffs. LOL!) so I was really curious to try their new breakfast menu.

I went on their Instagram account (@Garage51MY) a few days before I decided to give this cafe another try just to see their latest promotions and customer reviews. That was when I found out they were having promotions for their 2nd Anniversary. ALL THE FOOD IS 50% FROM 9AM - 11AM! Who can say no to that right?? ^.^

My gorgeous Cappuccino. I always get all excited every time I see a beautiful latte art on my drink.

They have changed the entire menu selection from before so all the food that I had last year, were all gone including the delicious Maria Parloa. /tsk tsk/ so sad..
This year they upgraded the service. Friendlier staffs, a bottle of drinking water for each table and the air-conditioning was actually working unlike the last time. 

Ayu ordered one of the their latest menu from the Messed Up Family Series and Ayu chose 'The Son' because The Son was actually a mixture of Nutella and Hazelnut goodness with some marshmallows, cornflakes, caramel popcorn, and salty pretzels.

Chicken fingers. It look small but it was too much for the both of us. 

Here's the main course that we were here for!
Ayu got herself a Nutella pancakes with ice cream and popcorn.

Since I'm a big fan of beef bacon, I went with pancakes with bacon and ice cream but I didn't know that it came with strawberries and I don't eat all kinds of berries so I gave the strawberries to Ayu instead.
I must say, they didn't stated in the menu if the bacon is beef and I just realized that after I finished eating them plus the bacon was really really chewy. I never ate a chewy bacon before so a lot of thought came into my mind, negative ones. Normally in KL when they wrote 'bacon' and not 'beef bacon', that bacon is actually pork bacon like the one in Antipodean cafe but 'wallahua'lam' I hope I'm wrong.

After an hour and a half, I finally got my cuppa coffee because they forgot. It was really bitter and so good! When I first came here, I got my coffee in a freaking plastic cup, like the one you used to drink beer at parties but small one.

See that African-American guy in apron? Yes, he worked there and his name is Christopher and I must say, he is sooooo nice and his customer service is super excellent. He does almost everything the whole noon all by himself.

I remembered last year that I used to called the waitress for my bill like, a 23461946th times but they never showed up. All the waitresses were busy watching videos on their laptop and chatted away like there's no tomorrow.

As soon as I got home and wanted to throw away the receipt is when I realized something. They forgot to include my Cappuccino in the bill so, I felt really bad about that. Both pancakes were half priced but not the Chicken Finger.. hmm.. I wonder why. 

Everything about Garage 51 is all better now. I don't have any problem with it anymore. Maybe they took customer reviews seriously and improved it in so many ways. Will I come back? Yes, for the coffee.

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  1. wow. their interiors look amazing!! O.O and so does that pretzel drink

  2. You know why I always wish I'm in malaysia (or korea)? FOR THE CAFES (and the foods)! Most of the independent cafes here in england can never beat the whole concept of those I've seen in malaysia/korea. Like the menus are more or less the same, but look at how fancy they were made into. I love crispy 'bacon' too but the halal ones in here are quite expensive :(

    1. In Malaysia, more noteworthy cafes are blooming up in 2015 and so many cafes, so little time. I have this weird disease of browsing cafe tags in Instagram be it in KL, Korea, London or Australia. And I found a very amazing cafe in Korea that nobody really knows of (because it's located outside of Seoul), you should really take a look at Dreamy Camera Cafe in YangPyeong. I made a promise to myself that I wanted to visit that cafe if I got the chance to go to Korea.

      There's this two cafes in London that is in the top my bucketlist, which is the Sketch London (for their high tea at Gallery Room) and Peggy Porschen for their cakes. Both are so full of pink and very girly, so not me but I really want to experience it. If you happen to get the chance to visit one of those cafes pleaseeeeee blog about it! I want to know about everything.

      I love bacon so much but too bad not much cafes in KL really stated in the menu whether it's pork or beef so I have to pass it because I'm not sure to eat it or not.

  3. The food looks amazing! It's good that they've improved their customer service now, I really hate it when restaurants have awful customer service, it makes you never want to go back!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Exactly! Customer service is really important besides the food and the cafe ambience. The horrible the service, the more people leaving and won't coming back no matter how good the food is.

  4. Woaa. Love the deco of the cafe & food tho! It looks super yummy. I wish I am in Msia right now. Maybe I'll go later. - your new follower ;)

    1. It was really yummy and wish you can tasted it. haha aww it's okay enjoy your time there and thanks for following this humble blog of mine.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Food for 50% off? Why there are no such deals where I live :S The son looks like heaven! Asia has the best food! I so want to try all the drinks and desserts <3

    1. Because it was their 2nd Anniversary so all the food before that was ordered before their actual business hour was 50% off so imagine long queues in the morning. hahaha
      I want to go to the Netherlands for their food too! I heard a lot about their cafes tho.

  6. The food looks deliciouos ♥

  7. Thanks for sharing this useful information regarding amazing cafes in london There is a very good information on your blog.


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