EXO Planet #1: EXO My Bottle

Hey dear readers (if there's any..).
As I was looking back at my gallery in my late-mom's laptop, I saw a lot of photos that I once promised myself to blog about it but never really have the time to do so.

But now I am free for like.. ever, so I decided to post them all slowly one by one. I mean what's the point of taking all those useless photos and just let it rot in the gallery?

Early 2014, I was looking for My Bottle after I saw a lot of Korean and Japanese IGers posted photos of it and it looks so pretty so I was like "I need to have one!". I desperately browsed for it but not one website really available for it because it's a Japan product. Plus, I need to pay at least RM300 ($70) for a bottle including shipping fee and that is insane. So after a few weeks after I sadly started to forget about the bottle, I was randomly scrolled down my Instagram timeline and I saw this one particular IG that take orders for EXO first ever solo concert merchandise and I took a good look at all the merchandise and I saw My Bottle but with EXO logo on it and it was PERFECT!

I sent her an email and and asked for the price and truth to be told, I was pretty shocked by the price at first but of course, all official concert merchandise are really expensive. Since I really2 want it and thinking that it was because Kris was still a part of of them at that time (yeah I was still in wishful thinking) so I don't mind and just pre-ordered it.

The bottle came with a special EXO bag (eep!). Super super excited when I got this in my hand.
The price for it is, ($42, KRW50,767) RM185.

The item in the photo above is the string to tie the bag. And look at the real price of the bottle!
It was actually much cheaper!
(RM106, $25) KRW29,000.

This is one of my precious merchandise ever and I really took a good care of it. Even when someone dropped it I literally yell at them haha it happened a lot trust me! And if my dad knew the price of this bottle, he will definitely get a heart attack for sure.

There's still plenty of other official EXO merchandise that I wanted to post about but I'll do it slowly Because not everyone enjoy this kind of post tho. Only EXO fans and kpopper does. LOL!

Thanks for spending some time reading my blog. 

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  1. yayyy~ finally akk post jugak tentang exo merchandise akk haha dh lme tunggu huhu >,<

    1. Hahaha tapi ni merchandise lama. Nanti akak post yang baru2 eh? Hehe btw Thanks for anticipating! Muah ciked!

  2. I've been keeping my eyes out for this bottle and I really think I should get one! It's so cute! Might kirim off a friend of mine who's planning to go to South Korea. Mannn, if only I'd go to Korea anytime soon. They're so many Korean stuff (coughsalbumsandmerchandisecoughs) I want to buy. lol. Anyway hun, yesss, do keep blogging about your kpop merchandise! :)

    1. Get one! Get one! hahaha
      I know right! I'm still saving up to make my dream come true instead of waiting for it to magically happened. Omg yes all the albums and merchandise is a must-buy when you're in Korea. Thanks babe, Insha Allah I will. I hope I don't chase people away with it. hahaha

    2. I will! hehe. Me too! I mean, there's so many destinations to-go-to I have in mind but Korea is definitely one of the tops. And yesss, that's what they said...that at least the albums are definitely the must-buy when you're there (to think that there'll be no postage fees for them oh yeahhhh). I'm so excited to take pictures of their cafes too! heheh. Let's keep doa for our wish to come true someday soon, ay? InsyaAllah :) And no, you won't chase people away with it! At least not kpop fans like me ;)

    3. I hope so too. Yeah I totally forgot that you listened to Kpop too hahaha. I'm dying to visit London or the UK in general as much as I want to visit Korea. Yes, I will never stop praying for the both of us ^.^


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