Potluck @ Moroccan Pavilion

안녕 여러분~

I'm back because there's free WiFi near my house. LOL
I am excited to be able to blog again I haven't slept in two days trying to find a perfect template, edit them and then edited photos for other blog posts.

I am going to blog about a potluck that me and my friends planned in less than a month. It was actually my idea. I saw my favorite blogger (Li Chi Pan) posted a lot of picnic photos on her Instagram account so I decided to try and organize one with the girls. Plus, I thought it would be a great idea to see my girls again and just.. chill and unwind.

This is my first time ever to do something like this. Well, normally my late-mom would be in charge of the food, tableware and cutlery. But I know I can't really rely on other people forever. At some point, we all have to do everything all by ourselves.

We promised each other to do something like this again more professionally (and more food of course!) and choose some better place. Ayu recommended this place because I told her I wanted to have a picnic somewhere I can see the lake instead of grass.. and people.. and more grass.. and more people.

We went to Moroccan Pavilion on Sunday 30th August (y'all Malaysian knew what day it was don't you?) so the place was packed with people and future bride & groom (more than 16 couples and yes I counted them all ) in their respective wedding attire. I assumed they were taking a pre-wedding photos. We walked for about 10 minutes to our base and I was sweating like crazy because the basket that I carried was so heavy. And I looked like a fat witch because of makeup that was smudged you don't wanna see a photo of that.

I can explain.. 
I was so into taking photos when suddenly Ayu spat out her drink and yelled at me (well, she always yelling even when she's talking), "WEH, YOU WERE STANDING ON MY SHOES YOU IDIOT!" omg I was died out of laughter. 
I was so sweaty I decided to tied my hair with a plastic spoon for some air. Thanks Anis for the photo.

Ayu asked all of us to wear white.

If you (or want to..) hanging out with me, you need to bare in mind that photography comes first over food unless I'm really really hungry or the food is something that I had for so many times before that I don't really give a damn anymore so it's fine. Plus it was getting dark so I want to use the natural lighting as much as I can.

Now here comes the food!

I managed to run to IKEA the day before the Potluck to buy some bottles for the lemonade that I made, a huge bowl for Dried Prawn Fritters and a few glasses and other tableware. Ayu made Curry Noodle, Ashley and Anis made Pasta and I bought a Chocolate Cake because we all knew we still gonna have plenty more space for dessert. 

This was only half of them. We also had a DIY Cookie Ice Cream, homemade nachos and some other food that I don't remember.
I must say that I really enjoyed the view of the lake. It's been a while since I had an outdoor activity like this with my friends. We were the only people there who put this kind of spread near the lake. But too bad for us, it starts raining as soon as I ate my 3rd spoon of Curry Noodle. 

The photo was not that good because I was rushing, trying to chase the natural lighting. Hope to do something like this again in the future with more food. I forgot who it was but one of these guys said "let's have a picnic by the Han River next year when we are in Seoul!" Insha Allah guys. If God wills it, then it will happen, it's just a matter of time. Thanks A-Team for making my wish came true and Thanks for the delicious food.

Listening to: The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face


  1. Aw sounds like you had fun! It's nice to have picnic with your friends once in a while :) I followed lichipan on instagram, didn't realise she has a blog (following her blog right away)! Cute entry and beautiful photos (as usual)! <3

    1. Yeah we had fun.. until the rain started pouring cats and dogs. hahahaha I hate Malaysian weather.
      You followed her too? I love her instagram and got curious about her blog posts. I followed her immediately. hahaha
      Thank you so much. Well, look who's talking! I am obsessed with your blog I don't even know why. I love everything about it.

    2. Aww england has such a bipolar weather too most of the time! My plans were always ruined because of it. huhu. Yes, I followed her on instagram--she takes amazing pictures! Awwww there you go again, making me feel even more excited to blog! Hehe thank you hun! Well, know that I love everything about your blog too, ok! <3


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