Post-Birthday Present

안녕 여러분~ 잘 지내? 나? 난 괜찮다 ㅎㅎㅎYes as I promised, I going to blog about the gift that I received from my pet sister Hanna.

I think she's the second person in my entire life who gave me such an expensive gift just because she wanted to. I already told her not to buy me anything but as stubborn as she is, she didn't just give me one gift, not two either but FOUR.

As some of you may know, I'm a huge EXO fan bcos of one specific guy. His name is Kris Wu (Chinese name is Wu Yifan. Yes I watched his movie in my last post.) But after he left EXO, there's not much of his merchandise that I can get my hands on.

But Hanna gave me a fanmade photobook of Kris and another member of EXO, Tao. Hence the name, TaoRis. Combination of Tao and Kris. It was the best Birthday gift ever! 정말!

This is my favorite outfit of Kris (right) ever. He was like a model straight out of GQ magazine.
I don't think there will be a continuation of this are they? Kris is no longer in EXO (T.T)

I don't know what I did last year that God destined me to know someone like her. Not because she gave me gifts (wth I'm not materialistic!) but the fact that she understands me, she's nice to me and she loves bitching about me in front of my face and that what makes her real. LOL! Hope our sisterhood will last forever ♥.♥ 한나야 사랑해!

Listening to: AOA - Like A Cat (사뿐사뿐)


  1. That's so nice of her to put it together for you!

    1. I am so blessed to know someone like her.
      And thank you so much Jane :)

  2. Ah! Wonderful things <3
    I also think that there will be continued T-T
    "Kris is no longer in EXO (T.T)" Read it hurts T-T

    Sorry for my bad English (╥﹏╥)
    - Your new follower <3

    >> Brasiáticos
    - C h u ~

    1. IKR! I really hope there will be a continuation of this but I highly doubt the fansite master will do it.
      It really hurts because he's my ultimate bias in EXO, or should I say, WAS my bias.
      But with exo or not, I will still be his fan no matter what.
      Good luck to his future endeavour.
      Thank you so much Rafaela.

  3. How beautiful! Love it <3


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