Cafe | Tryst SS15

안녕 여러분~
I just can't let this post sit any longer in the drafts. This was actually a few months ago. My second time at Tryst cafe but this time I brought my brother and Aidil along. I want them to taste their famous pancakes like the last time I had.

One thing I hate about SS15 is the parking slot. It's so limited and so crowded. It even take over 15 minutes to go from one building to another. No matter what time it is. But I guess we were lucky that day we got a carpark right in front the cafe. Bull's eye! That is just some rare shit happened in SS15.

Nachos (RM10)
Yes, I said pancakes but boys.. their appetite is a bit different I guess, they insist on trying Tryst's Nachos with Salsa dip to munch while waiting for our pancakes. It's like their side dish la. hahaha
Technically the salsa dip cost about RM7 because they use a RM2.70 nacho chips. Pfft!

 The plain water was a bit inconvenient because you have to walk to the counter to and fro just to fetch some waters.

The cafe was half empty that night. But after 12am the people kept coming in like crazy and immediately full house.

 I always opted for the Cappuccino here, so I went all the way and ordered two drinks for myself. Read tons of good reviews about their Chai Latte somewhere so I why not give it a try eh?

Mocha (RM11)
Chai Latte (RM9)

Iced Caramel Macchiato (RM13)

Pancake Chicken + Gravy (RM8.90)
One of the best savory pancake yet. Must-have every time I come here.

Played a few rounds of UNO Stacko to kill some time and just being silly and childish all over after we had some caffeine in our system.

Blurry but I don't care because I won't miss any chance to humiliate my brother after they mocked my way of drinking coffee.

They told me they like it there and probably will come back again. I went to Tryst again last August with my friends and I noticed they made some changes to their decoration, menu and tableware. More white plates and pastel colored coffee cup. I wish they had white table tho hahaha me and my endless white obsession.

Thanks for reading or just simply scrolling around. Till next time.

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