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What's In My Bag

November is just around the corner so I was thinking, why not publish another post before October ends? This post has been in the draft long enough that when I read Nini's blog post, I decided to just publish it whether people would read it or not. So without further useless babbling, let's just get right into it. I'm the type that seldom buy new bags and just use one bag for a very long time, hence I like to look for a bag that suits all my outfit and thankfully I am not a fashionista so I can say that my style is a little on the ugly side. Normally I would carry my backpack around but this time, I'll show you what I carry inside my casual everyday bag.
"Once I find a bag that I love, I wear it always. I just don't change my bags. I literally find one and stay with it." ⏤ Cara Delevigne.


I'm a tote bag (or ecobag) kind of girl. It goes well with all my outfit and I can fit everything inside it. But I do switch up between a top-handle designer bag, a crossbody bag or just a simple backpack to match whatever I wear that day but most of the time, I'll just wear this tote bag because it's easier, faster and bigger to fit everything that I need. I got this one off on Aliexpress when it was on sale. I love the material, it is very sturdy because most tote bag uses really thin material that can only hold certain stuff. I have a tote bag that couldn't handle the weight of my Macbook Air.

The Pouch. 

The pouch is from the bag that I got along with the PVC Crossbody Bag that my sister bought for me. I've been using this pouch everywhere I go because the size is perfect for everything that I need, and I usually put all the stuff like in the photo above, no less.

The Wallet.

From Almost Blue. In Malaysia we have so many e-wallet that we can just use it straight from our smartphone to make our lives more convenient but having cash in my hands makes me feel a lot safer. I got this wallet all the way from Korea and my wallet is like my bag, I will use one for a very long time.

The AirPods.

Well, I don't think I need to say much about this. Let's just say that I am very introvert that I like to refrain myself from other people by listening to music at all times until I reached my destination. That is why I, sometimes carry more than one earphones.

The Phone & The iPod.

I seldom use my phone when I'm outside, but I can't live without my old iPod because it contains my late mom's playlists and all the playlists back in 1980-2014. Those are my favourite years and I'm too lazy to create the same playlist on my Spotify because I don't want to use up all my phone's battery.



The Powerbank.

In this modern days, I have to admit, we constantly uses our devices way too much, so often that most of us really need this wherever we go. But thankfully, since I use my iPod and iPhone for entertainment purposes separately, I seldom use power bank to recharge my phone's battery because I use my phone accordingly, like only when I needed to but I still carry it with me just in case.

Lip Balm.

I have a very dry lip so this item is a must. And I use Nivea Delicious Drop in Peach & Vanilla flavour that I got in Don Quijote, Osaka Japan. You can only get it in Japan but you can also buy it online on Dokodemo but the price is double because, well.. it's japan. Japan stuff is always expensive and I don't even know why.

NudeStix Lip + Cheek Pencil.

I posted about this lip + cheek pencil (HERE) before and I swear this is the best thing ever. love everything from NudeStix especially this lip & cheek pencil because I can use it for my lips and well, my cheek. It adds just the perfect colour to my lips so I won't look like a walking dead. This is my second stick by the way, I am obsessed with it.


I got my face mist, my pendrive ⏤ you'll never know, my keys, my neighbourhood access card, my Sudio earphone (all not in the photo), tissues, USB, and other stuff that I think I might need. Yup I carry two earphones because I hate to wait for the AirPods to charge.

I like this tote bag because it comes with a small compartments that most tote bag doesn't have.

Something that you will also find in my bag is my reusable water bottle, foldable reusable straw and cat food. Yes, cat food because I love cats (and dogs too) and it saddens me to look at stray cats begging for food only to make myself even more sad knowing that I have none to give. So I always come prepare. Sometimes wet food but most of the time I'll have a bottle of kibbles in my bag and in my car.

Last but not least is the hand sanitiser. Nowadays wherever I go, I'll go with my sister her baby so I really need this to prevent and get rid of all bacterias before I hold my nephew. You'll never know. So that was my 'What's In My Bag' post. a little shorter than I expected it to be which is good because I know nobody would want to read long post nowadays.
So what's in your bag? Love, T.

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  1. That's a lot of stuff and I understand it. I used to have this kind of bag where I have everything but now I have massively downsized it to this small boxy sling bag that will not mean anything if I wear to do an entry for it lol.

    1. yeah a lot of stuff but it depends on where I'll be going that day. But I can't live without my water bottle. Rasa macam nyawa hahaha
      I currently use a small sling bag too but I style it as crossbody bag because the strap is too long to use it as a sling. Quite annoying actually.

  2. nice pictures you have here.. looking at the ipod akak rasaaaa sayuu tetiba.
    i still have mine but its broken already. simpan because it reminds me of my dad yang belikan =')

    1. Thank you kak :)
      Aww that's why I find this one a miracle because it's still working just fine. Cuma lock button je problem so kena tunggu dia auto-lock.
      This one reminds me of my late-mom too, sebab SPM dapat good result Alhamdulillah :)
      Every time guna iPod ni mesti teringat dekat dia and how much Apple evolved over time.

  3. Very minimal but at least you use everything. I always want to carry extra cat and dog food for when I come across a stray, we think a lot alike! haha ♥

    1. Yes, I only bring what I think I might use during the day. I always need my cat food bottles with me everyday, even when I go for a dinner with my dad, I'll still bring it and keep it in the car. Oh yes! We think a lot alike! hehehe
      I will keep giving while I still can.

  4. putih sesuai untuk semua baju, sangat simple isi dalam beg tu.
    Kalau akak, dalam handbag tu selai ada hp, wallet ada juga ubat, minyak angin, tisu, wet tisu, note book dan pen.
    Akak prefer bag yang agak besar tapi selesa untuk ke mana-mana

    1. Kan? Kadang-kadang takut jugak nak pakai putih but I found this cream tote bag that I think would suit my outfit with that little hint of navy and red.
      Simple je kak, semua yang saya bawa bergantung pada destinasi saya pada hari itu.
      Kalau saya jalan2 outdoor, saya akan bawak bucket hat, botol air dengan kipas eletronik. Setakat jalan2 indoor, saya akan bawak barang2 yang perlu je. Wet tissue tu amatlah crucial hahaha
      Saya pun suka beg yang besar tapi most of them tak sesuai dengan saya hahaha

  5. That's so nice of you to carry cat food so you can feed them .

    1. Thank you, I love all kinds of animal that I feel really sad if I just walked away when they were begging for food.

  6. i love how minimal it looks. damnnn suke gila

    1. You know me hahaha
      I like to keep it as minimal as I could.
      Thank you babe for liking it haha

  7. Mine wajib ada tisu , small purse , 2 or 3 lipstick and lips balm , mirror , perfume .
    I always use 'cikai' back pack rather than branded handbag bcs i need a large space to fill up my stuff .
    While a branded handbag doesn't have large space and heavy to carry if u fill up those things.

    Me too , not a fashionista ppl and my style is ugly every time i go out but who cares . Hahaha

    1. Saya pun wajib kena ada tisu kalau tak mulalah gelisah. Lip balm pun harus ada sebab bibir cepat sangat chapped.
      Same! Backpack saya pun takde brand punya janji besar and muat semua barang2 saya.
      Betul! Sapa tak suka bag branded kan? Saya akan pakai beg branded yang ayah belikan untuk special occassion like kenduri or family gathering sebab makcik bawang suka underestimate orang.

      Hahahaha samalah kita but you are far from ugly Sue.

  8. mmg selesa guna tote bag..ringan jg & washable..

    1. Yes to washable! Langsung tak risau kalau ada stain sebab boleh cuci and yes ringan to carry.
      Having a tote bag knows our limit in carrying stuff.

  9. YEAYY! I've been waiting for this post hehe.

    I'm feeling like de-cluttering my bag after reading your post. I realized I carried a lot of stuff but it's just.. you'll never you gonna need certain things right? I'm conflicted about this hahaha. That wallet looks nice and yess, I agree about having cash. Better be safe than sorry.

    I can see that you're an eco-friendly person, reusable water bottle, reusable straw and tote bags! It's nice to see people put efforts to take care of the environment in their own way. Let's strive our best to save the earth! <3

    It's so nice of you to carry cat food around and that reminds me of a lecturer of mine. She always bring food for the cats around the campus. Those cats really love her :3

    1. Hahaha I've been wanting to do it since last year but your post encouraged me more so thank you to that.
      what? no need, yours are fine because you kept them organised. Easy to find them all. You don't know when you might need one of those stuff.
      Thank you. True I feel safer having cash in my hands.

      Yes, it's my 2019 resolution. To go green and use less plastic etc. I started small, from bottle to straw to bags to cruelty-free makeup. Let's strive our best to save the earth! hehehe

      Giving them food gives me joy and some sense of relieves. I feel better knowing they will not be hungry that day and I hope there were more people who loves to feed the strays. Tak sampai hati buat bodoh je dekat dorang because I know some of them are abandoned, and abandoned house cats has zero survival instincts so dorang tak tau nak cari makan, pandai mintak dekat orang je, tapi tak semua baik hati nak bagi sikit, worse yang halau pakai kaki or kick them. Ish! Tak boleh bayangkan.

      Kucing Tqa from 20 cats to zero semua dah mati and orang amik buang or curi (I don't even know between those two) so rumah rasa sunyi and makanan dorang banyak sangat, why not give it to the strays.

  10. So in love with the whiteness of your photos. Anyway, I love that tote bag. It's unique and cool which made it NOT the typical tote bag. It suits you! Wow there's so much in your tote bag. I'd like to put everything in too but I'm more of a small bag person so I usually just carry my wallet and basic make up ;)

    1. Thank you Lya.
      Me too, I love the bag because it's a little different than other tote bags, glad that someone like it too.
      Yeah, I bring that much and sometimes more, it depends on my outfit and my destination that day. Most of the time I brought my wallet, earphone and my phone in a small bag too.
      Maybe one day I'll make a small bag version hahaha


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