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November is just around the corner so I was thinking, why not publish another post before October ends? This post has been in the draft long enough that when I read Nini's blog post, I decided to just publish it whether people would read it or not. So without further useless babbling, let'…

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Unboxing | Airpods

Hey guys, the title gave it away right? And you obviously know what this post is about. Frankly, I don't want to jump on the AirPods bandwagon but I guess I'm late for the party? Like I mentioned in this post, I went to the Apple store to trade-in my laptop and asked about my glitchy iPhon…

Officially 28, New Template & B'Day Gifts

I officially turned 28 a few days ago (6th Oct) and I kind of immune to close friends and family not remembering it so I wasn't expecting anything. I don't want to sound like whiny brat or come out as ungrateful but this is just a little rant: Last year (and the year before that and before…

How I Edit My Photos (Fade Preset)

As I mentioned in this post, I will be sharing how I did my photos using the Lightroom preset that I received from my friend. So if you really like fade effect, then this preset/tutorial is for you. It's not really my style but I have to admit that I use it a few times to edit photos that I th…

September Favourites | 2019

Oh hello my sweet October, I've been waiting for you my dear friend. Another month has just gone. September was good and fun for me. I spent too much money on stuff that I don't need and yet I still buys more, I need a smack on the head or someone needs to hold my Paypal or something. But …

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Hi, I'm Tqa (Tee-qa) and welcome to my blog.

Friends call me T (tee). A 28 year old minimalist Malaysian blogger who loves coffee, cinnamon rolls, books, the sound of rain and bright hair-dye. Always longing for far-off place she have never been. Proud Slytherin and a bullet journal enthusiast.

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