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New year, new layout, new header and new typography font. Ditched the expensive Jasmine Dowling font for something simpler. Decided to add a little color to my monochrome blog. Pastel pink is my 3rd fave color so my dear friends, don't go weird on me about this okay? I'm still the same (boring) person.

To those who know me really well will be surprised by that title. What? Tqa? Makeup? NudeStix? What is that, is that her new Xbox joystick?

It's a bit embarrassing for me to say that my friends labeled me as an 'otaku' because of my obsession with video games, staying at home and seldom talk to people or socialising outside of my room. What an embarrassing 25 year old goat!

Back to the main topic, yes it's about a lip and cheek pencil. I'll use every knowledge about lip pencil that I have in my clogged up brain to blog about this.

While my sister (Yaya) was busy looking for the makeup toolbox she wanted at Sunway's Sephora, I was glued to this one small section between Guerlain and Marc Jacobs called NudeStix. I was impressed that so little pencils can be use for a lot of features like lips, eyes and face such as concealer, highlighter, bronzer, primer and corrector. Even the sharpener and brushes comes with the same design that can be fit in that cute tin case. Isn't that wonderful?

Don't say I didn't warn you! LOL

"I think Pixi and Tamed looks good on your skin." - Yaya 

But sadly both were sold out. Then my sister tested all the colors on the back of her hand and she fished out the matte black tin case with 'Whisper' label on it. I trusted her because, well if I didn't trust someone with a Makeup Artist Certificate hanging on her wall then I must be crazy.

"I got this." she said then disappeared in a sea of girls queued to pay.

Mind you, my sister never buys me makeup. Period! No, she's not a bad sister but she knows I don't like makeup and even if she does offers to buy me something, I will say "no thanks.." and most of the times I'll just wait for her outside until she finishes.

But somehow when Yaya offered to buy me this I was tongue-tied. My mouth wants to say 'no' because it was so expensive but my heart was like "take it! Bila lagi nak beli lipstick ni?!"

Okay I was kidding, that last part was not my heart talking but 'syaitan nirojim' yang cakap.

So yeah that's how I ended up with this in my bag everywhere I go now. Didn't forget to give my sister a kiss before leaving Sephora because she works really hard and I hate people wasting money on me.

"We're all born with our own unique look, so why cover it up with tons of makeup? Go nude but better." - Ally & Taylor. 

Super pigmented even if you dab it instead of swab it. I wore it to a coffee shop and it left zero lipstick stain on the coffee cup.

It was made to create that nude ready-to-go look but without trying too hard. Suitable for girls on the move because you can just grab a few sticks and you're done.

I think this will not be my last items from NudeStix because I already got my eyes on a few stuff owned by Ally & Taylor. So, that's all for this post. Too lazy to write a long review. Tulis panjang-panjang pun belum tentu orang nak baca. Another thing I learn for being in this blogging world for almost 10 years, people don't like to read long blog post.

Anyway, look forward for my upcoming blog posts including Seoul Day 3 in Myeongdong, Unboxing 2 gadgets and NARS Haul.
Thank You for reading. Much love, L.

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  1. I love this lipstick too! There's something in sephora that make me lose my money every time i was there

    XX Atheera | http://atheeradayana.com XX

    1. Hahaha I know right. Sephora is like a black hole for ladies' wallet. They'd suck all our money just like that.

      For me, NudeStix and Tarte is a few brands in Sephora that I cannot resist. Others are still okay to me. I want more from this brand like, pronto! Lol 😂

  2. i love the colour x_x

    1. I love the color too. Looking forward to get more 😊

  3. i only entered sephora once, then walked away. ahahahaha not really makeup fan

    1. We are so alike. I only thrill to go inside only to put on the leather effect nail polish by Nails Inc.

  4. Have I told you I love your blog layout? And the fonts and everything? Ok, I may be bias on you. But they're so minimalistic! <3

    Anyway, mannn I wish we have Sephora here in England. I don't know why but Sephora sounds like a magical place to me.

    "Okay I was kidding, that last part was not my heart talking but 'syaitan nirojim' yang cakap." LOL SANGAT NI!

    You're like my sister. I love to spend on her and it's up to a point where she'd have to tell me to stop. lol. Can't wait to see you review some more make ups! *winkwink*

    1. Thanks! But I love yours better. Makes me wanna change to wordpress asap.

      Sephora really is a magical place because you go inside with thick wallet and come out with fairy dust in it. 😂 your money stays in Sephora forever like Peterpan in the Neverland.

      Hahahaha syaitan nirojim will be by your side when you enter the store. They whispers to you.

      Iba is so me. Hahaha! My sister loves to treat me. Food is okay but makeup? No thank you! 😊 insha Allah, already drafted a few. *sigh* dah berzaman dalam draft tu. 😔


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