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Like I promised in my previous post, let's talk about Sudio Vasa. 

If you followed my Instagram, you'd know exactly what happened to my 3 earphones. I changed 3 earphones in a month! IN A MONTH! At first I was determined to get the Apple in-ear earphone but then I think, "almost RM400, I better buy the one that I really wanted.

After I saw one of my favorite Instagrammer posted a picture of her flatlay with Sudio earphones laid beautifully next to her coffee, I'm hooked with the design. So I did a research on the brand, watching tons of reviews about it on youtube, find out more about the sound quality and locate a store in KL. After I did enough research, I told myself, "this is the stuff..."


Sony Earphone (6 years) > Apple Earpods (4 weeks) > Beats by Dr. Dre (2 days). All broken within a month..

Sudio earphones was not just pretty to look at but the sound, the bass, the mic really worth every penny. And the sleek minimalist design with 2 of my favorite colors is like the cherry on top. Why Swedish designs always so effortlessly beautiful? I mean, look at IKEA furnitures and kitchenware. Or am I the only one who thinks so? From the packaging to earphone/headphone, to headphone marble cap, the clipper, the remote, the guarantee card, the logo, the pouch.. everything is so aesthetically pleasing to look at.

"Why pink? I thought you like white." - Dad.

Well dad, there is something that you don't know about me. Yes I do like white and I also like soft pastel pink and peach. But when it comes to earphones, I prefer not to go with white color because they tend to get dirty easily and it's super visible and sometimes it's hard to get rid of it. Plus most of my stuff is already white, if I put everything into a picture, they will look super dull and boring. But please don't think that I buy this just for the Instagram, it just so happen that it looks great for instagram and flatlay photos lol! 😅

I tried to buy it through Sudio website but at that time I assumed it was sold out because of Christmas season, so Sudio Vasa doesn't have the 'add to cart' button for Vasa which was really frustrating. That's why I decided to buy it directly from the store.

But yeah, now it's available on the website, I guess they must've restock the item.

"Why are you willing to pay so much for something like that?" - anon

I don't mind spending so much for something that I can use for a long time. Well, hopefully this earphone will last long just like my Sony. And I will try my best to take care of this one for as long as I can. I need my earphone because I refused to look awkward and lonely. Plus I find it rude when someone listening to music or watching videos loudly in public without using an earphone/headphone.

Nobody wants to listen to your loud music! Please be more considerate.

And ada lagi satu species manusia who lovesssss to jamming to minus one loudly as if it's an open karaoke bar. Nope. Just no.

Maybe to some people, earphone is just something that is less important than anything else. Something that you don't really need in your life but for an introvert person like me, the earphone is like my best friend and medicine. It helps me walk through a crowded street, help me stay awake on a long journey, it gives me confident and it helps me in a way that I don't know how to explain, I feel like I'm in my own bubble and nobody can touch me. So when my 'medicine' is no longer working, I feel like my whole world is slightly incomplete.

This is the items that comes with the earphone:
  • Owner's manual
  • Sudio guarantee certificate
  • Tangle-free Vasa earphone
  • Gold plated clip
  • 4 different sizes earbuds
  • Sudio Leather handmade earphone pouch that matches the color of your earphone.

One thing I like about Sudio earphones, is the leather pouch. Leather is so hard to take care of which is why I avoid buying the white one. And you'll have a hard time rolling the earphones into the pouch, but if you take time doing it each time you're done using it, you'll get the hang of it.

I'm scared of leaving my earphones laying around the house anymore because my cats are wild. Like, so wild! I'm traumatised. Read last part of this (Die Jungs Photobook) post. haha serik dah. Now I'm doing all the blogging, video watching, photo editing, web surfing on the dining table or in my room. No more laying on the floor in the living room (which I love to do).

Overall this is a good earphones and accessories to have. If you the type of person that rarely buys earphone and have the budget for it, then this earphone works for you. But honestly, we all know they are a lot more cheaper earphones out there that you can buy but still sounds just as good.

I write everything based on what people asked me on ask.fm so if I left out any important information, feel free to ask me.

Thanks for reading, much love, T.

Listening to: Louis The Child - Right To It (Ft. Ashe)


  1. damn girl i love it. but maybe not in pink. i love the way u wrote ur review.

    1. A lot of people get the black and blue one which is so bold and elegant. Thank you but a little draggy so I made some changes haha

  2. Tqa~ oh my , seriously cantik !!! Harga pun cantik but totally worth it right ?

    p/s : What I attracted to is the bulu-bulu background. Is it your carpet or some kind of small table clothes for flatlay ? Mana Tqa beli can I know? hihi

    1. Yup, super worth it. 😊
      Bulu-bulu? oh that's my rug for my room. I bought it at IKEA je.

    2. okay noted that. nak beli lah nnt carpet tue kat Ikea <3

    3. Hope you will like it :)

  3. sooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyy <3
    ok now i feel like buying one <3

  4. I'll totally buy it if they have the headphone version.

    Btw, new blog design rocks!

    1. Thank you Rasya!

      Oh yes they have the headphone version called Sudio Regent. I heard it's really nice

  5. first time jalan jalan sini. cantiknya blog!

    jemput join segmen : http://zaza96.blogspot.my/2018/01/pencarian-bloglist-2018.html

  6. Siqah suka warnanya Pink dan pouch pun comel dan simple. Confirm tak letak merata. Hihi.

    1. I want the white one tapi sangatlah senang kotor, kalau rajin cuci pun lama2 nanti jadi yellow-ish. Kan? Confirm tak letak merata dah. Serik sangat, lepas guna terus simpan.

  7. I really really really love all of your unboxing posts! They look so pleasing and it kinda satisfies me because I cannot afford to buy those things (since all my money goes to books to review)! I'm so jelly especially when you unbox EXO goods.

    1. Tbh, I'm doing the unboxing thing is because it's pleasing my eyes too. hahaha I rarely splurge that's why I want to capture the moment so I can look back whenever I want to. Aren't we all? hahahaha (that's why I love watching unboxing videos on youtube because it's satisfying although I can't afford it). I have a lot of other EXO official goods unboxing that I wanted to post but I always forgot 😅

  8. cantiknyaaaaaaaaaaa! adore sangat!

  9. kalau kualiti sangat bagus, memang berbaloi spend duit yang banyak untuk membeli..

    1. Kan? Because sometimes kalau pandai guna and pandai jaga, nescaya benda tu boleh tahan lama. My 6 year old Sony earphone yg rosak tu baru RM80 👍🏻


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