December Favourites

It gets to me that lately I've been blogging once a month and that is not okay. I always so lazy and forgetful. The writing is okay, I always got time for that but different story about the photo editing part. I get so lazy to do just that.
But yeah, I guess it's better late than nothing right? And I guess this is the most 'cincai' post that I ever wrote.

December, what's good?

But first let me apologise for the crappy pictures because I was so lazy to edit them.

Big Bad Wolf 2017

Well, last month was the month where all the bookworm goes to party. But it wasn't so much like a party to me. I promised my dad not to splurge like I usually did (at least leaving with 2 big bags or 20 books) because I need to save up for something. So I only bought 2 books and looked away from other books and made way to the cashier. I like to read a classic novel from old playwrights or authors. And the classic book cover wins me over too. I bought the same kind of books from BBW 2016 tapi tak baca lagi. Damn Tqa, you need to stop buying so much books!

Sudio Earphone

I've been complaining about my earphones last month on my Instagram stories. Earphones is so important to me I can't live without it. And it irks me that my cats broke 3 of my earphones IN A MONTH! Dapat yg baru tak sampai 2 kali pakai dah jahanam.

If you watched my stories on Instagram, you know why I made such a big fuss about this earphone. But since a lot of my followers asked me to blog about it (aka review), I will write about it after this post.

Langkawi Trip

I went to Langkawi again last month to restock our chocolates. But not just because of that, but because there was still a lot of places we didn't get to visit the last time. And it was a nice 4 days holiday. Can't wait to come back here again.

Chocolate Galore

No, this is not from Haji Ismail because I personally think that store is expensive compared to Rams Home Decor near Baron. Yeke? Takpe nanti saya elaborate it in my Langkawi trip post. Some of you may already know that I am obsessed with white chocolate. So, most of my chocolates are white, and I got a few different flavors like Lindt's Cookies n Cream (because they don't have Lindt White Chocolate) and Magnum's Sea Salt and Caramel because I'm a huge fan of salted caramel flavor. Do you have any favorite chocolates? Another Magnum chocolate is missing in the picture, turns out my sister stash it far inside the refrigerator so I overlooked it.

Cafe of the Month: DC Comics Superheroes Cafe

Early December last month was a Superhero week. Yup, my friends and I decided to go with that theme because we wanted to watch Justice League and decided to have lunch at DC Comic Cafe which I didn't regret chose that cafe. It was my friend's treat, Adam. I saw a lot of Batman burger box on Instagram so I decided to go with that and boy, I can't wait to blog about it. All you superhero fans are going to love this place for sure.

Justice League

After lunch at DC Comic Cafe, we went to Time Square to watch the movie that we've been anticipated for. I waited for this movie for such a long time because I'm a huge Ezra Miller's fan. I've been a fan of him since I watch his movie Let's Talk About Kevin. And when Justice League created his character who's a fan of BlackPink rasa nak tergelak pun ada, rasa proud pun ada. haha The Flash layan kpop.

I must say, their soundtrack is second best from Thor: Ragnarok. I love their OST especially Everybody Knows by Sigrid and Come Together by Gary Clark Jr. who remake the classic song from The Beatles into an edgy genre which I prefer the most. I got adrenaline rush when I play Call of Duty while listening to this song. I don't know how to do a movie review, so I just going to rate it 9/10

...and p/s to The Flash: I love brunch and I hope you lost to Superman so he can show you how good brunch is.

Blogging Space at Starbucks

Last month I followed my dad to work almost every day, so while waiting for him, I always sit at my fave spot in Starbucks inside Borders The Gardens Mall. It's the 3rd sofa seat behind the counter. A venti cup of hot Dolce Latte and Spotify to make my day. And if I have the time, I would drop by to my favorite Brownies shop, the Brownies Bar to grab a piece of cream cheese brownie to make my day even better.

So that's how I sums up my December. It was not as great as other people's December but I like it. December gives me a proper excuse to wear my Levi's Sweater all day (everyday if I could).

Idk why lately I've been blogging the 'cincai' way 😂 so please excuse the messiness of my photos, I mean the square and the horizontal together doesn't look that good to me unless it's vertical and horizontal. Yup.. anyway..

Thanks for reading, much love, T.

Listening to: Ty Dolla $ign - Famous


  1. Went to the DC Comic Cafe Twice back then in 2016 but I'm not gonna deny that they provide good meals.. XD

    1. I wanna go to DC Cafe back in 2016 tapi tak berkesempatan sebab semua sibuk. And then I got the opportunity and reason to visit it with my friends, mmg tak lepaskan peluang. Yup, they do! Most of their meals are worth paying for. Even agak overpriced especially their prawn noodle. But definitely gonna come back and try something else.

  2. Ohh terasa juga Siqah bila baca part ni - "You need to stop buying so much books!" - ME TOO!!

    Please review Sudio Earphone, Tapi eh, baru perasan. Earphone ni tak boleh guna kat iP7+ eh?

    Tak sabar nak baca blog post Tqa pasal DC Comic Cafe. Menariknya burger tu!!

    Bagi Siqah, gambar Tqa cantik je. Tak kisah lah horizontal, vertical, sq, Hihi.

    1. We bought to many books but unlike you, Tqa susah sikit nak habiskan buku dalam masa yang singkat. So I really admire you and anyone yang boleh habiskan more than 2 books dalam masa sebulan.

      Boleh, if you have the earphone jack that connected to the charger slot.

      Haha the cafe is a bit dark so I'm still in the process of sorting out the pictures and try to make them all look as nice as I could.

      Aww Thank You Siqah ❤️

  3. me too! i bought too many books in one time tho. sometimes i took more times to finish one book but ill make sure i finish the book from the cover until the last page. omaigoddd im hunting a new book now! xD
    follow here #237

    1. Me too! I bought too many, Ebooks pun banyak sangat and baru baca satu je itupun tak habis lagi. haha
      Thank you for following my blog 😊

  4. I never knew that such cafe like DC Cafe is open in Malaysia. Thanks for letting me know. I need to taste their food!

    1. You're welcome. The burger was sooo good. There's actually a lot of themed cafes in KL. I hope you'll like the food as much as I did.

  5. Better cincai than not to blog at all. Those earphones looks gorgeous! Loving your december favourites.
    It's been a long time I've visited your blog and I'm glad you're still blogging!
    You've definitely stepped up your game, I hope you're doing well! ^^

    1. True. I'm like "I better blog something than nothing at all". Super gorgeous and music quality... is just as best as Sony, Apple and other high end earphone brands.
      Aww thank you for visiting. I can't believe myself either. haha
      Thank you so much, love. And yes I'm doing well, praise the lord. I hope you're doing well too.


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