October Favourites | 2019

This post is long overdue. I got messages on instagram asking if I was okay, was I having blogging slump or something like that but the truth is, I was in South Korea and I just got back. I did not bring my laptop with me because I know I won't have the time to do anything with it so I left it at home. I also did not update any of my trip on Instagram story because I didn't have time for that, I figured I shall do that once I'm home so if you want to see it, I will let you guys know about it.

Now back to the main topic, I guess now you know why I love October so much. If you haven't read my previous post, I mentioned that I really like October for so many reasons and one of them is, it is my birth month. Although that 1 thing alone is enough to make it my favourite month, I still have more reasons to love October and here's some of them that I managed to keep in my gallery.



Not really a bubble tea drinker but this is just too cute. The AirPods charging case scratches easily so I ordered this bubble tea case from Aliexpress and it is so cute. Beige is my favourite colour so I didn't think twice about getting it. I did not expect the silicone is smooth to the touch, almost like a high quality silicone. I mean for a cheap product, they use a very good material. The case also easy to slide in and slide out the case if I ever want to change between cases.



This Fall, I am loving everything brown, beige, albion and ivory. Those are my 2nd favourite colour after white and before peach. So to match my AirPods case, I bought a nude plain case for my phone because I've been leaving it naked for months. This time I chose something minimal and I came across this case on Aliexpress when I bought my Airpods case. I thought they match each other so I bought both at the same time. Most of my plain phone cases left dark handprint at the back but this one doesn't so I think this is a very good colour for a phone case (after black and navy). And it is not made out of silicone, I think it's a hard high quality plastic because I love how sturdy it is. I am glad that I found this cheap phone case.



  • Alita Battle Angel
  • Suzanna: Bernapas Dalam Kubur
  • Hereditary
  • The Flu
  • Crawl
  • The Wailing
  • Hell Fest
  • Halloween
I watched a lot of movies last month. Above posters are ranked according to my favourite. I am really impressed by the graphic in Alita Battle Angel it is almost Alita is a real person. And all those robot body parts? Amazing! Especially on Zapan and Grewishka. Meanwhile I put Suzanna at the very last place because it was so-so. Not that scary to be honest, I mean there are a few F-you moment but not to the extent where I have to say it literally. I have Somniphobia so if I can still watching it with my eyes wide open or not scared to go to sleep after the movie ended, then I know that movie is not scary enough. The storyline is already familiar to me because I watched the original Suzana when I was a kid so I can expect what was going to happen next.



They are known as The Avengers of Kpop because the group consists some of the members from 4 different Kpop group under the same company, EXO, SHINee, NCT and WayV. To be honest when I first heard about this super group I laughed and thought it was a joke. Then when they announced their US debut, I really thought they are going to flop ⏤ yes I have such a little faith in SM, so I prepared myself for the disappointment but boy I was wrong. SM Entertainment really pull all the stops in this group and it worked.


One thing about this song is that the chorus sounds like a build-up. You would think it's a pre-chorus build up but it's actually the chorus. And the intro really does sound like The Avengers intro and you can hear it again during the first pre-chorus. The music video production is top notch, it literally just SM flexing how much money they had. I am glad this song is well-accepted by literally everyone who listens to it.



There are other names for this sweet delicacy. My family called it 'Dorayaki' but here at this restaurant, they call it Apam Manja. This is a new breakfast menu at my usual 'mamak' restaurant and I am still obsessed with it. I will buy at least 2 boxes of this every Wednesday and Sunday or whenever I accompanying my dad to have breakfast there.



This is one of my favourite menu from KFC. I seldom eat KFC but if I do, I'd always go for their Loaded Potato Bowl or the seasonal Waffle Burger. The Zinger Double Down is too greasy and my body couldn't handle greasy food so I'll chop it into small chunk or bite-sizes and then I'll add it into my salad bowl. It was super good!



I brought my sister and her baby to one of my favourite breakfast spot, only it was in the evening. We went there for an early dinner after a long day at the thrift store. I made her tried their famous and my favourite Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana waffles and she loves it. And my little nephew loves the made-to-order mashed potato. Don't worry, I'll make a post about the cafe soon.



  • My birthday month
  • Fall season
  • Knitwear
  • Hot drinks
  • Horror movies
  • Cold weather
  • Halloween
  • World Coffee Day
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Gingerbread biscuits
  • Rain
  • Longer night

I love everything about Fall/Autumn except for the inevitable nature disasters and bad flu. You'll see a lot of people get sick, cough, flu and fever that you can't avoid. I just recovered from those so yay me. Also, I'm a night person so yes to longer night shorter day even though I love daytime for better photography result. Excuse my ugly collage, I was in a rush that I did not have the time to make a proper autumn collage but I hope you guys get the vibe that I was trying to portray.

So that was my October and truth be told, I am sad that October has ended. I can't believe that we're in November, soon it will be December and next thing you know we're in the year 2020. I had a great October and I wish it will never end. I spent most of my time at home and just watching movies and reading books and eat delicious food. Hope it is not too late to ask how was your October?
Much love, T.

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  1. OMG KAK TQA! baru je nak komen yg gambar waffle tu macam sama jeeee rupanya mmg cafe yang sama tapi dekat sarawak lah HAHAHA no wonder waffle tu mcm sama! baru je pergi cafe ni few weeks ago & i love love love their wafflessssss!

    you gotta watch movie Dr Sleep kakkk! movie ni heavy sikit but for me best! taktau lah orang lain macam mana hehe

    baru sempat nak bukak blog, tgk2 kak tqa ada update post baru so yeayyy!

    1. Hahahaha Haiiiii!
      Yeke? What is the name of the cafe in Sarawak? Mana tahu ada rezeki ke sana boleh singgah. Owls Cafe is one of my favourite chain cafes because all the food selection is very good and delicious. Tapi like you said, my all time fave is always the waffles. Teringin nak cuba waffles yang savory tapi tak sempat sebab sampai pukul 5pm je.

      Dr. Sleep? Really? Okay, I'm going to watch it. Kalau movie heavy macam ni, I have to watch alone kalau tak tak faham and terganggu with my surroundings.

      Aww that's so nice of you. Rasa macam lama tak update tu yang balik malaysia je terus hadap laptop dulu.

  2. menarik semuanya... airpods case tu comel la sangat

    1. Terima kasih. It is cute and cheap too hehe :)

  3. Hai tqa , lama menghilang . Ada jumpa Lee Min Ho tak .? Hehehe , bestnyaaa dapat g korea lagi .
    Ya Allah cutenyaaa baby tuuuu .
    All food looks delicious and now i'm hungry .
    i've watched 2 or 3 movie from your listed and yeaaa ALITA is the best one .

    1. Hai Sue! Haha tu lah lama menghilang, rasa gelisah kat sana sebab biar blog lama unattended. But I'm back now.
      Lee Min Ho? Ada jumpa kembar dia je hehehe
      His name is Jayden, kuat makan si debab tu sampai size baju pun pakai yang umur 1 tahun punya padahal tak sampai 7 bulan.
      When I look at the photos again, rasa lapar balik.
      You did? Alita was fun, can't wait to let my sister watch it.

  4. out of everything that you mentioned, that Apam Manja really had my attention ! It seems so yummy !

    1. Hahaha it was really delicious. I have to have it every week

  5. I nak comment semua because I love all of it hahha.
    Damn I love your new template and so glad that you're back.
    tbh i was thinking getting and changing a new template but my current one is still my most favourite.
    I'm currently in love with Himmel as well but I guess I am super satisfied with the current template i have.

    1. Thank you, thank you and thank you!
      I decided to change it because I feel a little unsatisfied with the previous template, I love it but the column and the images is too small even though I already widened it to the widest px scale but it's still small to me.
      I love your current template, it's one of my favourite.
      OMG I LOVE HIMMEL but the top navigation and the vertical photos really puts me off. Most blogger photos are horizontal so, nope!
      Thankfully as I was searching between Ethereal and using my Botanica template that I already bought before, Gabriela released Florae, such a perfect timing. After I took a long look and navigate around the demo theme, I just click buy, malas nak fikir panjang hahaha
      You should get himmel too. I bet it's going to look amazing with your content.

    2. We'll see how the next template she'll release looks. haha
      Yeah I'm in love with Himmel. But for now I'll stick with my current template.
      But it's already in mu wishlist. Time will tell hhaha

    3. OMG I"m too excited for this. Tak sabar nak tengok!
      Yeah true, I can't wait to see her next template. Hopefully tak terlalu cantik, otherwise I would spend my money on it and will change template again.

  6. Hi T 💛 what a lovely case! I love all the nude and brown shades. Also all the food looks incredibly yummy! It's crazy! Today is the 23rd of November. How is this possible? Christmas is almost here, and the new year is just around the corner. The last weeks have been incredibly busy for me. But now I can't wait to relax

    Have a nice weekend!

    Aisha | www.aishettina.com

    1. Me too, I love all brown, pastel and nude shades. The food was really yummy.
      I know right? Time flies so fast it scares me a little.
      Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time soon.

      You too! xoxo

  7. Wah.. meriah Oktober Tqa.. Jopping tu memang ohsem dan fun.. Suka tengok step tatian diorang.. Lagu pun hype.

    1. I love October so Tqa will try my best to have fun and eat everything.
      Did you watch it? haha yeah it was an awesome song! repeat banyak kali last month.
      The dancing is phenomenal.

  8. Landing tqa photoshoot gambarvsemua cantik2

  9. my first time tahuu ada SuperM hahaha im old oredy laa kakak ketinggalan haha.. to be honest im done with that kinda music yang bising2 techno ke all the hyped music tapi okla refreshing sesekali. they used urban language eeh jopping. jangan anak2 murid i guna dalam essay dahla hahaha.. the intro sounds like the avengers music hohoho..

    1. Haha takpe, tak ramai pun yang tahu, bila lagu dah keluar baru macam "eh, ni bukan exo ke? tu bukan lelaki shinee tu? ni bukan NCT ke?"
      Kan? saya techno memang tak tahan boleh pening kepala tapi lagu SuperM refreshing sebab beat tak heavy cuma
      Kalau anak2 murid guna, sila pangkah besar2 ahahaha!
      Kan? you can hear the Avengers intro in the song.

  10. Comellah bubble tea airpods case dengan plain phone case nampak cantik warna soft brown tu. The flu dengan Alita tu dah tengok. Dua dua best!

    1. It's so cute that I have to get it hehe
      Terasa macam nak something simple pulak, asyik casing gila2 je so I opt with the brown one.
      Flu tu best kan? And in addition of Alita's amazing graphic to a great storyline, makes it even better.

  11. ommey nyerrr bubble tea airpod case tuuuuuu

    1. tak semua orang sukakan bubble tea but we can't deny how cute and insta-worth it is.
      Thank you :)

  12. Okay this is like so late, but I'm finally catching up to your posts! Hehehe. I hope you're doing well (it's chilling here in Terengganu! *blows some air on my hands ;p

    I miss October already and can you believe we're already in December? And holy sh- only three weeks left before 2020. Well, I'm just gonna enjoy these few weeks at home before leaving to KL on Christmas. Yeap, my bus ticket is on the 25th sigh.

    Let's just forget about that pfft.

    That airpods case is soo cute and I really like how it matches your phone case. I've always been a fan of plain phone cases. Mine is either black, brown or pink :3

    I've watched all of the movies that you listed except for The Flu (seem interesting) and Suzanna. Alita Battle Angle is gorgeous! Western CGI is just so on another level. The last Indonesian horror that I watched was Sebelum Iblis Menjemput and ISTG it's so f-scary. The same level with Pengabdi Setan. Most Indonesian horror are bit too cringey for me and some emphasize too much on the 18+ scenes but those two movies scared the s- out of me hahaha. Such good horror movies, can't wait for the sequel for Pengabdi Setan.

    Super M is phenomenal and I gotta agreed, I laughed when I first heard of the term "The Avengers of Kpop" but god knows how many times I rewatch that music video after that hahaha. Totally not because of Taeyong, Lucas and Taemin :p

    In my kampung we call Apam as Apung. And my favourite one is the one with corn, butter, eggs and sugar as the fillings. SEDAP GILA urgh. I really wanna taste that chocolate one, looks yummy :3

    Your October in retrospect is a whole mood. And that collage is not ugly at all okay, I love it hehe. I miss October dearly. Here's to a better October next year! InsyaAllah <3

    p.s. loving and hating that song 'cause it kinda makes me wish that i'm not single aha! :p

    1. Hi babe, it's okay I totally understand. It's good to hear from you again. I'm doing great.
      Ugh I want to be in Terengganu right now because it's surprisingly humid in KL.

      I miss October and November so much, my ultimate favourite months is already behind us, and like you said we're 3 weeks behind to 2020.
      I can't believe it. Oh really? Gotta make use the time you have with your family as much as you can.

      I used to buy weird bulky phone cases but now I'm into plain ones. And currently loving nude colours because I have a plain pink one but it catches hand stain easily, ada bekas 4 fingerprint dekat belakang and tak boleh keluar so I was really sad about it.

      Suzanna tu tak payah tengok pun takpe babe, it was mediocre. I'd prefer something else. Really? Okay nanti I want to watch Sebelum Iblis Menjemput because I somehow enjoy a very good Indonesian horror movies. The Flu is heartbreaking but not scary lah, all about zombie. True! I can't wait for Pengabdi Setan sequel. Have you watch Kafir before? I haven't but I heard it is just as scary as Pengabdi Setan, ramai yang compare Kafir with Pengabdi Setan so I'm really looking forward to that movie. Still looking for it btw, sebab nak pasang kat tv, takde lah takut sangat hehhe

      Hahaha samalah, I was like to what level do they think they are to even have the nerve to compare themselves to the Avengers? haha but after their debut, I totally understand it because each EXO members was known to have superpowers concept. And I love hearing The Avengers signature sound in the intro. Lucas is just so, ughhhh

      Apung? Now I am craving for the Apung with eggs! That one sound so good. The chocolate apung is really good! I wish I could send some to you.

      I wish I have added more because there was so much more about October that I like but I guess I just save some for November.
      Yes, here's to the next October, may it be better than this year's.

      Me too, there are times when I listen to my favourite songs and wish I have someone to love about hahaha

  13. I love the autumn color combination of your phone and airpods, the bubble tea charm is so cute! I had the same thoughts about Super M but I actually love their songs, I especially love I Can't Stand The Rain! ♥


    1. I am so into these colours now. I just love nude and pastel colours.
      I know right? I was so skeptical about the debut of Super M but they nailed it somehow.
      I love I Can't Stand The Rain too!

  14. Geramnya tengok boba tea tu hahaha comel je. Case tu pun cantik warna dia. I try to find for my huawei but pfftt susahnya nak jumpa.
    Terliur tengok waffle tu, susah nak jumpa cafe waffle dekat sini. Ada tapi tak menepati piawaian tekak hahaha

    1. Hahaha wish I can buy all colours sebab comel sangat.
      Try search at aliexpress, they have cases for every phone inshaAllah.
      Sini banyak cafe waffle sampai tak lalu dah nak makan selalu. Yeke? hehehe that's too bad. Hopefully one day ada cafe yang serve waffle yang menepati piawaian tekak hehe


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