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First of all, the cafe DOES NOT serve HALAL food, therefore if you're planning to have brunch/lunch/dinner here, sila batalkan niat tu and best find other cafes. But if you're planning to have a drink with your mates or family, please do because the coffee was really good!

I found this cafe on none other than Instagram. A single photo of white and black minimal interior stood up among hundreds of other photos that leads to more minimal monochrome photos from the cafe when I tapped on the location. I liked what I saw so I put this cafe on my list, planning to go after I visited other cafes in my list. But one day somehow we ended up in Balakong and my friend was like, "should we have a drink here? Do you know any cafes here to have coffee?" I immediately said yes and pointing the way to this cafe.

It was so hard to find a vacant carpark near the cafe especially during lunch hour. Actually not just during lunch hour but that area is always busy all day and all night because the Chinese restaurants below the cafe is very popular (I was just assumed judging by the crowds eating alfresco and almost blocking the road) and the food probably delicious. So if you guys wanna come, you need a lot of patience when trying to find a parking here.
The cafe was full when we got there and have to be in the waitlist but we got in like less than 10 minutes. And we got the seat at the most Instagrammable spot in the cafe. It was kind of fun knowing that you controlling other people's snapshot that afternoon. They couldn't take any pictures there until I decided when I will leave the spot haha! The moment we stepped inside and sat down, the staff was nice enough to informed us quietly that all their food is not Halal because they saw my friend in a hijab. Me and my friend was aware of that even before we decided to come, that was why we planned on having lunch somewhere else.
I really like cafes that provides free flow drinking water for their customers. It's a plus point for me and that fact alone will keep me coming back. Even though I always bring my own water whenever I go out, I still preferred and appreciate cafes or restaurants that provide free flows drinking water because it will be super convenient to some people who didn't bring their own water and to wash off that bitter, coffee aftertaste.
Lunch hour's over as soon as we got in
Trust me when I said the interior will look even more amazing on the opposite side
I love the minimalist interior and decor. Minimalist or industrial and a little bit of Scandinavian style is always so beautiful to photograph. Not that other style does not but this is my aesthetic. I find them simple and easy on the eyes. I didn't get the chance to check out their dessert display so I can't elaborate anything about that, but I can say that the coffee was really good. And I didn't even add sugar in mine. No idea about the Iced Tea but I assumed it was good too judging by how fast my friend down it.
15 minutes was all I need to get my work done that day
Not sure why I took this picture though

No 135-1A and 135-1B,
Jalan Dataran Cheras 8,
Dataran Perniagaan Cheras, Balakong,
43200, Cheras,


Mon-Sun: 11AM - 10PM
Fri & Sat: 11AM - 12AM


The table was a bit inconvenient for me to do my work but at least I managed to reply some comments, emails, blogwalking and did a bit web surfing. It was the only low table there so don't worry if you're planning to come here to have a drink while doing your work, there are plenty of other tables that you will feel comfortable doing your work on. We stayed for like 20 minutes or half an hour before we leave the place for our next plan of the day, which was trying cupcakes at Fluff Bakery at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Not sure if I want to blog about that one though because I didn't take that many pictures to write a proper blog post, but we'll see. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone had a great week. Much love, T.

Listening to: NCT 127 - Simon Says


  1. nice interior! lawanya gambar2 youu

    1. Yes, indeed the nice interior that makes the photos came out nicely. Thank you :)

  2. I always love your photos!
    They make everything look so aesthetic haha
    Love from Indonesia <3

    1. Thank you so much Aldilla. I wasn't trying to look aesthetic but the minimal interior just came out that way and I'm not even complaining hehe :)
      Much love from me ❤️

  3. Hi Tqa!! Dah baca post ini di phone tapi tak boleh komen. Tak kuar google name :( SO here I come here again :)
    Gila best baca kat PC sebab gambar Tqa semua cantik dan jelas <3
    Dengar kopi kat sini best terus rasa nak pergi tapi bila tahu makanan tak halal, rasa macam tak pergi, dan bila tengok alamat di Cheras, aduh, jauh sangat ni. Hihi

    1. Siqah, you're not the only one! I can't comment using google account whenever I use my phone.
      So kadang tu terpaksa guna name & url thingy. Aduhhh iPhone ni kenapa tah.
      hahaha but yeah we always coming back to pc sebab senang plus I preferred pc version than the mobile version.
      Kan? Thankfully my place is in the middle so senang nak pegi.
      Makanan dia nampak sedap tapi sayang, tak halal. Terus google tempat lain nak makan area KL 😂

  4. i'd love to try this cafe but as you said it a non-halal one. well, maybe i can stay for a cup of tea while writing my papers.

    1. Kan? True. The staff was friendly so don't worry. The non-muslim won't even bat an eye on you.
      Maybe the dessert is halal, you can try and ask. Because I think they only have pork in their hot food, like bacon and pork burger.

    2. Aaaahhh I see. okay thank you so much. i look forward till the day where i can actually go to this cafe. haha

  5. Simple sahaja tapi menarik..kalau ada cafe halal seakan-akan cafe ni pun ok..

    1. Yes very simple and minimal. Actually ada banyak, I've been to a few :)

  6. wow what a minimalist cafe so lawa! ^^

    1. Thank you. It is indeed minimal :)

  7. Cantiknyaaa cafe ni. So minimal. Tapi lawa sangat. Btw, all ur photos semua cantik jugak! Instagrammable punya gmbar. hihihi

    1. Yes, it's very minimal. Thank you for that, I guess you can say that all the corners in this cafe is instrammable :)


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