November Favourites

Another month, another monthly favourite. This month was a bit slow for me. I didn't go out at all so there's nothing special for me to share. The only time I went out was going to my sister and her husband's barbershop because my brother set up a surprised birthday party for my sister. It sure is fun when people remembers your birthday right? Anyway, this post is going to be a short one compared to my other monthly post. Here goes..

Bullet Journal Setup
I finally revealing my bullet journal here in my blog. Everything you see here is 90% handmade except for the cover — that was from Shopee and yes I even made the dotted inserts myself. And everything is only less than RM30. Why binder notebook? I'll tell more on a separate post and I will include all the links and price list.

NCT 2018 Empathy (Dream Ver.) Album
To those who followed me on Instagram might be familiar with this particular purchase. I already draft a blog post for this one. I will tell everything that was happening regarding this album and why at times I feel like setting it on fire but now that the album is complete, I am beyond happy 😊 

Washi Tapes (New & Used)
I bought these washis from one of my mutual on Instagram. She wanted to get rid of everything for a very cheap price and I got these for only RM30. Some of them are new and some are used but to be honest I don't know which is which. They all look pretty new to me and my ultimate favorite has to be the grid. You can't never go wrong with grid.

SUM Market NCT Merchandise
You guys hear that?


Exactly. That's the sound of my bank account. We can't hear ka-ching because it's empty. Sad and empty. Just like my life. NCT has officially ruined my life and I couldn't be more happier.
Lime green is so not my colour but I will try to love it as much as I love nature.

NCT 127 - Simon Says

Take a listen to it with headphones on, you'll thank me later.
Best comeback yet — that's what I used to say whenever they made a comeback or releases a new song or album so I'll say this again with Simon Says. Let me just say that every NCT's comeback keep on topping each other. Simon Says reminds me to why I stan this group in the first place. The impact that this song has on people is the same with The 7th Sense, Cherry Bomb & Boss. NCT's songs are far from generic, different from other generic kpop songs. Now, Simon Says; this song — actually most of NCT 127 songs — sounds so different from each other and Simon Says, just like Boss is heavy with deep bass making it addictive to listen to.

Godiva Biscuits
Yup, that's the price of 5 pieces of biscuits but it was good. Went to Godiva store in Genting Highland Premium Outlet. I was there just for the hot chocolate but everything looks so good so I just had to. I forgot to take a proper photos before I ate it so I am thankful for this shot that I took when I was waiting for my hot chocolate.

So yeah, that was my November favourites. Not much because I rarely went out and I think I already mentioned that but anyways, thank you for reading this short (was it?) post and have a nice week. Much love, T.

Listening to: Dario Marianelli - My Edward and I


  1. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Yes, I agree that all NCT songs are from generic. I left my all fandom and start stanning NCT after I listened to The 7th Sense and fall even deeper when they released Cherry Bomb.
    I love your blog, so minimalist and easy to navigate around :)

    1. Ahh I wish I know who you are haha but yeah I got into them when I first heard of The 7th Sense then fall even deeper when they released Cherry Bomb and Limitless.

      Aww thank you so much. That's what I aim for when it comes to my blogging template, easy to navigate :)

  2. Anonymous5:42 AM

    I don't have a blog or google account to comment properly but I guess anonymous is fine too.
    Like I said, I don't have a blog but I enjoy reading your blog. I love every content and every photos that you put up. Looking forward for your next post ^^

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I honestly did not expect any readers because I don't have that many followers and I only post content that I would love to look back in the future and not cringe at it hahaha glad that you liked it :)

  3. Aaliya5:45 AM

    Come across your blog when I was searching for NCT stuff. Will you do a post about that NCT merch? I would love to read it and see more of it. So lovely.
    Your bullet journal is so cute, I want one of those binder notebook too but I don't know how to bullet journal.

    1. Hi Aaliya. I assumed that you're an NCTzen too? Thank you so much and yeah I probably will I mean already took some photos of it so it would be such a waste to let it rot in the gallery :)

      Haha thanks! I like a cute but still minimalist bullet journal that I can carry everywhere with me. Binder notebook is easy to to customize once you get the hand of it. You can start by doing some to-do list and your monthly goals.

      Most of the time I wrote about new cafes that I've been to, new movies that I watched or bucketlist, monthly goals and weekly playlist :)

  4. wowwww menangis jugak nak makan biskut tu tapi kalau perut happy hati pun ikut happy sekali :D

    1. Hahahaha sangatttt. Dengan harga macam tu tiba2 rasa kedekut tu datang tak nak share dengan sesiapa hahaha but yesss janji perut happy 😊

  5. reading your post actually boost my moods to do my work. hahaha thnxxx

    it's not a joke it's true okay. XD

    1. Eyyy hahaha that made my day. I read blog post to boost my mood too. Thank you Ray, your comment always put a smile to my face even on a gloomy days 😊

  6. masih ingat lagi haritu ternampak you unboxing your nct merchandise dekat ig story, the first thing that when into my mind masatu "omg banyak nya merchandise, mahal gila ni" hahaha but entah rasa mcm satisfied je watching you unboxing the merchandise >.<

    and pleaseeeee do another blog post for your bullet journal

    1. You watched it? Hahaha 부끄러움 ~
      Tak sangka pulak nak dapat banyak macam tu but at least it's worth the price and yeah harga dia takde maaf punya hahaha I'm going to cherish it for sure. Thank you sooo much I will try to do a better unboxing videos in the future 👏🏻

      Oh yes for sure! Already in my draft. Tinggal nak upload gambar and publish je hahaha thank you for your anticipation 😊

  7. ohh now i know you're nctzen. the last time i came here you don't have this hint. bullet journal? mine already lefts unopened. oof!

    1. hahaha yeah I never really show it until early this year, I blame the NCT Yearbook project :)
      Yeah, I just started bullet journaling last July but too shy to share it. Aww I hope one day you will consider reopen it 😊

  8. You have the cutest bullet journal setup! I'll be waiting for your bullet journal blog post :D

    lenne | blog

    1. Thank you! I try to keep it simple and a bit of cute hahaha
      I'm drafting it right now, just waiting for the photos to be edited :)
      Thanks babe :)

  9. Anonymous6:06 AM

    You only bought 1 version of Empathy album? I wish I have one :) Love your blog by the way

    1. Yes, only 1 version because I want to buy the rest of other NCT albums directly at the store. That way I can choose covers and version that I like.
      Thank you so much :)

  10. Heyy~

    I guess you've heard this so many times before but I'm gonna say it anyway..
    I really like your blog design! Sooo aesthetically pleasing hehe
    I'm not a big fan of NCT but I can't wait for your bullet journal post :3

    And thank you for your nice wishes on my post about entering a book giveaway.
    I win the first prize! Hehehe

    I really love your hair btw AAaaaaa T-T

    Have a nice tqa! <3

    1. Thank you! That's the main reason why I was willing to pay for a template because like you, I find it pleasing to look at.
      I'm drafting it right now and hopefully I get to publish it in time before New Year :)

      You did?? Congratulations! I just read the post and I love the books that you chose. My sister is a big Fixi lover. I will show that post to her.
      Hahaha thank you so much for that although the colours all faded and gone now but still, I appreciate it :)

      Likewise, may you have a nice day too >.<

  11. if i ever succumb to buy bts merchandise that god know won't ever be useful for me, i'll be broke in two seconds.

    1. Girl... you and me both!
      Not gonna complain though because one or two of them comes in handy at times hahaha
      But that's all for this year and the next, going to save up for concert ⎯ because I know they would drop the dates when the fans were off guard.

  12. Wowww.. tak sangka ada juga blogger yang update story dia pasal kisah terbaik dia dalam sebulan ni.
    Waahhh. Saya tak boleh buat bende sama.. hahahaha.
    My story just my boring life in my daily lifestyle.
    Tapi still kene update dalam everyday laaa kalau boleh la.
    Incase one day if i forgot something, i will read my blog.
    Hahahaha. Tu pon kalau masa tu masih ingat pasal blog tu laaa. Hahahhahaha

    1. Hahaha it's actually kind of tough sebab nak kena perah otak, ingat balik apa yang buat saya happy the previous month.
      This label sebenarnya membantu jugak in some way, at least ada benda untuk ditulis kat blog buruk ni haha
      Actually tulis pasal daily lifestyle can be really fun and yours are not boring trust me.
      Same, I like to write something that I will read in the future and not cringe or squirming hahahaha
      hahaha so true!

  13. Best juga Lagu tu bila mama dgr

    1. Hahaha mama pun dengar jugak? Huhu
      Ahh I'm glad :)


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