October Favourites

So we're back again with a new monthly favourites. This time it was my favourite month, yes October is my favourite month because a lot of stuff happening in October. I really love Halloween and Fall season because even though I do not celebrate Halloween, the atmosphere of the festive season is overwhelming everywhere. Halloween's and Fall menus is everywhere I just couldn't resist. All the special pumpkin spice drinks is just irresistible.

Victoria Secrets Lip Velvet 

My sister bought a bunch of this when it was on sale from RM79 to RM29 to try it out. With that kind of price, I'd rather buy lip products from Nudestix, Tarte or Too Faced for almost the same price AND those brands are an expert in cosmetology so.. In spite of its crazy price tag, I love the texture and color on my lips. I have been using this liquid lipstick for a month and I kind of dabbed a bit of it even when I go to Mamak to make my lips looks healthy and natural. But would I buy it again? No.

My Birthday

For the first time in my entire life that I forgot my own birthday. Not just me but everyone including my entire family and all my friends. I remembered that I purposely removed my birth date on facebook months ago because I wanted to see if any of them remembers without relying on Facebook and I was right about that, none of them did. It was one lonely birthday. And I didn't even have any picture to post here, this is so pathetic lol! Well, at leat Google remembered my birthday 😂

Aliexpress Haul

Ever since I started bullet journaling, I've been spending a lot of my money on Aliexpress. All of them are art stuff like washi tapes, stickers, stamps, paper trimmer, and other papers & craft items. Everything in Aliexpress is super cheap and the shipping is free but you have to wait at least a month for your items to reached your address and the parcel was untraceable. If you're not the type that could wait that long with no news its whereabout, then Aliexpress is not for you.

NCT 127 U.S Debut, AMAs, On Jimmy Kimmel & Mickey's 90th Anniversary

I think everyone should know by now how much of a big fan I am of this group. I talked about them and featured them in my blog since last February and this last month's favourite is no exception. So on my birthday, NCT 127 dropped their first ever English song and music video for their latest comeback and for their US debut. They hit those famous outlets like Apple Music, Good Day America, E! News, Wired etc and they even facetiming with DJ Khaled. And they hit the red carpet in style for the American Music Award looking dapper in matching black tuxedos and bowties.

For a 2 year old group, I must say that I am super proud of NCT 127, I mean when I first decided to stan them, I was all about their music and how underrated they were. So yeah, feel like a proud mother seeing her kid going to university if you know what I mean. (Photo credit: E! News, Jimmy Kimmel's Twitter and shutterstock)

Krispy Kreme's Halloween Donuts

When it comes to donuts, I have a specific favourites, Krispy Kreme is one of them. And last month was the month where all confectionary, pastries and dessert shops put out their best spooky Halloween's menu. I've tried almost every flavours from KK and I think the Jack-O-Lantern donut was my favourite! The filling is so different, texture and tasted like Milo mixed with condensed milk. I love it so much, I bought it like 4 times. 

Cafe of the Month: Chubbeecloud

I saw pictures of this cafe on Instagram and I immediately asked my sister if she could clear out any dates on the weekend so we can go together and lucky for me, she doesn't work on weekend anymore. Chubbeecloud was famous for its custom marshmallows but we did not go there for the marshmallows. We wanted to try their unique food and boy, we loved it! If we ever go back, it would be for the food. And the Mericorn (Mermaid + Unicorn) shake was not that bad at all!

New Blog Template

I changed my blog template like once year but my current blog template made this my second template for this year. I rarely change it because I hate the changes that I need to make, the coding, the links, the widgets and this and that. But since I realised that I abandoned my blog for almost 3 months starting from June, I thought I need a mood booster. I need to see something new, something fresh, something that will keep me coming back to post more contents on my blog.

I bought this template from Gabriela on Etsy. Gabriela has such a gift for blog designs. I got my eyes on her designs since last year but at that time her templates cost more than RM80 but now I finally own one of her design. I've always like one column layout, something simple, something modern and a little bit of an aesthetic elements in it and so far, her designs came close to what I have in mind.
I am a satisfied client. Will try to keep using this template for a long time now.

I was going to add my October playlist but since I'm writing this post using my phone because my brother borrowed my laptop for almost 2 weeks, I couldn't do the whole coding thingy so I will bring that to my next's monthly fave — only if I didn't have enough content to post about. Haha anyway, hope everyone had a blast October and November. See you guys in my next post. Much love, T.

Listening to: Aurora - Lucky


  1. sama lah bulan lahir kitaaaa hehe and october is my fav month too!
    unfortunately kat sini belum ada cawangan Krispy Kreme lagi ughhhh those donuts nampak tempting gilaaaaa
    uuuuu jaehyunnnnn hahaha muka dia je kat wallpaper hp skrg haha lol

    1. Yeke? October babies! I love October and always looking forward for that month because tv play a lot of horror movies too which is my favourite.
      Where do you live? I hope there's delicious donuts outlet wherever you are :)
      Really? I didn't know you're an NCTzen too hahaha Jaehyun is wrecking my bias list lately. So rude!

  2. OMG cntk gila that color and your choices of blog template never fails to impress me. I love it. Much loved from me for your october favorites post ^^

    1. I really like that kind of colour. it doesn't make my lips appeal too much or look pale.
      Aww thanks! I like yours too. You guys rock 2 columns template like no other. Mine will look so messy because I will add so many stuff on the sidebar lol!
      Thank you Ray!

  3. Hi October babies! <3 Samalah kita. Hihi.

    I really love your new blog template! It was so nice, clean, and minimal. I agree with the part in which we need to change blog template for a mood booster. Because I just did the same thing! Change my blog template. Hihi. Hope rajinlah update blog lepas ni :D

    1. Heyyyy! Yay more October babies in here!
      Thank you. I will try to use this template as long as I could. Kan? The process needs to be painstakingly done.
      Really? Sorry I didn't notice. Need to check out your blog asap. I need to see it hahaha
      Kan? We need a mood booster kalau tak kita akan cepat bosan. And beli template mahal2 pun tak guna kalau kita cepat bosan.
      Yesss hopefully. I'm looking forward :)


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