Myeong-dong (명동)

S. Korea | Myeongdong (명동), Seoul

We finally out of the house after 3 days resting and lazying around the house waiting for Adam to arrived from Malaysia. First place we went to? Myeongdong. Typical attraction district in every tourist itinerary. A good place to eat and shop or probably spotting famous people. Unlike me, who is not very lucky in everything, I met Choo Sung Hoon's mother aka Sarang's grandmother. Yeah, out of a all people on tv..

Anyway, we left the house pretty late so we got at Myeongdong at half past 6pm and in Seoul 6pm is already dark.

The moment we got there, the girls occupied themselves with Nature Republic products for almost an hour in there while I wait outside like a guy waiting for his girlfriend to finish shopping hahaha. I'll make a separate post for Nature Republic really soon.

After an hour or so walking around Myeongdong, Adam got super hungry and we off to find some decent meal for him and by decent I mean halal but unlucky Adam, my eyes spotted the shop that I couldn't just walk by without saying, "Hi Line Corp, Thank You for pushing me to make my dream come true!" , LINE FRIENDS POP-UP STORE! I was super excited to see the ginormous Brown statue at the entrance.

So awkward because all the people that lined up was staring at me, well they stares at everyone who takes photos here.

Spent about half an hour in there before continuing for a decent place to have dinner. Here are some photos of the shops that I like along the streets of Myeongdong. I really hate taking photos at night because I hate how it turns out. Plus I have to use slow shutter which is a pain in the butt. So please excuse these bunch of ugly photos that I captured in the night of Myeongdong street.

EXO Chanyeol's huge billboard is making me super happy.
Mampu ambil gambar je sebab dalam penuh. Malas nak bersesak even though murah2
Musangking: Durian & Coffee. I never had the combinations of that two and I don't think I ever want to. LOL
If you hate stores promoter followed you around, don't enter this shop. Unless you REALLY buying something.
Can't see MCMxEXO ad commercial because it was too bright.
This plush reminds me of Tao, maybe because of the hair.

I'm not really familiar with Sony DSLR but somehow I managed to play around with the settings in the Korail before we got here and it turned out okay. Since I hate taking photos at night so I let Adam held the camera the entire night. But don't worry, I have two more Myeongdong post to be draft because we just couldn't get enough of this place we went there thrice! LOL

We ended the day somewhere near Incheon that involves Korean street food which I will post about it really soon. Thanks for reading! Love, T.

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  1. I'd probably spend a while in Nature Republic as well. lol. Ahhh I want a picture with the huge Brown doll too! So cuteee and I definitely know that feeling when everyone watching you because they're in line. How embarassing kan, but oh well who cares haha. OMG MY BAEKHYUN! Aww tak regret ke tak masuk SPAO?

    I pon tak suka ambik gambar time malam. But the pictures are all okay, babe :)

    1. I'm excited for Myeongdong street foods so Nature Republic is the last place I wanted to go at that time. That photo of me and Brown was actually blur and there's no way I will stand there for another second just to take another shot. Hahahaha

      Agak lah regret. But I know nothing in there fits me. Well, nothing in SPAO Malaysia fits me so I assume the same thing in Seoul, that's why I passed. Taking pictures at night is not really my forte unless I have a really great lens to work with, then I might do it. I give up easily once I see the photos all blurry that all I can see is light leaks and bokeh. 😂 fussy gila. Thanks Ain! Maybe I should learn more about nighttime photography

  2. Myeondong have everything kan? hahahaha...Sally pun suka betul ke Myeongdong but in terms of buying beauty stuff...tak laa...sbb kat Myeongdong, kedekut sikit nak bg free gift!

    1. Tau takpe. Dimulut keluar 'free' a lot sambil tarik tangan masuk kedai, sekali kena beli certain amount duly baru this and that. hahaha Dah alang2 nak keluar duit, better pedi Stylenanda terus. But I agree with you when you said Myeongdong has everything.

  3. reading this post makes me miss myeongdong even more

    1. Me going through the photos makes me misses Korea even more like you do.
      Counting down the days to visit this place again. Hoping for the same thing for you too 🙏🏻

  4. Oh my God, I wish I could travel to Korea too someday.
    But sadly I have no money.

    1. Me too. I'm too broke for travelling but guess what? Dream big! I dreamed big, save RM200 every month (or more) for 2 years and the next thing you know, you're in Seoul! Alhamdulillah that's what I did and insha Allah I want to visit there again :) Good luck to you!


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