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This post was supposed to be up like last week but I kept procrastinating until I forgot about it. I think my last Gadget haul was when I got my first ever Blackberry. And I didn't do any unboxing of my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini because I was busy with work. And now that I think of it, I've used 3 different brands for the last decade.

Okay.. okay.. I know what my friends are going to say,

"I thought you hated iPhones!"

"You said you were getting the Samsung Galaxy A Series!"

"We were supposed to be team Android."

"What about the iMac? Are you still saving up for that? "

I got mine 3 weeks after my sister received her 6s Plus from her carrier company.
Some of you may know that I broke up with my Korean ex-boyfriend, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini about 6 months ago, he was unwell and we've been together for 4 years. Then later I had a fling with my friend's old boyfriend called iPhone 4. She said I can have him as long as I desires.

But as human being, we need to be sensible and considerate when it comes to using other people's belongings. Just because she said I can use it for as long as I want, doesn't mean I don't have to look for my own.

The reason I got the iPhone is because my Dad wants to save the hassle and buy everything at one place when we were out to get an iPhone for my little brother. You can't find an Android at the Apple Store right? So that's how I got my new American boyfriend although I wish he should be huge enough for me to cuddle at night with his name like Ezra Miller or Zak Henri.. I'm just saying.

  • Because the iPhone 6 felt smaller in my hand I almost dropped it at the store by just trying to be careful. Hence I opted for the Plus because it feels right in my (fat) hands.
  • Because my brother gave me the look that said, "don't even think to get the same one as mine (iPhone 6) we are not twinning again like 4 years ago!"

  • Because you need to pay a few more hundred bucks for the Gold and when I think of it, no one will ever see it once I put the cover on, so why bother.
  • My brother already took the Space Gray so I'm twinning with my sister.

  • I went with 64GB because I used up to 18GB on my previous iPhone 4 that I borrowed from my friend so I don't think 16GB is going to work for me.
  • Most of the apps that I frequently use every day uses up more than 300MB space. This is so crazy. And you even need to pay for extra storage if you wishes to store everything via iCloud. I don't use iCloud.. yet.

I still saving up to get myself an Android but preferably Samsung because of other features that was not supported by iOs. I love the iPhone don't get me wrong but it was not my first choice because of these reasons:
  1. The ridiculous price tag.
  2. Supersize apps and games
  3. Cost more $$$ for bigger storage capacity (memory).
  4. You need to sync your devices to iTunes for music, photos and videos (too much hassle).
  5. You can't download music/videos to put in your computer.
  6. iClouds additional storage requires more money.
  7. Requires credit/debit card to access the Apple App Store or you need to change you country region to USA to have the access for free but can't download apps available for Malaysian deals e.g Sephora. LOL
  8. You can't download and manually installed foreign apk.
  9. You can't customize system fonts.
  10. You can't customize anything.

I just hope this phone will last for at least 3 years...

...okay 2 years. My cat just dropped my iPhone trying to get on the table. Pfft!

Because many iPhone users said iPhone home button is easily faulty. That's the last thing I want to hear about an overpriced gadget. No security guaranteed to the owner but it actually depends on how one uses it.

So the conclusion is.. I didn't pay for it. My Dad did. He said this is my reward for quitting my job, staying at home and sticking by his side when he was sick. Actually he is still unwell, his agony has no cure. So to those who said I was so lucky to have a father who willing to reward us like this, trust me, I feel bad and still am. This is supposed to be the other way around you know, like I'd work, he'd stay at home and play Bejeweled and Best Fiends all day and worrying about zero stuff.

Saya hanya seorang anak yang hanya mengikut kehendak ayahnya. Sanggup sacrificed hanya kerana "you love blogging, you love taking pictures. You said it yourself iPhone camera is one of the best." so all that buy-everything-at-one-store-to-save-the-hassle was just a trick. Haaa gituuu~ lol

So.. thank you Dad.

..for everything.

If it was up to me, I'd take Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 for the same price. hahaha so mean! I'm so sorry I was just joking. But really, Samsung is still my favorite ❤️.
Any iPhone users here? What is your must have apps?
Anyway, thank you for reading or just scrolling down.. 😂

Listening to: Rag 'n' Bone Man - Human


  1. You're such a good daughter! Respect. :)

    I literally read all the words that you wrote, not just scroll down. Haha

    1. Thanks my dear. I bet everyone would do the same for their beloved parents 😊

      Thank you for reading every word of my post 💋

  2. I'm not a fan of iPhones, to be honest.
    It's just not for me. But still, I feel kinda jealous seeing everyone these days with one in their hands.
    I'll just stick with my current phone (which I love dearly) until college starts--then I'll ask my dad for a new one.

    1. Same here. But I have to admit the camera quality tho.. 😂 I still have so many things to learn about this device because I was familiar with Samsung's interface. Tbh, I am still saving up for the Galaxy S8 because I can't live without android in my life ❤️

      Oh you do? Hehehe good for you 😊

  3. I read your post from the beginning until the very end. Feel sorry for your father's condition. Get well soon, uncle. I would prefer to have an iPhone rather than having an android! the phone's camera is really lit! I've been wanting for an iPhone since I was doing my degree. I even ordered the phone online (pre-order) and get scammed hahaha. It's okay, take a good care of your father. Do anything that makes him happy. You're a good daughter.

  4. I told my dad and he said thank you 😊 now dah pakai for almost a month, baru terasa puas with all the functions and features. Gambar dia mmg tiptop kan? Hahahah 😂 But lately I noticed Galaxy S6 ke atas, camera dia pun not bad! Tapi harga mak oi.. hahaha

    Omg same! I bought 2 iPhone 5s online and got scammed! Sampai harini dah nak masuk dua tahun tak dapat refund.. *sigh*

    Thanks Syed, insha Allah I will try and be the best daughter for him :)

  5. iphone camera superbb! i used to hate iphone sbb tak ada back button. but now its my top fav gadget hihihi.

    1. Especially with S series, camera lagi awesome hahaha haa tu lah same goes for me but now terbalik, selalu cari button back/return kat phone android my dad macamana I used on my iphone hahahaha

  6. HI, I ve tagged you in my latest post.. check it out! :)https://ameridzuan.blogspot.my/2017/05/blue-sky-tag-22-shades-of-amer.html

    1. Thanks Amer! I'll definitely will :)

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    1. Thank you, I really appreciate it 😊


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