Cafe | Tryst, SS15.

Cafe hopping has become big part of me nowadays. I even refrained myself from buying important stuff (especially EXO Polaroids -.-') instead I save up for coffees around town. I officially lost my mind.

Tryst at SS15 Subang Jaya. One word: Amazing!

SS15 carpark always gave the hardest time ever but we managed to find one in front of Grafa Cafe. Walk about 5 minutes to Tryst a few blocks back was no sweat.

I was so eager to try their famous fluffy pancakes that I get impatient each step to the cafe. The first thing that will caught all the patron's eyes were the 'shisha' jars outside. It was kind of rare to find a hipster coffee shop that serve shisha at the same time. There wasn't much customers at that time which was a blessing to me because I hate crowded cafe. It suffocates me.

Pancakes with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, perfection! Me and Via's pancakes. Yummm~
Cappuccino. My other usual besides Vanilla Latte. For old time sake, played Jenga while putting a little caffeine in our system.
Dear Via, I prefer to be behind the lens fyi. I hate seeing myself cos I'm so fat.
This is Via ladies and gents. She loves Kpop especially Super Junior and EXO (Heechul and Sehun is her biased) and she was the opposite of me, cos she's not a coffee lover. She prefers chocolate

The 1st floor of the cafe's decoration. I prefer to sit upstairs because it was less crowded and a bit warmer and less shisha's smoke lingered around me.

You placed your order inside and they will send it to you. Including Shisha. You have to pay for it first. I get a little crazy looking at their various menu on the black board. I felt trying everything but I have to stick with the original plan of mine. Coffee and pancakes.

Tryst is one of the cafe that is worth coming back for. They have various menus for pancakes and coffee and it almost like heaven to me. Definitely coming back for more. The pancake is so delicious I feel like I have to have it every weekend or something. It's really soft and fluffy. Next time I will try their Pancake with Chicken and mushroom gravy.

Listen to: EXO-K - Overdose


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