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Cafe | Caffe Bene (카페 베네), Sunway

Okay I abandoned my blog. Again.
I just can't squeezed some time to blog because I have to take care of my mom who was diagnosed with stroke last 3 months. So Sorry.. OTL

Anyway, I just wanted to admit that I am officially addicted to coffee. I need to have it once or twice in a day. I even bought a coffee candy and store it somewhere in my room just in case. And I also a committed cafe hopper. Woohoo!

Me and 3 other friends including my pet sister Via, went to Caffe Bene (A korean coffee shop that was quiet popular in Europe and Asia and of course Korea) for the first time after we went there the last time Lee Kwang Soo launched the coffee shop himself (Mental note: will post about Kwang Soo's Caffe Bene launch event soon enough).

This device is given to you right after you placed your order at the counter and pick your order up when it vibrates


Regular Sweet Potato Latte (MYR12), small Oreo Bingsu (MYR10), large Strawberry Yogurt (MYR13).

"Let's come to our senses, mom is looking. Wake Up!" (correct me if I'm wrong)

Caffe Bene: pronounced as ca-fe be-ne. 'E' as in PET.
Via is one selfie enthusiasm girl I must say..

I read a lot of reviews about Caffe Bene and what's good and what's not, what to try and what need to be improved. Most of them said that the Sweet Potato Latte (고구마 라떼)Cookies n Cream Bingsu (빙수) and something called Misugaru or something, are people's favorite.

I ordered the Sweet Potato Latte, Via goes with Cookies n Cream Bingsu and Era got the Strawberry yogurt. I thought mine contained espresso but the Goguma latte was a non-coffee base drink and I almost flipped the fucking table when I got my drink. I was like "Why did I ordered that??" and why did they name it 'latte'?

And it was one of the most expensive drink from Caffe Bene. Goguma latte was so sweet and I thought I got sugar rush that day. Last time I check, the only thing that could make go all hyped up was caffeine.

Ever since my dad ask me to take Hangul lesson (Korean language), he always made me write most of the things in Hangul. Why Korean? Because I was planned to go to Korea last month with my ex-coworker but they pick a fight with me that made me resigned. So instead of discontinue my class, my dad asked me to carry on because he's sick of listening to me whining about how Eng Sub videos take too long and who knows it will come in handy in the future because I still want to go to Korea.

*Dream on Tqa..*

Anyway, I will definitely come back to Caffe Bene to try out more menus but I have to say, it was pretty expensive here. Small waffle cost about MYR17. But next time I will order a coffee based drink. I get cranky if I don't get one.

Listen to: Gummy - Love Is A Lie


  1. I haven't been to Antoinette before but I heard the cakes there are pretty good ! Hoshino's souffle pancakes are a must try if you ever come to Singapore! :D

  2. @Fannie really? maybe I should. Oh and Stranger's Reunion's waffles looks delicious too.

  3. Yayssss! I learned Hangul by myself but I don't think it's enough. I love the drinks though. They look so lovely to photograph!

  4. @Rainy now I study hangul all by myself since I can't leave the house due to my mom's condition but like you said, it's not enough. I love the drinks too.

  5. Loving the pictures! I've googled if there is the came coffee shop here in the Philippines and there is! It's 8-hour drive from my place. Hoho </3

    Funny that the font they used in the first picture is 'sd kwangsoo' lol kwangsoo

    Maybe I'd like this shop way more more than Starbucks just because it's Korean. kkkk

    Good luck on your Hangul studies c:

  6. And I hope your mom gets really really better soon! xo

  7. @Sten omg I just realized that when you pointed it out. I have SD Kwangsoo font in my phone but never use it.

    I am SO SO SORRY for replying this comment like almost 2 months after. I haven't been active in blogging which I hate because I love blogging.

    And as for my mom, thank you but as you already know (I think you did.. hehe sorry if you don't) my mon passed away just a few days before you comment on this blog post.

    What the.. 8 HOURS?? That's like a journey to Thailand by car from my place. Lol!

  8. hey tqa :D ok so here's an apology for replying you really late and yes, i'm replying to your comment back on your comment (idk if i'm trying to make a pun joke or something lol).
    first of all hello fellow exol (tho i dont know i am exol anymore) it's really nice to meet you. i can't believe you visted my blog since i've been stalking you like forever (sorry don't think me as a stalker ;;)

    first, thank you for the good luck eventhough its way past may but still thank you :)
    second, thanks to you too for taking some of your time leaving a comment on my blog post
    third, well it was actually fun but sometimes its tiring when everyday the only topic you and your friend said is about korean idol and stuff, which i personally like it when they share both interest and their life adventure so i can truly feel close to them lol.
    fourth, i've been following your blog past few month now and it's really an honour to see a person like you following my blog that usually contain irrelevant post > <
    fifth, i really envy your post and your photography, since i wouldn't be able to blog much about my life since i've never been adventurous and stuff :\ and of course i even stalk and follow you on instagram! all the pictures in your instagram is just an inspiration plus i really wish to had your kind of feed on my insta but i end up failing OTL
    sixth, someday i'll have my feet on this coffee yeahh. never even know there's a korean cafe somewhere here (which obviously i never discover anything lmao)

    again sorry for the late reply ;; i was suppose to reply sooner but i don't know why i havent do that on the first place, but i somehow hope you didn't forget about this since it's been few month now smh.


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