Haul: Typo, Sephora, Mango and Forever 21

Okay, first of all..
I'm back!!!!!!
Do not remind me that my last post was LAST YEAR!
And third..
I don't miss all of you..

Okay that last part was a total bullshit. Anyway, continuing to my last post, here are some of the stuff that I bought at Typo. FYI, these stuff is still in the paper bag, sitting in the closet! I don't know what to do with it. At first I thought about decorating my room since I just moved to a new house but I didn't know I was caught up with work and craps throughout the year.

If you go to Typo during sales, you will be shock how cheap their stuff were. I mean, normally their giant alphabet cost RM40 for 3 but I bought 4 for RM30 during sales. And the vintage canvas frame is only RM45. I'm a sucker for canvas frames. I have lots of them but never had them up in my room even for ONCE!

Typo signature 'Envelope-like-paper-bag'. You have no idea how huge it was and I have to squeezed myself in the train with this! 

My fave Chocolate body lotion. Yeah u smells so good u can almost lick yourself. 

Got my Sephora member card. Hehe (^.^) Free lip gloss. Elvis shirt from Forever 21 and guess what? I can't fit in them after I bought it (-.-) 

 T. Q and A for only RM15.
Vintage canvas frame. The kitten screams "Buy me Tqa!"

It's not much but I felt satisfied because I bought all of them with my hard earned cash. I even treated Via, my sister and her boyfriend an expensive dinner at an exclusive restaurant. I feel good when I treat my loved ones all kinds of stuff especially food that we all love to try.

That's all for today's post. Actually I'm kinda cranky right now because my laptop won't let me download Running Man. I NEED TO WATCH IT BECAUSE OF KIM WOOBIN WAS IN IT!!! Curse you stupid old laptop!

Listen to: EXO-K - Don't Go


  1. I especially love the Typo haul! I wish we had that store here :(

    1. I love everything there.
      I really hope they will open a few Typo stores in the Philippines one day.

  2. omfg i miss sephora so much :( they closed all the sephora stores in the country and i dont even know why they did that ;;
    and i miss forever21 too because theyb still didnt open their stores here even though they said it would happen in january -.- luckily i can still shop online ^^
    but there's one thing i miss most and that's your posts! but then again, i'm exactly the same as you and i want to blog more often but i'm too lazy and idk i'm just too lazy. I need motivation to blog tbh

    1. They did? OMG that's too bad. Hopefully the will reopen soon enough.

      I bought lots of items at F21 but ended up leaving them in paper bag just like how I got it in the first place.
      Obviously because I'm too fat and I can't fit in them. I bought it just because, like it's some kind of motivation for me to lose weight.

      Awww that is the sweetest. How I wish blogger and android allows people to update and upload photos using our smartphones instead of having to log in via browser on our laptop every single time we want to update. If that's possible I would've blog a lot more.

      I have no WiFi at all. AT ALL! I'm sick of using my dad's hotspot. Why can't I just live in Korea where WiFi available almost every single corner of any room you can found there. Ugh I miss you, blogging and all my dear friends here. *cries dramatically while hugging phone*

      I need motivation to blog too -.-

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  4. i want to buy everything in Typo if i have money :3

    1. Me too. I wish I could spend all my money at Typo :)


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