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February Favourites

I'm trying to give a full commitment on this category because I obviously failed last year. So speaking of February, it was a great month for me.

Heads up: There's a lot of Korean stuff in this post

Last month was a crazy month for me because one of the Korean group that I've been a fan for more than 3 years made a comeback. It's been a while since I fangirl hard because I used to have friends to go crazy with but now my wise and older-self moderately fangirling alone. Trust me, it wasn't easy. Feels like I'm going crazy for talking, smiling and laughing all by myself. And guess what? The group's comeback doesn't stop here. I reckon March is going to be just as crazy as February for me.

Beauty Buffet: Whitening Body Lotion

For someone who was born with fair skin (walking dead kind of fair), whitening body lotion is the last thing I need. But I went to Play Up with my sisters last month when I stumbled upon this product from Thailand called Beauty Buffet and it was really cheap, RM26 for this 500ml bottle. I decided to give it a try to even out my skin tone. Even though I can't really see the result (obviously duhh..!) but one thing for sure is my skin is smoother than ever. I love it because the main ingredient is milk. Any product that contains milk or shea butter can take all my money.

Cafe of the Month: The Flavourest

This teddy bear themed cafe was in my list since last year. We decided to drop by after watching a movie at the mall. Once we stepped inside the cafe, our inner child was unleashed. We only had coffee and teas so maybe in the nearest future, we will come back to try their brunch menu which I also think it was too cute to eat.

Artist of the Month: NCT-U

I've been a fan of NCT since before they even debut especially Taeyong. He was pretty famous for his straight-out-of-manga look even with just a release of his introduction photo from SM Entertainment. But then after EXO dropped Monster, I started to slow down a little bit in this whole Kpop scene but I still listen to all their new songs because y'all fam on Twitter was quick as hell! But yeah, after Monster was out, I started to slow down and forgot about NCT and the rest of my faves.


Last year, I signed up for Spotify (before I became premium), I was playing COD on my PS4 while listening Spotify kpop playlist on shuffle when suddenly NCT 127's Limitless came up. I was taken by surprise with their crazy bass line. So from then on, I check out their other songs and The 7th Sense by NCT-U become my favorite. 

So basically what I'm trying to say is that NCT woke me up!

NCT Yearbook 2018:
Yup, that's the manga guy and my bias. It's a very short teaser video almost like an introduction of all their members to everyone. I watched their Yearbook videos and I was already excited. This time 2 new members joined NCT U, Lucas and Jungwoo. Lucas already wins a lot of girls' heart out there, be careful. Don't say I didn't warn you.

NCT U - Boss:
Tbh, I didn't expect the song is going to be amazing. Well, to me it's amazing, I don't know about you guys. The rap part was written by my ultimate bias, Taeyong and the Canadian maknae (the youngest) of the group, Mark which is amazing. The bass line makes me wanna dance and gives me ultra adrenaline every time I hear it. It makes you feel like a Boss (yup I just did that).

The video was shot entirely in Ukraine, so in Boss MV the way they emphasised the beauty of Ukrainian architecture in the background it was as if to tell that they are the bosses of their own territories. The dancing is phenomenal. Need I say more? watch the climax, you'll thank me later.

NCT U - Baby Don't Stop:
Just like the title, I don't want this song to stop. I love this duo so much I don't  want them to stop. Again, the music video was shot in Ukraine, watching the Ukraine vlog by them makes me wanna visit the country asap because everything is so pretty. They welcomes everyone with deadly visual of the leader with deep bass which I really love. I kicked myself a lot when the shirtless scene came up because I wasn't ready. I saw the teaser photos but I didn't know they would really dance topless like that. THAT IS SO RUDE NCT U!

There would be 6 music videos in total and 3 music videos has been released. I'm looking forward for the upcoming 3 music videos.

Evian Face Mists

Was it good? Was it worth the price? To be honest, I had never heard of Evian Face Mist before. All I know was Evian is an expensive drinking water (LOL!). When I saw a twin pack of this goodness for only RM55, I didn't think twice because I know the original price of this face mist is like RM70+ for a bottle. So I actually paid cheaper price for a couple of 300ml face mists.

My skin used to be so oily, but lately after I combine this face mist with the face wash and toner that I currently use, they worked really well together and my skin look less oily but more of a dewy-like and look less dull like it used to. I don't know about other face mist but I like this one so much, just as much as the Bioderma face mist that I wrote about on my January Favourites post. Both are my faves. I can switch between these two whenever I want without feeling cautious or guilty because both of them worked well with my skin. If only it comes in smaller sizes tho.

Book | Sad Girls by Lang Leav

I prefer novels over poetry, so when I heard that Lang Leav had written a book, I was pretty excited to check it out. To be honest, I don't know how to review a book. I'm bad at it. I understand the whole thing but I have zero clue on how to put it into words. So regarding Sad Girls by Lang Leav, I will quote a review from The Bibliophile Girl UK because her review is the closest to what I feel about the book. Do check out her post for the full review, trust me, you'll thank me later.

So we have horrible characters who just kept on making really bad decisions, we have one awesome best friend who doesn't deserve horrible friends like Audrey and Candela, but then we also have this amazing plot-driven novel that keeps you on your toes and also keeps you guessing the entire time and then a God-awful ending that romanticises suicide and self harm. Hmmmmm. My advice?
Know what you're getting yourself into when you start this book. Research, read loads of reviews. Because there are so many triggers in here and I want all readers to feel safe. If you try and look past the handful of awful characters, this book is just pure entertainment that will have you glued to your seat.

Irispay E-Concept Store

Malaysia now has it's own Cashless & Counter-less Convenient Store called Irispay E-Concept Store in SS15, Subang. However, it's not the first cashless store in Malaysia if you asked me because we already have Mama 11 Mart in Penang and Malacca.

Buyers can choose a selection of products from countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea and of course Malaysia. The payment method however can be a bit of a hassle. Do follow the steps provided in the store (yup, there's wifi and step-by-step instructions on how to use the machine) if you guys are interested to try it. I only bought a few of my favourite snacks. Plus the price is cheaper than in any other grocer that I've been to. Really? Yes! For example: Honey Butter Chip at Family Mart or Korean mart in KL cost about RM13, but at Irispay, it cost about RM7.90.

Photo above are some of the snacks that I bought from the store. There were more but tak sempat nak snap gambar , my sister dah makan dulu.

So these are my little happiness that made me cherish February in my mind. It's not that amazing but it is something for me to look back and smile at how ridiculous this post is, especially about how I actually bother to write about a Kpop group in my blog because that is never something that I will ever imagine myself doing. I hope you guys had a great week and Thank You for reading (if you guys really read tho because I think this post is a bit long even for myself haha).
Much love, T.

Listening to: Britney Spears - The Answer 


  1. kawan saya minat gila dengan NCT ni, sanggup beli album lagi

    1. Nak diikutkan hati ni, I would buy both versions of their latest albums too tape istighfar banyak2 and I will wait for the right moment to buy their albums. Say hi to your friend for me. hahaha

  2. cam best pula whitening lotion tu..u beli kat mana yea..

    1. and it smells good too haha beli dekat Play Up Advance di Fahrenheit :)

  3. Comelnya air teddy bear tu. Sayang pula nak minuk atau makan bila ada deko macam tu.
    Hehe samalah ingat kan evian tu hanya air mineral semata. Ada mist juga rupanya. Hehe

    1. Come sangat. Beli pun semata-mata kebab 3D art tu je padahal dah kenyang air dah time tu hehe
      I know right! Tak tau pulak ada face mist.

  4. I fell in love with Binggrae's Banana Milk; that makes me interested to try banana milk of other brands as well. (Tried the Pokka one tapi tak sedap langsung). Sedap tak Taiwan banana milk tu????? >.<

    1. For me, maybe because it was my first time so the taste was so-so. Maybe nak kena try yg Binggrae punya baru boleh compare. hahaha

  5. saya pun guna face mist evian tu..memang best..

    1. Kan? besar and puas hati plus it's 70% water which is really good for your skin.

  6. hye, ain here come&follow your blog!
    nice to meet you :)

    1. Hi Ain! Thank you for follow my blog. Nice to meet you too :)

  7. Been searching for a face mist, might try evian ni hihi. Wishing you to have a wonderful days ahead and may March and April be a blessed month :)

    1. Alhamdulillah my March and April went really nicely. It was good. Hope yours was as good as mine.
      Yeah, this Evian face mist is really good. But if you looking for a more handful or easy-to-carry face mist, try BioDerma from Hermo, RM29 for 6 50ml bottle, no regrets!

  8. Hai tqa. Semua barang2 ni first time N tengok. Sebelum ni tak pernah tahu akan kewujudannya..haha nampak nau N dah peringkat umur senja ahaks

    1. Eyy.. don't say that. Tqa pun dah senja dah sebenarnya. Tqa pun baru tau kebanyakkan barang2 yg tqa share kat post ni. hihi

  9. uishhh. air teddy bear! nak minum pun sayang. haha

    1. Kan? Nak usik art tu rasa sayang sangat lol!

  10. bought lag leav's new book as well but still didnt get to finish her previous book that i bought way before. dam i juts love how u edit ur photo. remember me?? hehe hii

    1. uhhh I'm not sure if I remember.. *serious thinking face* hahaha just kidding.
      Thank you Raydah it means a lot because I loveeee your vlog (yup I watch them all and you have a nice camera so I assumed all your pictures are ah-ma-zinggg)
      After I read Sad Girls, I promise myself not to buy any Lang Leav novels anymore. Pure disappointment. I hope you get the finish both books because I know a lot of people who couldn't, saying the book was too dragging.
      And I hope the 2nd book is much better than the first one.

  11. salam just stopping by here and follow ur blog ya.....btw nice blog :).. peminat korean rupanya.. cantik botol face mist tu..

    1. Thank you for the follow nanti saya follow balik ye. Hahaha believe it or not, face mist tu masih banyak isinya sampai sekarang, rasa macam tak terusik pun haha

      Yeah, kalau lagu sedap, saya akan dengar cos I'm not that fanatic. Cuma minat certain2 group je :) ohh thanks, I like to keep my blog as simple as I can.


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