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March & April Favourites

안녕 여러분~
I can't believe how busy I was the last two month. From helping my aunt and uncle with their move to the Judge House in Ipoh because my uncle who was a magistrate in KL has been promoted to Judge (Hakim) in Ipoh. From there, we've been jumping from KL to Ipoh to Melaka and back to Ipoh to Cameron Highlands then back to KL for my (actually I got paid) volunteer work for the election that's coming up in a few days. Time went by in a mere second and it's already May. I thought I could publish something in March because I have so many content to put out and I've been carrying my laptop everywhere I go but have yet to find the time to write in between those moments.

And turns out when I did have the time to write (when I was in the car on my way back to KL from Cameron Highland because it was a long, winding and slippery road, I don't want my sister to get bored and sleepy if I fell asleep in that lovely moody weather), I found out that I didn't have that much content to put in my March favourites. I thought I missed something but I wasn't. Maybe I had a lot of fun without really care to take any pictures for the blog and just purely enjoy myself.

So I thought I should combined both March and April favourites together because I think there's not much that I did on April too so might as well combined them together.

warning: lots of kpop related topic. If you are not a fan, please close your tab now.

[March] Cafe of the Month: Mechanic Cafe

I found this cafe on Instagram but first things first: this cafe is not halal.
We were here just for the drinks and just to chill around. I love the ambience and the coffee was really good. I can't wait to write a full post about it. If you guys is a minimalist and love simple contemporary interior, then this is the place for you. Don't worry, the desserts is halal.

[March] Artist of the Month: NCT 127

Yup, NCT again.
Continuing from their recent comeback, NCT U releases 2 music videos and NCT Dream released 1 music videos and this time it's NCT 127's turn and they came out with a new concept that even I cannot grasp it when I first saw it. I was like "where's my masculine, fierce, rough boys at?" "who are these soft, happy, romantic looking men?"

Listening to Touch makes me smile and feel so happy I don't even know why, maybe because of the beat? the melody? the lyrics? I have no idea but every time the 'Na.. nananana~' part came on I can't stop smiling and sing along. LOL!
I feel like a proud mother. They come from zero to now more recognition around the world. I won't stop rooting for NCT! Just please, stop adding more members every year. I feel bad for Taeyong to lead that many members. LOL!

[March] Game of the Month: Friends Marble

I got my chubby Ryan as my avatar
Getting landmarks is very crucial in order to win the game. If you build a landmark on the box that you landed, your opponents can't snatch your land and will cost them millions (probably bankruptcy if you add more landmarks)
(+) means receiving money while (-) means you'll lose that amount of money.

This game is another game by Kakao Talk. Yes, I'm a huge Kakao Talk fan. This game is like Monopoly but cuter and I love the graphic. I'm trying to collect more landmarks so it'll be easier for me to win the game against other high-skilled players. And mind you, this game has no english version. Everything is in Korean because Kakao is a brand from Korea. I think everyone knows that. I wish they have the language setting so everyone can enjoy it as much as I do.

[April] Cafe of the Month: Petit Mary Patisserie

I saw this cafe every time I go back to my late Grandma's house (and we go back pretty often even though the house is empty) we always passed by this cafe and I thought it was bridal house but I thought wrong. For years I always tried to make plans to visit but having your (annoying) brother as your chauffeur, there's no way he wants to come with me to all these cute themed cafes. But last month I went to Ipoh without the boys (inc my dad), just me and my sisters and I showed them the place and they were like "OMG LET'S GO!"

I will tell more about this cafe in details when I make a separate post about it. But all I can say is, I am addicted to their menu. Everything was so delicious, trust me you won't regret it albeit it's a bit overpriced in my opinion but it's worth to try. I still have 2 more cafes to that I want to visit in Ipoh. RIP Tqa's wallet.

[April] Trips to Ipoh, Cameron Highland & Malacca

Our cheap deluxe hotel in Ipoh. Probably our fave so far.
Not Lavender but this flower is so pretty but she has no friends, she was different. So I want to be her friend.
Small pot but enough for 2-3 people but our greedy ass ordered one pot each. Balik mengengkang semua. LOL!

My sisters had to run some errands in Ipoh plus we want to visit my Aunt and Uncle who just moved to Ipoh 4 weeks ago so we took it as an opportunity for a girls trip. After Ipoh we went straight to Cameron Highland. A few days later, my sister suggested that we should bring our father for Asam Pedas in Malacca which in the end turned out to be the most brilliant idea. My father ate the whole thing and a few pieces of 'Kuih Keria' and we went home with a happy tummy and a smile plastered on my father's face.

[April] NCT U - Yestoday

Probably the most anticipated song from the albums for me. Taeyong wrote the lyrics with Mark and working on this song for 2 years. This song is practically his baby. He's been hinting the fan about this song and when I first heard it, I am in love. It's not like a hip hop songs with heavy raps like he used to put out, but it's more like an urban hip hop, pretty much like a slower and relaxing version of Boss. Kudos to Taeyong to finally releasing it and it sounds amazing.

In additional, this part of the song/lyrics really speak to me and tattooed in my mind,
"Today that can't ever be forgotten, if everything is tomorrow, the yesterday."
It took a while for me to understand the lyrics but once I did, I never listen to it perfunctorily ever again.

[April] NCT 2018 - Black on Black

I received a fair amount of questions regarding NCT unit systems on Tellonym and Instagram. "What is NCT?" "What is NCT U?" What is NCT 127?" "is NCT 2018 a new sub unit?"

Let me break it down to you. 
  • NCT is everyone together. A brand. The members are limitless. Yup, you read that right. The will be always a new members joining in. When? How many? How? No one knows.
  • NCT Dream is a rotational sub unit consists of younger members. When they get older, they will be replaced with other younger new members and they probably will join NCT U rotationally.
  • NCT U is a rotational group consists of older members (minus the Dream). No fixed members.
  • NCT 127 is a fix unit with 9 members. No idea if they will add more members in the future.
So basically NCT Dream is the high school, NCT U is university and NCT 127 is when you finally get a job after graduate.

I hope this metaphor will help you guys understand NCT systems in the most easiest way if the pointers doesn't help.

Back to Black on Black, this is the first song they ever released and promote as a whole, 18 members. This song was performed last year or 2 years ago (I can't remember) by NCT 127 followed by Firetruck but no one had any idea that it would be upgraded to fit for all 18 members and for Lucas to take part in one of the rap verse. Long story short, I love this song! Watch the 'V' formation (starts at 1:20 - 2:00) and tell me you don't feel amazed by how synchronised they were. It was my favorite part. 

[April] Game of the Month: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Raised your hand if you're a Potterhead and already into this game. Saw the news on Twitter and downloaded it immediately and instantly in love with the game. This is the HP game we're all have been waiting for. They used to have this kind of game on Pottermore but it was terminated I don't even know why so yes, Thank you for bringing this game back for us devoted fans.
As usual, I choose my Pottermore house: Slytherin and can't wait explore more chapters.

This post is a bit messy, I know but who cares. I know I haven't been posting much lately, but thankfully, I already drafted a few posts and scheduled it to post it automatically every 2-3 weeks. Because I think posting too much in short span of time would make other readers missed your post on their dashboard. Or maybe that's just me. Please do not follow my action, because I'm a terrible blogger. LOL! Thanks for reading. Love, T.

Listening to: Lauv - I Like Me Better


  1. Didn't know NCT 127 is a fix unit with 9 members. I thought it's a rotational unit, as well?

    1. Yup, NCT 127 is a fixed unit. Once they are in, they will stay in the unit. Hence they are the most busiest unit promoting worldwide (like Japan and USA) than the other units.

  2. Love this! ♥

    Please check out my latest post, too? I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  3. OMG the cafeeeeee

    1. Super cute you must try the nasi seriously. And their Madeline and rainbow cake is too die for.

  4. omg dah lama tunggu post baru! hehe can't wait to read about the cafes though. and those pictures erhhh geram,sbb cantik sangat hehe
    and yeah of course nct wajib ada *insert love emoji*

    1. aww so sorry for the absent. I'm always active here but bila nak start menulis mulalah rasa malas tu datang. I'm already finish drafting a post about the cafe. Can't wait to publish it. hahaha may favourite pun rasanya timbul abg2 NCT ni. hahahaha

  5. pleaseee pleasee update about the cafe..can't wait! high five! the harry potter game.heheh

    1. Just finished edit all the photos. I will publish it soon :)
      Really? Yay gang!!!

  6. the photos are all awesome.. puas hati tengok gambar2 cantik =)

    1. Thank you so much. Tak banyak pun gambar that I took myself for this post but thanks again :)

  7. I once tried that cafe and the choc blended wasn't up to my expectation. I'm yet to try their cakes and breads though so I plan to re visit soon.

    1. Yeah the iced chocolate drink was a disappointment. It came to a point where I thought "patut bawak air sendiri lagi best."
      Will definitely revisit but not for the drinks but for the food.


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