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Juan-dong, Nam-gu, Incheon, South Korea

I Wander | Myeongdong (명동), Seoul (Pt. 2)

I was drafting my post about Gasan and was sorting out the photos when I found a bunch more photos in Myeongdong that I thought would be nice for me to look back to whenever I miss South Korea. Some are good shots and some aren't but the latter are the one that always give the best memories.

Normally travellers will explore the city they visited on the next day after they arrived, but not us. We explored the city on the 3rd day because we were waiting for Adam to arrived. Yup! We wasted 3 days because we can! hahaha

Guess which one is mine?
they wanted a selfie but I hate selfies so here's a photo of them featuring the back of my head
Ayu in her own bubble. But I must say the lighting outside at the balcony was really awesome!
The duo chocolate cereal was mine! All-time favorite and I risk a few kilos in my luggage for this!

I'm Ayu's personal photographer
I always failed when riding the trains in KL. I always got lost and ended up calling my brother to pick me up where I got lost at. But surprisingly, I find Korail easy to commute. I had no hard time reading and followed the map. I practically lead everyone throughout our stay in Incheon and Busan. Maybe because I can read Hangul and because I have the offline app 😂

The blur shot that I was talking about 👍🏻
It was bright when we left the house but it gets dark pretty quick
Look at those cute cupcakes!
Already dark as soon as we got out the subway station.
I was at the restroom when this girl got her peach juice (I think).
Freshly pressed juice for KRW3,000 each

There was a lot going on the during this day but I'll make a separate post about each of the store I visited because you don't wanna know the amount of pictures that I took. If I upload everything in this post, trust me your computer will stop working, probably will take too long to load the whole thing.

Currently drafting my February favourites and Gasan Korean street food. Hope you guys have a great weekend, thank you for reading and much love from me. Much, T.

Listening to: NCT 127 - Good Thing


  1. Like always, love all the pictures :D

  2. wah
    menarik tengok gambar2 dekat sana
    mesti best seoul

    1. Alhamdulillah I had a great time there so yeah mmg best! Ada rezeki rasa nak repeat lagi :)

  3. sume gambar dalam blog awak nampak cantik sgt. kena minta tips ni..hihi

    1. Insha Allah ada masa nanti saya bagi tip or tutorial :)

  4. love your hair colour! Anyway, gambar tqa semua cantik2, kalau pc hang pun berbaloi :P

    1. Thank you. It turns out way too bright than what I wanted but it's okay, it faded to color that I wanted eventually.
      Aww that is so sweet of you. Thank you again :)

  5. We wasted 3 days because we can! Haha. Kawan sejati namanya ni. Tak best rasanya pergi jalan2 tapi tak cukup ahli :D

    Nampak best je breakfast kat beranda macam tu. Hii. Waiting for your post about each cafe. I love to see all your good pictures :)

    1. Hahaha we purposely travel lama2 sebab tau nanti mesti penat and we would want a day off.
      The view makes everything a lot better.
      Oh sadly, we didn't go to any cafes at all masa kat Seoul sebab there was an incident happened to me.
      Thanks Siqah

  6. OMG your hair colour is dope gurl, I love it!
    Anyway, the photos are pretty, no matter how blur they are hehe. Nice holiday, I wish to visit Seoul too, hopefully one day ;)

    1. Thank you so much! Was going for something different.
      I wish I have a proper lens or proper camera that is easy for my friend to set if he wishes to take motion pictures.
      I hope you get to visit Seoul soon because it was almost like a magical place to be.

  7. Let's repeat again, you might already miss your Delaffe Iced Choco..hahaha

    1. OMG Jom Sally! Insya Allah who knows we might bump into each other there.
      Oh yessss I miss that the most! I'll make sure to bring back lots of em' (itupun kalau tak kena tahan lah even check in luggage) 😆


    1. Thank you so much! I do miss this hair :)

  9. like always love your pictures <3

    Omo omo omo , you can read Hangul. Bestnyaaa~ <3

    rindu Korea !!! hihihi

    1. Yeah I can read hangul cuma nak bercakap tu je kemut sikit . Learning new language really do comes in handy.
      Perhaps I should learn French next hahaha
      Thank you so much.
      I know right, I miss South Korea too :)

  10. saya pernah backpacker travelling ke korea..nak pergi mana2 naik subway..saya banyak kali sesat sebab tak pandai baca map yang complicated tu..hehe

    1. I had no idea that Korea's subway ada banyak tangga. Kalau tau awal2 mmg tak bawak luggage, bawak beg galas je. Alhamdulillah map for me senang nak baca cuma time nak cari rumah tu tak jumpa ebb takde internet.


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