S. Korea | Random Photos at Dongdaemun Street

Just wanted to share some of the shots I took when I was walking around the streets of Dongdaemun to catch our train to Myeongdong. Such a shame to let it rot in the gallery without seeing the light of day, hence I created this post just for it. These photos was taken by me and Adam using the camera and it was before, during and after we explored Dongdaemun city. Also, I'm using a Lightroom preset that I got from a friend. So enjoy the photos.

I didn't realised that it was spelt Dessiner instead of Designer.
Vintage Korean book stores by an old couple. Look at all those books!

When it comes to corndog, I love cheese corndog the best. The only thing we could eat anyway haha
cheap cute cartoon character socks. Can't wait to bring my sister here.
My friend love to experiment and create new presets on Lightroom because he's a photographer, so when he gave this to me for free, I got excited to use it and I really like how it turned out on my photos. It was originally slightly darker but I enhanced it a little bit. He told me that I am allowed to share it with my blogger friends here so If any of you want me to show you the tutorial do let me know in the comment, I will make a tutorial post next month after I posted my September Favourites (if you guys don't mind waiting). I will make a tutorial instead of giving out the DNG preset file because not everyone has a LR app on their computer, also you can follow the tutorial using any kinds of photo editor that you have.
I hope you like these bunch of random photos, Much love, T.

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  1. All the pictures turn out super good! OFCOURSE I AM WILLING TO WAIT!

    And those books... wow, just wow.

    1. Alhamdulillah you like it. Nanti Tqa share ye :)
      Those books amazed me too. Ternganga masa tengok dorang susun.

  2. Dessiner tu sebutnya Designer juga ke ada bunyi lain? kalau macam kat Balkan, Restoran dia tulis Restoran juga mcm kita haha.

    gila banyakkk buku kat situ. mak aii.. orang gila buku seronok laa..

    menarik preset ni. i'm using LR presets juga tapi orang punya la. haha. looks good. :D

    1. Tak taulah babe, rasanya sebut designer jugak kot. Spelling error mungkin hahahaha
      Really? That's cool!
      Kan? Terkilan jugak tak beli at least satu buku kat situ, boleh polish lagi bahasa Korea yang tak seberapa ni.
      I'm obsessed with LR, saving up for the pro version on mobile sebab nak guna selective tools. Orang tu baik hati, lucky you!

  3. These are great photos, especially the book sale & the motorcycle! ♡

    1. Took the motorcycle photo for my brother, he love vintage bikes so I thought he would like that one.
      I'm still in awed thinking about that bookstores. I know there were a lot more and I wish I could visit all of them (or most of them hehe).

  4. wow those books tho. lepas tgk gmbr tu terfkir pulak how diorang angkat balik buku tu? HAHA k idk why boleh trfkir bnda ni lol
    and yassssss, boleh je tggu utk tutorial tu hehe. can't wait!

    1. That's exactly what was on my mind when I saw it, "macamana dorang nak bawak masuk buku-buku ni semua?"
      Thanks babe, I will try to do it well and not disappoint all of you.

  5. Not sure if that's a typo or not but I gotta say, Dessiner does sound a bit more classy compared to Designer no? Hahahaha

    AND LORD, THOSE MOUNTAINS OF BOOKS. I wonder how long they have been collecting. Imagine having too many books that you can open a book store. LITERALLY XD

    Those street food!!! Unpopular opinion: Korean street food can be way more attractive than the oppas T-T

    Do make the tutorial and can't wait for your September favourites! xx

    1. Sounds classier no? I like it too either way.
      If only I was wise at that time, I'd grab at least one just so I can polish my korean language even better.
      The entire street, I was really amazed to see it. Imagine them carry it in and out every day, now that's a real dedication.
      Ohhhhhh yessssss I agree on that one! Oppa tak oppa, the food is sexier and tastier than you! Especially fried seafood (will post about it soon).
      Thank you babe, I will try my best to make it as simple as I can.

  6. Look forward to that fried seafood post! <3

  7. wow! awesome street photos Tqa :)

  8. Socks comel Dan cantik

  9. Hi... Just drop here 🌹🌹

  10. Bestnya.. bukalah mama nak ampaks


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