September Favourites

No introduction needed this time I guess because I ran out of things to say. So here's last month's favourites. I had a really great time last month, and of course there were good ones and there's always bad ones but of course we're not going to talk about the bad ones. And one thing for sure about last month's favourite, I had lots and lots of delicious food and that I wish I could have everyday. Seriously, if I like certain food, I would want to have it like every week. Especially that my sister's pregnancy craving is happening to me and her husband instead of her, if I don't get what I want, I will start crying. I'm not lying though.

Tombow Brush Pen & Pigma Micron
Adam bought this for me because I made him (LOL!), just kidding. I heard Tombow brush pen was really good and pretty famous among bullet journalist because of the smooth strokes and variety of colours and I really love dual tip pens. It's an instant win for me. Pigma Micron was used for smooth writings and doodles. I preferred 0.5 because I like my writing to appear bold and clear, but somehow Pigma Micron 0.5 felt weird when I write it on the paper. Now I know why most of them bullet journalist uses the 0.3. Maybe because the tip was new (or not) so it felt like I rubbed an inked square block on a piece of paper. Now all I have to do is save a lot of money so I could buy Tombow brush pens in all colours available. The price is no joke. For 2-in-1 pen, this one cost RM9.50 each.

I haven't had Cinnabon for years, I forgot how it taste like because it was so hard to find. They only have like 3 to 4 Cinnabon stores here in KL. One night my sister came home from her personal errands, she handed me a bag full of Cinnabon boxes. I was screaming because I was so excited. My sister bought literally all flavours available. She said, "it's been a while right?". I love the original cinnamon roll but my ultimate favourite has to be the chocolate Cinnabon because it melts in my mouth. Now I realised how much I love cinnamon rolls more than the other food that I thought was my favourite. I could eat dozens of this without getting sick of it. Oh my, I kept smacking my lips while writing this, I really need one right now.

La Fleur x Uniqorn Cafe
In my previous post, I stated all the reasons to why I love this cafe. The Egglet waffle was delicious and the cafe interior is very dreamy, and not to forget the pink ball pit. I bet all girls and little kids will love this place. So this has to be included in my September Favourite for all the right reason.

NCT Lucas on Variety Shows
NCT's best weirdo and everyone's favourite, Lucas may not be as busy as the other members whose currently promoting in the US and Japan. But he sure is busy appearing in Korean variety shows lately. He appeared on my favourite show, Knowing Brothers without the other members and joined by G.O.D's Joon Hyung, Got7's Bambam and Yuqi. It was one hell of a show because his craziness combined with Bambam's savageness and the funny guy Joon, it was a mess! Well, a good kind of mess. Then a few weeks later, he was on Happy Together and that was fun too because he was so conceited and the way they made fun of his gigantic hands. He knows that he's good looking so he kept he reminding people about that fact and not to forget that he talks funny too.

Original Cake
This was my first Original Cake experience after it went viral since last year but I was not about to queue for a pound of fluffy sponge cake. There was no queue and it was Buy 1 Free 1 promotion so I bought the Original flavour and received a free Cheese flavour cake. It tasted so delicious but it tasted best with tea or like how I like it, with Nutella.

Hogan Bakery
My friend told me the pastries is one of the messiest pastries she ever had because the filling was so generously filled. I think this one is Custard and it was 10/10. It was so good and it doesn't oozes out like the chocolate flavoured one. Must try! Sorry that I didn't have any photo of the actual pastries because I couldn't wait to eat it the moment I opened the container. 

Tauhu Begedil (Stuffed Tofu)
My sister ordered this because she was craving for it since she is pregnant. But unfortunately, she was too busy at work she didn't get the chance to try it. And as for someone who hates tofu and never wanted to eat it, finished them all in less than 15 minutes. I could barely taste the tofu - which was a good thing to me, but I could taste the texture and my the mashed potato, minced chicken which later was deep fried with egg batter. *lip smacking* much love to this goodness!

IKEA's Marzipan
The pink Marzipan in celebration of IKEA turning 75
The Marzipan I had back in 2011
Last time I had IKEA's Marzipan back in 2011 with my late mother. I was so obsessed with it I had to have it every week and I felt sad when they discontinued it from the menu permanently. But I saw the comeback photo on IKEA's latest catalogue magazine that I received in the mailbox, the Marzipan made a comeback for IKEA's anniversary celebration, I know I just had to go and grab it asap. It tasted just as before, thick, sweet and the white chocolatey texture on your tongue is just hard for me to explain the feeling. Good to have you back, Ms Pink Marzipan, even just for a little while.

September was amazing. I couldn't wait to see what October brings me. I am looking forward for it because it's my favorite month. I hope you guys have a great day. Much love, T.

Listening to: Marteen - Left to Right


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh telan air liur je lah tgk gambar niiiiii. i hate tofu too so xpernah try lagi tauhu begedil ni even though makanan ni pernah viral dulu hahaha

    episode knowing brother yg ada lucas tu mmg lawak gila! hahaha and those cakes though omg. btw i love your new blog theme :)

    1. I'm really sorry for the multiple food photos and making you drools. I hate tofu too memang tak pernah teringin nak makan and one of the major reason I didn't eat rojak/pasembur sebab dalam tu ada tofu. Yeke? tak pernah tau pun dulu pernah viral. Beli yang ni pun sebab kawan yang jual, kita support2 sikit business kawan, tak sangka pulak sedap and start ketagih hahaha

      Haih, susah lah kalau tengok si gila tu. Banyak gelak boleh sakit mulut. Lawak betul hahaha.
      Oh you noticed. Thank you so much :)

  2. Yayyyyy finally another update. I dunno where to start but I wish I can have that pen as well but Im afraid I'm not gonna use it. I gila stationeries but bila beli I sayang nak guna and end up simpan bertahun hahaha. Why does everything you post have to look so delicious. I want everything right now XD

    1. Haha, trying to be as productive as I can be and trying not to abandon my blog like before sampai bertindih post yang masih tak publish >.<

      I love stationeries too. Ikutkan semua nk beli and like you, sometimes I'll buy and ended up tak guna sebab sayang sampai ink naik kering hahaha
      Thank you. I didn't mean tho but it was a glutinous month last month 😂

  3. All of your pictures make me very impressed and excited. Btw, I already follow your instagram to wait every post feed from you hehe. Loveeeee girls!❤


    1. Thank you so much for that. Still improvising and will never stop learning. Yeah I followed you back and sorry that I rarely post on Instagram. Thank you so much :)

  4. Oh my,...I'm salivating!
    Love Tombow pens very much. Very good for brush lettering.

    1. Thank you :) and yes indeed. I wish my hand-lettering skill is above amateur so I could put the pen into a good use haha

  5. Baca entri ni sambil lap air liur. Aishhh haru betul. Dari cinnabon sampai lah ke Marzipan semua nampak sedap giler. Terseksa kejap rasanya. Hehe

    1. Oh maaf.. maaf.. hahaha bulan September tu memang banyak sangat makan and semua pun favorite :)


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