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Cafe | La Fleur x Uniqorn

Yup, that's how they spell Unicorn, with a 'Q'.
Hello everyone. As promised on my Instastory, here's the post that I wanted to share with all of you who loves pink or unicorn. But first, let me say this again. I am really sorry that I've been away from blogging world for quite some time because I was in a phase where I hate the internet. And one thing for sure, I feel more at ease and happier without social media. I spent so much time reading, socialising more with my family, and I feel less need to update every single thing about my life on social media. I used to put social media first over everything else but not anymore. And I still hate the internet though. 😂

Anyway, back to the main topic, A few weeks ago my friend asked me to accompany her to buy an outfit somewhere in Gombak, and she said later she really wanted to go to this newly-opened unicorn themed cafe. So with the help of Google Map (my fave navigation app) and a little knowledge of mine on Sunway area, we got there in a jiffy and finding the cafe wasn't that tricky.

It was Friday so I thought the cafe would be crowded but I was wrong. It was half full. Plenty of vacant seats to choose and I must say, this place is a place where you will never feel shy to take out your camera because as soon as I stepped in, there were girls in Unicorn onesies, boys with their cameras taking pictures of their girlfriends, people standing up to take ideal photos for instagram, girls huddling to capture moments on Boomerang etc.

Took me a while to find the menu that was on the screen at the top of the counter, we ordered 2 hot chocolate (no coffee for me because I hadn't had my breakfast) and we ordered one egglet waffle to share, I don't wanna be greedy by ordering one for each of us because my sister cooked lunch that day so.. haha and I must say the cake was so pretty but sadly it was too expensive. I rather buy unicorn cake or the petit bisou from The Tiny Temptress because they are an expert in confectionary yet their selection is more affordable. Sorry..

Fun fact: all the drinks comes with frothy milk so you can make your own latte art. The cashier/barista was super friendly and he can help you with the DIY latte art if you want to. And while waiting for our orders, Ayu took a couple of Unicorn soft toys for photos and when the food arrived on our table, the shutter didn't stop for at least half an hour. It was so satisfying because every corner is so picturesque.

As someone who hate selfie and taking pictures of myself, I use my friend as my main subject. Plus she really loves when people taking her pictures she even asked me to take pictures of her with the soft toys as if they were having tea time together (without me.. ). I took a bite of the beautifully decorated egglet, and my oh my it was so delicious. This is my 2nd egg waffle in my life and I hope that this won't be my last one. I fell in love with egg waffle.

◦ DIY Hot Chocolate - RM 8

◦ Chocolate Egglet - RM 18

They provide unicorn onesies for you to wear in the cafe but let me be honest, I have minor OCD, so I was a bit fussy about this one. There were like a group of 6 girls wearing all the onesies provided for I don't know how long and on it had chocolate/coffee stains all over it. I'm not the type to wear other people's sweat so I wasn't really bothered to joined my friend donning it for pictures.

You can also come here to do your work because they have wifi and plug almost at every table so you don't have to worry when your phone or camera's battery dried out. I like this long and tall table because it has at least 4 plugs for you to use and do your work. I'm not sure about the WiFi or the WiFi strength because I didn't use their WiFi that day.

Most people who comes here, wants to take a picture inside this ball pit. It was all over Instagram and of course my friend was one of them. Sadly, if you take a good look at the balls, most of them were crushed and dented. I helped my friend swept it aside before she dived in (LOL! not really.. but you get what I mean) and buried her with the balls to prevent crushing it by just stepping inside.

I love the interior. The pink wall and chairs really reminds me of this one cafe in Seoul. I forgot the name and no it wasn't Pink Pool Cafe because that cafe resembles Sketch so much. A little bit of Sketch in London, like 13% of it and little bit of Fauchon in my opinion.

So my advice, bring your camcorder, bring your camera, bring your own onesies (if you have one and too OCD like me to use their's), bring your friends, bring your families or kids and just.. have fun! It was a really fun place to celebrate special occasions or just hanging out. I'm pretty sure I will come back to this cafe with my sister because I know she will love to release her inner kiddy side in this place.

Hope everyone have a great day and thank you for reading. Much love, T.

Listening to: Jess Kent - Get Down


  1. This cafe is so pretty! and insta worthy x

    1. It really was. I wish that was room instead because it was so dreamy hahaha

  2. This is the cafe yang viral dekat Twitter tu ke?

    1. I had no idea that this cafe was viral on Twitter. I only saw it on Instagram. Sorry if it wasn't the same one 🙏🏻

  3. OMG!!!!!!! I wish I was there!

  4. Anonymous10:25 AM

    OMG unicorn is real !

  5. The reality of escape in fantasyyyyy.. OMG !!

    1. It's the only time to escape the reality 😊


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