May Favourites

안녕 여러분~
First let me just say, Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrate it. I hope everyone had a great holiday. I published a post yesterday then I remembered, I didn't post my May favourites yet. So I revert the post back to draft and publish this one instead.

May was the most laidback and relaxing month for me. It was the month of Ramadan so I didn't really go out or do anything that worth enough for me to call it 'favourite' or even significant to capture the moment. Well, of course ada (tarawih with my family as a whole) but that would be.. I don't know, I don't take pictures of us masa beribadah but I reckon everyone feels the same.

Brownies Bar by The Accidental Bakers

I always bought brownies here at Brownies Bar but last month during Ramadan, they offered 2 pieces for RM10 which was a normal price for 1 piece. I tried the famous Durian Brownies and Red Velvet Cream Cheese brownies and it was so good. I don't want to share with anybody. If any of you happens to be in Mid Valley or The Gardens mall, the kiosk is located near The Chicken Rice Shop and Big Apple Donut if I'm not mistaken. They got Cempedak Brownies too which I'd love to try it soon.

Moschino 'Fresh' Inspired Phone Case

I found a gadget shop in Shah Alam that sell all kinds of phone cases for a very cheap price. So I actually bought like 4 cases but I uses this one a lot I don't even know why maybe because it's stand out so much. I hate the attention but I love the size in my hand. Got this for RM10. Okay lah to prevent it from jatuh terus pecah.

NCT Fan Party Goods

I was looking for an NCT lanyard charm to hang it on my backpack or my phone but I want something that doesn't scream I'm--die-hard-Kpop-fan or just a subtle hint of it but I found none. I guess it was my luck that I found out about the Fan Party good. I was not surprised by the price (RM80) because all seller will try gain a lot of profit from official merchandise. The original price was only RM46 so it's like I paid double for it. Despite the lettering peels off after 3 times of using, I regret nothing. But I did cry for 15 minutes straight tho.

But still, Thank you for the extra gifts of photocard, stickers and Jaehyun's Cherry Bomb's pin badge.

This is probably the shortest monthly favourites I ever published. I hope you guys had a great holiday like I did although all I did was eat and sleep. I didn't even go out for 'beraya'. 
So thank you for reading and have a nice day. Much love, T.

Listening to: Wanna One - Boomerang


  1. patutlah smalam try bukak post akak tu tak dapat hehe. durian brownies? gosh i wish that i can taste it right now cause i love brownies! where do you usually buy the official merchandise kak?

    more post please :P nak baca lagiiii hehe

    1. Hahaha sorry for that. Dah publish baru teringat. I will post that one again.
      Yes babe, Durian Brownies, it was so good, rasa Durian tu subtle but very nice.
      I usually buy my official merchandise based on any shops yg trustworthy and jual cheaper than the others.
      For that Fan Party charm, I bought from @/happyheartslee from twitter.
      And I bought an NCT album from KSeoulStudio tapi one of the admin tu.. alahai.. sakitnya hati tapi malas nak marah2 😔
      Tunggu je lah selagi boleh tunggu.

  2. short post is good too. I usually enjoy reading something short and simple. hehe

    1. I prefer short post because as a reader myself, I find long post is a bit tiring to read in the end I will read separuh jalan and then scroll gambar sampai bawah. LOL!

  3. Selamat Hari Raya Tqa! First time tengok Durian brownies, is it good? Short post pun okay je nak pulak ada banyak gambar cantik like u did :D

    1. Selamat Hari Raya to you too :) I've seen it a few times before this was my first time trying it. It was good tho. Aww thank you so much ❤️


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