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안녕 여러분~
I'm going to skip about the whole journey to Ipoh because once I start, I probably need to change the title to something else. Anyway, PMP is a cafe that was opened in 2015 if I'm not mistaken. The cafe is renovated from a simple house into European style cafe. Petit Mary is named after a small girl who named Mary with her growing diary. We always drove past by it every time we went to Aeon Jusco Ipoh. I thought it was someone's house because it was situated nicely in intermediate lot among other houses.

It was all-girls trip so I thought that would be a perfect opportunity to go to that cafe since the boys can't stand spending more than 10 minutes in a girly and quaint premises. After we went to send a few stuff to my Aunt's house that she ordered at Aeon, we head straight to the cafe for lunch before continue our long drive to Cameron Highland.

83, Jalan Langsat, Taman Teh Teng Seng,
31400 Ipoh, Negeri Perak

Opening Hours:
9AM - 8PM


There was a photo zone just right outside the front door. And inside there was an array of delicious pastries and desserts that even some of them looks too cute to eat. We head straight upstairs to find a vacant seats. The moment we got the center seat, it was full house. It was a semi self-service cafe so you need to go back downstairs to place your order at the counter, paid and they will give you a number to put on the table.

We were famished so we settled with something heavier than croissant, scones or sandwiches. I got the Rice with Chicken and Golden Sauce. Tini ordered Fish & Chips and my sister got the Creamy Chicken Linguine. It was a bit overpriced in my opinion.

Iced Chocolate - RM12.90, Iced Peach Tea - RM7.90, Orange Juice - RM10.50
Creamy Chicken Linguine - RM16.90
 Chicken Mary Golden Sauce with Rice - RM19.90
Fish and Chips - RM17.90
The interior upstairs was so-so but pretty enough to take a few photos especially in front of the famous feature wall where our table situated. I couldn't photographed the whole scene of my table because it was a bit crowded and it would be so embarrassing to do it.

Some people complained about the services and the ordering system. Someone said that we paid for service charges but we had to go all the way downstairs to order food and drinks instead of waiter/waitresses taking your order at the table. To me it's not a big a deal because in KL that's how most cafes do nowadays to the point I find it weird if they come to our table to take our orders.

This is basically it. The cafe was not that big but enough to occupied like 60-80 people or maybe less. Sorry for the lousy pictures because I took it with my phone even though I brought my camera with me. I was too lazy to use it.

I hope to come back to try their dessert menu because I noticed everyone who was there, they ordered the teddy bear cake. I might try that one. Anyway, thank you for reading and have a nice day. Much love, T.

Listening: Bruno Mars - Finesse (Ft. Cardi B)


  1. The teddy bear cake caught my eyes..!

    1. hahahaha mine too! I bet the taste is just as good judging how almost everyone ordered their cakes.

  2. The prices are so affordable 👀

    1. Those are one of the cheapest in the menu. hahaha but it was super fulfilling 👍🏻


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