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October Favourite

I missed about 2 monthly fave and I have no reason for that. I was just plain forgetful. Sometimes I was too excited to post about something else and forgot to include it in my draft. So I managed to get this post done just in time before November, plus I gotta catch a flight to Langkawi the day after tomorrow for a short year-end family vacation and I don't want to stick my nose in front of my laptop. I need 4 days off from the blogging world. So moving on..


What can we say about October? I love everything about October. The dressing up for halloween, the halloween chocolate and candies, pumpkin in every special menu, the not-so-cold-and-not-so-warm weather (sweater weather), horror movies on every channel, the colored changing leaves and of course.. my birthday hahaha

So here I put together my October favorites that I want to share with my readers.

Cafe of the Month: Haraju-cube

I always heard about Haraju-cube but yet to try it but I got the chance to do so last month right after our short getaway to Genting Highland. From Genting we drove straight to Empire Damansara just to try this limited edition dessert. All I can say about it is, I. Am. In. Love. I made a separate post about it and will publish it soon.

Catrice Strobing Highlighting Gel

No filter but still can't really tell but trust me, it's super blinding!

For a drugstore brand that cost me less than RM30, I am hooked! I am a highlighter obsessed kind of girl. And this item makes it my 6th highlighter in my collection. Though I don't wear thick makeup everyday but I do need highlighter more than eyeshadows because it makes my face less dull and more glowing. This is my 2nd fave highlighter after Marc Jacobs because it's so blinding and easy to blend but I have to blend it fast otherwise it dries up in the shape you swatched on if you know what I mean.

But mind you, this stuff is sold out everywhere.

October Track On Loop

NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb and Running 2 U is two of the most played song in my October Playlist followed by A Little Death by The Neighbourhood.

Nerve Movie

You guys really need to watch this movie if you still haven't. This movie is based from a bestselling novel with the same title. I love the storyline, the cast and most importantly, I love ALL the soundtracks. 5/5!

Aesthetic Tissues

I went to Typo to get a notebook but I found these cuties and I had to get it. But I got the Kakao Apeach wet tissue at a different shop which sells for RM2 for 10 packs. It fits well in my wallet and my pocket without looking bulgy.

Family Mart Snacks

I didn't get the chance to try the famous korean street food, Odaeng when I was in South Korea for 2 weeks. Maybe at that time I thought the corndog was the best. So when I found out there's a Family Mart almost in every location that I often hangout at, I said to myself that I have to try it. So I went to the SS15 Family Mart at 4AM because the parking was no joke. The cheesecake ice cream is overrated but it was good. It tasted like melted Cheetos. But the Odaeng tho. I think I have to have it every weekend because it was so good and I hate spicy food. A bit pricey but super good!

Kinder Schoko-Bons

I'm a huge white chocolate freak but I find Kinder product is too way too sweet for me. But this one particular chocolate from Kinder is.. my God I can eat it around the clock. It taste 10x different than normal Kinder Bueno. I want to buy it again but.. not available in KL because I got this in Langkawi. If only they sell it online. I'd buy a bunch of them walaupun mahal.

Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday EDP

I got this one for RM100 at Genting Premium Outlet (GPO) and it smells so sweet and flowery. Very elegant and soft not too musky like some flower smells. I like the bottle design too. It's like having a mini Nicki on your vanity. This almost topped my fave perfumes, Marc Jacob's Daisy and Lancome Magnifique.

I guess this is pretty much it. I will make a separate post about my birthday right after I come back from Langkawi. Some of my friends was like, "Langkawi again? Didn't you go to Langkawi recently? You going again?"

Well, all I can say is.. I'm going again is because I ran out of rare white chocolates 馃槀 Just kidding. The reason we are going again is because I wasn't aware that my dad's eyesight was in jeopardy the last time we went to Langkawi so he can't really see so he missed out a lot but he didn't say it. Hence this trip is to make it up for him. I want him to enjoy the trip as much as we did.

I am glad that I can draft my next blog post and edit most of the photos through my phone so when I come home, I can just publish everything in 5 minutes.

...or maybe 10.

...or 15.

15 minutes top.

So, thank you for reading. Much love, T.

Listening to: Halsey - Colors


  1. gosh i really love your blog post! next post pleaseeee and dessert tu nampak sedap gilaaa

    1. Insha Allah, I'm working on it. hope you will like it :)

  2. eh tqa oct babies jugak ehh,sama la kita!

    1. Ha'ah, I'm an October baby. Yay ada gang! hahaha

  3. I WATCHED NERVE TOO AND IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Sorry for the caps lock haha. Anyway, that movie was real great, a lot of scenes (especially the walking on tangga from a window to another on the other side scene).

    I hope you'll enjoy this December :) xo

    1. I love Nerve! I love Emma Roberts and I loveeeee MGK! Everything about that movie is so perfect. Don't be sorry hahaha that scene scares me to death because I have fear of height too. Hopefully and same goes to you too :)

  4. Coklat tu macam best.. Filem itu nanti boleh cari..

    1. Mmg best sangat you won't be disappointed. I hope you will enjoy the movie as much as I did 馃槉

  5. hi. i've followed u here. everything in this blog looks super attractive. i love it. same here, i do procrastinate a lot sometimes.

    1. Sometimes my laziness is intolerable, for example, this month tak post apa2 yet but still active on blogwalking and replying comments 馃槄 shame on me

    2. i just saw this while blogwalking through random post of other people which caught my eyes. hahahha
      nahhh it's not that bad bcuz thats normal actually. hehe

    3. That's a relief because I just found out that I'm not the only one. But I guess I can't do that often.

  6. wahhhh i'll wait post for haraju-cube. the cake look very appetizing and aesthetic!
    i love white chocolate too :D

    1. Yay ada geng white chocolate! haha Tu lah still in editing process sebab banyak sangat gambar nak kena edit. Hopefully won't be long lah hahaha

  7. That cakeeee!!! oh my, cantiknya. The tissue also comel. Rare sgt .

    Seriously, girl. I love your white template of your blog and all the pictures here. Can share what type of camera did you use to shot a pictures?

    Tq for sharing <3

    1. It was really good, but kalau boleh kena share ramai2 sebab susah nak habis hahaha. The tissue is cute right!
      Thanks. Depends on the occasions, sometimes I use my iPhone 6 Plus sometimes when I have planned outing ahead of time, I use my DSLR EOS cikai2 je then balik edit kat laptop je haha

      You're welcome :)

  8. semuanya best2 belaka... memula baca sy igt kan caprice hahahahaha

    1. Hahahaha same girl... same... masa mula2 my sis introduce pun rasa nak carut, "Caprice? Makeup line?? Caprice!" then my sis was like " Catrice lah gila!" hahaha

  9. Berkenan sungguh dengan Aesthetic Tissues sebab comel!!! Hahaha. Nie yang buat nak pergi Typo esok. 馃槀

    Gambar kat Family Mart pun cantik!! Tqa memang pandai ambil gambar tau. Love all your pictures! White 馃槏

    1. Typo and Cotton On punya tissue is so cute! hahaha takleh tahan.

      Masa tu pukul 3 pagi so ada 2-3 student INTI kolej dalam tu, so I take the opportunity to snap some pictures dalam FM cos they got a lot of white walls. haha Thank you Siqah. If I have your phone, my pictures will be a lot better like you :)


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