June Favourites

For almost a month I've been trying to post about this but something always came up and distracted me, thank God yesterday I was home alone with nothing good on tv so I can focus.

So let's just get to it now shall we?
First up:


  • Too bad I didn't bring my camera during my visit here because it was unplanned. So excuse the quality of my iPhone camera. This place is AWE-MA-SOME-ZING! I must say, this is by far my favourite  cafe in Shah Alam. If I ever come here again, I'll drag all my girls and family to have some peaceful tea time here.
  • It was far from home but it was worth it. If you guys happens to be in Shah Alam, give this place a visit. You can also enjoy your coffee outside where they have beanbags scattered around the garden.


  • I'm always a big fan of mousse foundations but I stopped using it for a while to use the other foundations that my sister gave me just because I don't want to waste it. But the last 2 months, I decided to give these babies another go to see if the brands suits my skin. It did! Mousse foundations never let me down.
  • These two brands is officially my favourite drugstore brands because they gave 10/10 result when I mix both foundations together.
  • The texture is super soft and powdery, it blends really quick and easy using my fish brush especially under my eyes. It stays matte on my skin the whole day even without setting spray. I guess I can ditch my high-end foundations in my drawers because these babies cost only less than RM23/each ✌🏻


  • I only saw this stuff on tv and American movies. I always curious to how it tastes like. Does it taste like steak? Salami? Pepperoni? Bacon? Okay fine, those references doesn't make sense but I only referred to it because of the texture and shape of beef jerky that I ever seen on tv. Jack Links Meat Snack offers a lot of other flavours like BBQ, Spicy and Teriyaki. There were a lot more but I couldn't remember the rest.
  • I'm on a diet so I thought this would be a great source of protein for me. Plus it's only RM12 per pack. Yeah a bit expensive but that's what you paid for a meat snack tho not some meat flavoured snacks.
  • I got a lot of people were just as curious as I was, asking me on Instagram whether if it's halal or not. And my answer is: YES IT'S HALAL YAY!!


  • I need to buy these every time I go to Georgetown, Penang because I haven't seen any shops in KL that sell this stuff. This Turkish snack taste 10/10 like Nutella I'm not joking. It was so good we ate so much of these in the car on our way back to KL. I hope I can find a shop in KL or near my house that have this in store. We need it!!


  • There was no hype about this one, I only saw a few models donning this case at Milan Fashion Week that was from Wild and Woolly Instagram page and I said to myself, "I gotta have it!" and I got lucky when I found a trustworthy online shop that sells this case in white (which most online shop doesn't have). I love this case because it's such a head-turner. 
  • The only thing I hate about it is that it kind of hard to take photos or videos because the fur gets in the way, I had to stroke it down before start snapping away. But it is my favourite case among all the phone cases that I have. Tbh, it kind of annoys me that this case is starting to be a little mainstream after I bought it. Makes me wear it lesser nowadays.


This little one interrupted in almost all the shots I took, I guess it is decent for me to include its face in this post. 😁
  • I'm the type of person who can't handle spicy food because I have a very sensitive stomach. I tried the normal Samyang before at some mamak stall for suhoor and I almost flipped everything on my sight like it was SUPER SPICY!
  • I bought this one because I thought it will be less spicy since it has cheese in it. Nope! I was wrong. The only way for me to enjoy this ramen is by using 15% of the seasoning paste included with lotsa cheese. And it was umps! Super delicious! I bought 2 packs of 5 ramen just for some boring and cold night when I'm all alone at home.

So that's all for this last month's favourites. Tbh there were a lot more but I don't want to write a long blog post and bores everyone with it.
Anyway, thank you for reading. Much love, T.

Listening to: Mø - Kamikaze


  1. cute betul that phone case ^^

    1. exactly what I thought the first time I saw it hahaha

  2. Love that case! ♥

    Please check out my latest post, too? I'd love to hear something from you! :)

    1. Thanks. Sure, definitely will check out your latest post. Thanks for dropping by ✌🏻

  3. I've been to EcoWorld once but they didn't have that cafe. Or is this the one in Penang? It looks so cuteeeeee. EcoWorld itself is just breathtaking.

    Oh ya, what does a jerky taste like? I don't know we can get that in Malaysia. I always saw that in movies or tv shows as road-trip-must-have-car-snack.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. This EcoWorld cafe is in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. I haven't been to the one in Penang although I've seen a lot photos and been to Penang numerous times hahaha. The cafe is hidden inside the residence area, you need to pass through the security guards by telling them you're going to Parque Cafe.

      Beef Jerky to me tastes like dry smoked grill beef. When I said dry, it really is dry. Rasanya daging nak buat serunding pun tak sekering Beef Jerky hahaha but it tasted sooooo good and yes it'd be a good in-the-car snacks.

  4. the Parque Cafe looks super awesome. I never been there before but now its already in my cafe list. will go there one day.
    hey, why do i feel hungry by just looking at your snack photos? it looks delicious. :D

    1. Try their hot chocolate, it's really good and the Mocha too. Aww I'm so sorry for that hehe

  5. comel lah kucing tu posing..BISCOLATA CHOCOLATE SNACKS nampak sedapp..

    1. Hahah thanks. Kan? Tapi sayangnya Biscolata tu takde kat KL. Saya hanya tau ada kat Penang je. Jauh betul kalau nak beli haha

  6. gambar semua cantik-cantik... (thumbs-up)

  7. Phone cases <3

    Siqah berkenan nak pergi kafe kat EcoWorld. Last week dah pergi ke Setia City tapi tak sempat singgah sebab dah lewat.. cantik nampak tempatnya :)

    1. I need a different color for the same design hahaha *tamak*

      Kalau ada rezeki, please do visit that cafe sbb tenang, affordable and sangat, sangat, sangatlah cantik you are gonna love it! Tqa pulak tak pernah jejak kaki di Setia City haha


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