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Big Bad Wolf Extended

Finally, a new blog post and a layout. to be honest, I hate my previous layout.. maybe because I used it for way too long. My laptop's graphic and resolution was a bit different from the others so I decided to use the ready-made layout in blogskins and not to waste time making my own layout. This is the simplest layout I could find in such a hurry. yeah, it sucks and too girly, whatever....

moving on...

On 3rd March, I found out about Big Bad Wolf Pt. 2 on twitter. The event was at the same place where it was held last year, MIECC, but this time the price for all the fictions and non-fictions novel are as low as RM5 ($1.20 - £0.80). I can't say no to that because I'm a book junkie so I wanted to take that opportunity to buy more books to add in my book collections.

I was in IKEA having lunch with both my parent when I found out about the BBW Extended. I literally forced my parent to rush everything so I can be there on time. Hence, I ate everything in the car even the meatballs. 

We went to Hospital for my mom's check-up but unfortunately, the check-up took 5 hours long and didn't went well. Then we're off to IKEA for a quick lunch but I'm still anxious whether I can make it to MIECC on time because I had to go back and picked up my brother so he could drive me there. My dad refused to go to the BBW with me because he was dead tired. But lucky me, I got there half past 8pm so I only have another half an hour to search for books on that last day of Big Bad Wolf. I managed to get 8, my brother got 4 and my mom got 2. And combine the price all of my books + my brother's, the price was still under 100MYR. Bargain! If only I grabbed more books that day *sigh* ...

I got the Caravaggio's Angel for my pet lil sister, Via, for her birthday last month. That's the least I could do. But guess what? I just finished read that book.. muahahaha! Sorry Via, it was too tempting. I literally brawled with an old Chinese lady over this book. This is the only copy that is in a good condition. Others.... not so much.

And I got my brother his favorite books, The Snakes of US and The World Of Spiders. Once he done with those books, imma set that shit on fire. Gosh I hate reptiles and spiders!

Listen to: Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound


  1. Love your new layout! It's beautiful!

    I love IKEA! Is Big Bag Wolf a second hand bookstore?

  2. @Richelle Thanks love..

    I love IKEA too! Especially the food at the cafe.

    No babe, it's more like a book fair. But all the books are new. It's like flea market for new books lol ^^

  3. I LOVE IKEA! I like their swedish meatballs :)

    IF ONLY THERE WERE EVENTS LIKE THAT AROUND MY TOWN! I love books and I'm wasting almost all my money on them. UGH WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE??

  4. @Claudia yeah their meatballs is the bomb! I love them so much.

    Before I knew about BBW, I always spend so much money buying new books that cost more than what I can get on BBW. I'm glad ^^ ikr?!

  5. your layout is simple and stunning, i wonder what's your old layie looks like :)


  6. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Your bracelet tho. *O*

    I LOVE buying books, but reading them, not so much lol.

  7. @Lady_Myx thank you! my previous lay was a mess -.- haha yeah it was

  8. @Grace thanks.. Even tho I poked myself several times -.-
    I love buykng books that I think I can read till the end ^^

  9. I love buying books haha. I spend way too much money buying books and I don't really have any more space to keep them all. c':

  10. @Hilary Me too but I got to save more money at this book fair ^^

    I need a new bookshelf lol

  11. Beautiful blog! xx

  12. This new layout is really pretty! Fell in love with that.
    Ohh and you already watched Iris2? How is it like?

    Keep bloggin'
    Lots of love, Maho

  13. @Maho Thanks dear..
    I didn't watch the 1st IRIS but IRIS 2 made me understand the whole story from the 1st one. I love it. I never thought I would. LOL!

  14. Such a nice photos!
    Wanna follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?
    Let me know!

  15. But this layout is so pretty and simple~ I love it ^^
    Unfortunatelly we dont have such events here, but in Bosnia they do and everytime we go there I buy lots and lots of books. Too bad I dont have much time to read them though :/ I bought the hunger games trilogy in december and I still didnt finish the first book.. -.-
    Oh and I missed going through your blog and your flawless and beautiful photo's *______________________*


  16. Hope your mom will get better!!

  17. @Alma I found it simple too.. So I take it and make it little more 'me' and voila.. a crap! lolJK.

    I miss to steal your new stuff..
    I miss you
    I miss your blog post
    I miss your Kpop related post

    You bought The Hunger Games Trilogy???
    I can't find them anywhere near my house's book store.

  18. @Dahye OMG I thought your name was Da Hey. The actress from Iris 2. LOL *facepalm*

    Thanks babe..

  19. Hello,I love your photo color tone!!What software you use to edited?


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