Old Hobbies And A Wolf Attack!

First of all, sorry for being inactive in blogging world. I don't have internet here. What a bummer! I can't believe it's 2013 already (Happy New Year everybody!)
I was busy organizing my room, trying to make some space for my books that I bought at Big Bad Wolf book sale last December. Speaking of which, I'm going to blog about it now.

One of the books I bought at BBW. Can you believe that I finished reading Grace in 3 days??
This book is a remake of Little Match Girl and the story is so sad that I cried every pages of the last chapter.

See this?? I bought more than 20 books for a 98% discount. So cheap!  I can't believed that this two huge bags full of rainbows is MINE! I used to beg shamelessly to my dad for a book but no, not at when there's Big Bag Wolf.

One of my random sketches. Tbh, I don't know how to use these paint. I eventually going to mess myself up. 

I went to MIECC with my Mom for the Big Bad Wolf Booksale. I spent like 4 hours walking around the ginormous hall with almost 3 million books while carrying a big box full with 2 dozens of books. You can find all the books from your favorite author for 98% of price, you name it, you got it (except that you have to look for it in that huge hall yourself...) And since I'm back with being a bookworm, I started to get my hands in sketching again. I used to do it in high school. By the looks of it, my hands are no longer capable of drawing such a good doll figure.

Sorry for the lack of post and blogwalking and comment replying. I'll try my best once I got my own internet and fix my dad's laptop. Thought about changing my layout. Bored with it.

Alma, keep waiting.. I'm working on your bday gift.

Listen to: Guns n Roses - Welcome To The Jungle


  1. hi! ♥
    thank you for commenting to my blog , mayumidays.com ^u^
    your blog seems interesting and i love it's layout ! i'll follow you in blogger for sure !! ♥

    1. Hi Anwoo, no problem the pleasure is all mine :)

  2. i love the sketch!
    is cool :D


    1. Thank you Putri, it's been a while so it looks a bit mess.

  3. looks like you picked up a bunch of wonderful things and i am such a fan of antique bakery!

    xx rae

    1. I'm a huge fan of Antique Bakery too.
      Such an underrated movie.
      Thank you :)

  4. 1. Stabilo! I have their pink pen. c;
    2. Yay! I'm such a slow reader plus, I am very lazy so it always take me more than 3 days to finish a book.
    3. God, I wanna live in your place! 98% discount!!! You just paid for the 2%! Blimey, that's so cheap!!! Secondhand books here are still expensive.
    4. Love your specs. c:
    5. You still draw well, I think. Love the figures. ^^
    6. IDK how to use paint. If I have those, I'd prolly splash em on my wall and create a so-called abstract design. Kkkk

    re: Yep. He was sweet, bet he does it to everybody. I cannot wait to be back in Baguio! It is very cold there. c:

    1. 1. I love stabilo
      2. I'm a slow reader too, but Grace somehow make me feel so enthusiast in finish it.
      3. Come2! LOL! They only have those kind of discount 30 days a year. Can't wait to go for this year.
      4. I broke the spec a few weeks ago *sigh*
      5. Thanks love ^^
      6. Me too! I would do the same.

      Aww.. Someday I would love to visit Baguio too!

  5. Banyaknya novel, jenis kuat membaca eh? Tahun ni baru finish 2 novel, and currently going through my 3rd one, it is about life in North Korea yang teramatla fascinating.

    1. yeah I love to reads. Tersangat-sangat suka. Oh, I currently on my 4th this year. Yeke? What's the title?


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