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I wander | South Korea (대한민국)

It all started as a joke after I saw a photo of LINE Friends Pop-Up Store somewhere on Instagram and immediately LINE-d my girls and said something like "look at this cutie! (giant Brown statue in the middle of the store), why can't they have it here in KL? Let's save up and fly to Seoul for this! Lol"

Dalam duduk bergurau saja-saja, tak sangka nak jadi kenyataan. As much as sakit hati tengok orang beli barang EXO every month and cafe hopping every week, tapi rileks.. I got better plans in my mind. So that's how I kept telling myself for the next 20 months.

I was having dinner at the Mamak with my dad and brother when my friend texted me about Airasia promo going on 9 months prior our actual date for a really cheap price, and I just refused to passed that up.

Our ticket: RM650 (return ticket) to Busan inc. 20kg luggage and insurance. Ada yang tanya, "why Busan?" and my answer is, why not?

"Why did I bring this stupid boots?!"
Still.. nervous me.
Our flight was so early. My dad managed to finished his assignments early and drove me and Ayu (in blue cardigan) to the airport at 10PM to catch our 1AM flight. Yup, tersangatlah awal but I think it was a great timing because we would arrive in Busan at 8AM early in the morning to catch the express bus to Incheon.

Filled the Customs Declaration form on the spot because we were so bored.
Done but still can't sleep. It was half past 2 in the morning.

  • 10PM - Depart from home to KLIA2
  • 12AM - Boarding (our flight was half an hour early)
  • 9AM - Arrive in Busan an hour late because of the weather and a few turbulence occurred 
  • 5.30PM - Boarding the express bus to Incheon
  • 9PM - Arrive in Incheon
  • *give or take a few minutes*
  • 11PM - safely arrived at our airbnb

5PM bus? keep reading.

I was so tired and I don't know if it was jet-lag or something but I got the symptoms and super not-in-mood to snap any photos after we landed in Gimhae International Airport in Busan. My head was spinning, dizzy, sleepy and emotionally unstable I felt like stabbing anyone who makes me edgy especially that lady at the immigration counter. If only I could shove my boots down her throat for taking too long to stamped my passport.

We spent like an hour at this spot because there's high speed WiFi

I googled so many blogs about how to get around to Incheon or Seoul from Busan but none of them was helping even one bit, I was so close to killing someone. It was so cold, windy and hungry and the fact that I kept reading unhelpful articles thinking it would lead me to something but it wasn't, made me walked back inside and try to look for Tourist Information Counter. Thank God I found one near limousine rental and done! So to anyone who wants to go to Incheon or Seoul from Gimhae Airport, Busan, here's how:

  1. Get yourself a T-Money at the 7/11 next to Dunkin Donuts (KRW2,700 each)
  2. Here's an info for you: you pay 10% cheaper using T-Money than using cash/one way ticket
  3. Walk to Gimhae Light Rail Transit across the airport
  4. Go to Daejeo Station
  5. From Daejeo Station, transit to Line 3 and go to Yeonsan Station
  6. From Yeonsan Station, exit to the Bus Terminal and take an express bus to Incheon or Seoul (ticket fares range from KRW24,100 - KRW36,000 at any counter)

Best part is, we missed our bus at 3.50PM so we only received 30% of our money back and have to buy another tickets to Incheon and the 5.25PM is the earliest and most expensive one because it's a first class bus (oh my God..). We arrived in Incheon Bus Terminal around 9.20PM and reached Juan-Dong where we rented a studio apartment there almost midnight.

Homey Studio Apartment just for us!
We got lost in Juan tried to find our apartment building and just our luck, we asked a random man who was waiting for someone at the Juan Station for a direction and he was (super super!) kind enough to show us the way using google map all the way in front of our doorstep like.. What? He even help us with the luggage and waited for us to settle down so he knew we are fine and safe. I can't believe people like him still exist! He can't even speak English for God sake kami communicate umpama ayam dengan itik. The struggle with the luggage was real. The hills was no joke but it was worth it. Hope my directions would be helpful to anyone who is clueless as we were before.

Here's a tip: jangan malu bertanya. Yeah not everyone here can speak or understand English but at least give it a try, just show them your address, it could be a little help. In our case, so much help.

Will post about our accommodation really soon. Love, T.

Listening to: Infinite (인피니트) - The Eye


  1. hopefully i can go to korea too ~ I just started save money to travel abt a few months ago

    1. I hope you will get to go to Korea one fine day :) I save up for two years and it's worth it.

  2. you're so lucky!
    anyway, i just wanted to say that I LOVE the way your scrollbar scrolls down VERY smoothly.

    1. Thanks! You are the first person that ever mentioned about my scrollbar. I didn't noticed it before. Thank u again :)

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM

    lol macamna boleh terjumpa blog kau. #Adam

  4. Lol i remember the time i am finding my guesthouse in busan, all of them cant speak english haha

    1. In Busan I slept at Al-Fatah Mosque for 2 days because my friend messed up our guesthouse booking. And yeah they hardly speak any English but they tried to help with all their might because I remember an ahjumma as old as my grandmother helped my friend topup her T-Money for the first time even though she couldn't speak english. So nice of them :)

  5. I wish I could go there as well

    1. I'll pray for you that one day you'd get to go there 😊

  6. Ahh, it's so exciting when you're travelling with friends isn't it? Wish I can go to there one day. I'll be sure to come back to this post of yours just for that instruction to Seoul from the airport. Haha. But yes, I agree about jangan malu bertanya. I mean, when we're in a foreign country, it's not possible to not ask the people there for directions or just about anything because for sure, they know more than us anyway. Great post, babe!

    1. Hope this post will be helpful to some people who as clueless as we were. Lol! First time always the hardest. 2 years of planning alhamdulillah membuahkan hasil. Tqa doakan Ain supaya one day you'll get to go to South Korea or anywhere with your friends (or me lol 😂) when you have some free time. It's really worth it walaupun sekejap. Thanks babe. Harap2 lah post ni membantu.

  7. Dgr turbulance tu yg kecut perut sikit. Selamat masa pergi balik korea dulu smooth je. Org korea ni ada yg friendly tp dorang tak retu eng. So kak ana akan guna google translate utk communicate. And its help. :)

    1. Alhamdulillah masa balik tu smooth sebab flight pagi and perjalanan time tu cuaca cantik. Cuma tak sangka masa dalam bas dari Busan nak ke Incheon ada berita tentang earthquake in Busan.

      Ha'ah tak semua boleh speak in english and alhamdulillah kami pun faham basic korean jadi taklah complicated sangat nak berkomunikasi. And some kind-hearted korean yg tengok my friend terkial-kial nak order makan, dorang tolong orderkan. Good samaritan!

  8. can u please share how did u snap n edit ur photos. it's so white and clean and pretty and gorgeous and I love it. some tips maybe?

    1. I was thinking about that a lot but I haven't really got the time to do that. But I'm thinking about doing it soon inshaAllah.
      Aww thank you so much.
      Tips? I just use less contrast, desaturate a bit, decrease the shadow and increase the blackness (from my iPhone) that's pretty much what I always did. But surely, I will get down to it in detail if I have the chance.

  9. Nadia pun last time turun Busan . Hihii. And, I really love Odeng dkt main entrance Busan Station <3
    Btw, I love how you put the tips in a box. So, snang org baca nak dpt info. Good one Tqa <3

    1. Because I thought it would be fun to experience a long hour drive on South Korea's freeway.
      But I just realised it costs more than I thought, better turun at Incheon if one doesn't feel like going to Busan.
      Kan? I learned from my own experience, gigih cari guide tapi tak jumpa and yang ada pun, tak faham sebab serabut gila baca.
      Thank you Nadiah :)


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