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Requested: Tribute to Asyalliee

안녕 여러분~

I haven't check my for quite a long time. I think it's been a year and a half. So last week I absentmindedly logged in and boy, there were almost 600 questions asked. And mostly about Asya (IG: @asyalliee) . I checked the date stamp and I noticed it was right after Asya's 18th Birthday in 2015.

Sorry that there barely any photos of her alone. Most of her photos in my gallery were group photos or selfies.

After I asked for her permissions to post up photos of her during her 18th Birthday (I need her permission because 97% of her photos are goofy faces so I can't simply post it up without her concern), I took the whole day choosing the proper photos because there were so many! But to hell with it! hahaha nah tengok perangai Asya yang sebenar kalau nampak kamera macamana. Kaki mengusik.

And these set of photos below was from the first time we met each other and that's the days when I saw her true colors. How she truly is. She's a really a fun person to be with. Keluar habis loghat2 utara kalau bersembang dengan dia and she's really talkative, like seriously, bebel bebel bebel and more bebel. LOL!

Photos from various of smartphones devices. So excuse the quality and filtered photos.

If any of you has been following my Instagram since 2014 -2015, you will know how we all got to know each other.

Hope you guys love the photos tho. And my dear Asya, Good Luck with the business and congratulations on your engagement. :)

Listening to: Sia - Cheap Thrills


  1. She still look pretty with the goofy face

  2. I saw her often on my instagram popular posts feed. lol. She's cute!

  3. she's so pretty ! grr

  4. Cantik. Semua gamba2 Asya cantik2 :)

  5. I can see Asya is a happy go lucky person..
    So nice when you surround with friends like them...
    Semua happy..

    1. She is. Aww thank you so much although we barely see each other now because she's so busy.


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