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Die Jungs

Wow, my last post was last year.. I am so pathetic.
Sorry for not posting a lot last year because my mother passed away on June 2014 and I kinda lost my directions in life until my friends encouraged me to find my way back. I'm all okay now but still a little sensitive when someone mention about my mom.

Anyway, I have TONS of stuff to post up here in my blog. Yes including the stuff that some of you already see on my Instagram account. But I still want to post it anyway. And I'm going to do lots of blogwalking and follow spree because most of my followings here are no longer active or they changed their blog url so I couldn't find them.

So my first post in 2015 would be about....

*drum roll*


LOL. Some of you already know that I'm an EXO-L (EXO's fandom) but I wasn't that hardcore back in 2013 but I guess 2014 changed me. I spent too much money on them, I became an online shopaholic because of them. I blame them for everything. LOL

My laptop broke down a few months ago so I can't use my photoshop which I constantly use to edit my photos. So I had no choice but to use VSCOcam hence the blue-ish filter and low quality photos.

Die Jungs (pronounced as dee-yoongs) means The Boys in German and this is EXO first photobook and it was limited to 10,000 copies worldwide. Others are fortunate to buy the premium version which includes 3 different photobook, book case, behind the scene DVD and postcards. But I am genuinely happy even tho I only own 1 version out of 3 photobooks. I chose the one with the DVD so I regret nothing.


I have a bad news. (Well, bad news for me)
My naughty cat, Vera peed on my Die Jungs when I left the book on the floor by accident. *cry a river*
I don't care I'm going to buy a new one tho. Seriously. Bad Vera!

This is such a boring post and I don't know what to write anymore.. *yawn*
But my friends and family said it doesn't matter what I want to write about as long as I feel good about it and get the thoughts of my late-mother off my mind for a while and make myself busy. I hope you guys who read this will understand if I post a boring posts.

Listen to: Winner (Mino) - I'm Him


  1. Sorry for your loss :-/ I can only imagine how hard it must be to go through that, but it's amazing how strong you are right now! Welcome back, can't wait for more posts :-)

  2. I'm still here :)
    It's been a while Tqa!
    Welcome back and I'm so sorry about your mother.
    Please be strong.

  3. @A Yes I'm trying my hardest everyday to be strong so I won't break down like the last time. Thank you for that.

    Awww I hope I won't take too much time to write a new post every time. Thank you so much *bow down*

  4. @Erynlliot omg I miss youuuu hahaha thought no one really care tho cos I abandoned my blog way too long.

    Thank you Eryn. It is tough to handle but I will try. And I hope I won't take too much time to write a new post tho.


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