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Cafe | Chubbeecloud, Damansara

Located in Damansara Uptown, Chubbeecloud (or chubby cloud) is the nation's first bespoke marshmallow brand and now has evolved into having their own cafe and gift shop where you can customise your own gifts. To be honest, I did not know much about the brand because I found out about them on October last year when I was scrolling through Instagram for a place to hangout with my sister and my friend. So I did a little research about the place and I wish I knew about it sooner.
85-G, Jalan SS21/1a,
Damansara Utama,
47400, Petaling Jaya,

Mon - Thurs: 12PM - 10PM
Fri - Sun: 12PM - 11.30PM

We went there on Monday because Monday is my sister's day off, plus most cafes would be empty (or closed) on Monday which is good. But unfortunately it started to rain when we got there so all the photos that I took was subdued so I had to use a lot of layers on all of the photos in this post so please excuse the quality or the dull saturation or the oversaturate ones. After half an hour, the sky started to clear and sunny again but sadly, I didn't the energy to retake all the photos because some photos was meant to be taken only that ONE time haha. Despite that, one thing for sure is that we had a great time and ate delicious foods.

Yes they have alfresco seating. So if the air conditioning is too cold inside, you can seat here and enjoy the food/drinks under the open air. I love the exterior. It looks so simple and minimalist in my opinion and I think we all love a bit of pop of colours, especially if it's turquoise and pink. I always think that everything look so much better with a touch of pink or gold.
See, the place was literally empty. The only person there was the staffs. I like empty cafes because less work on photoshopping people off my photos. And, you will not have to worry about how much you want to take pictures of everything the worrying about the shutter sound clicking like crazy.

And by the front door, you'll see a bunch collections on display which you can buy or customise to your own liking if you wish to buy it.
At the very end of the cafe next to the restroom there's a huge pink claw machine with lots of goodies in it like miniature perfumes and Chubbeecloud marshmallows in their signature teal/turquoise box. You'll receive a token for each food or drink that you orders. One item equals to one token. So the more food and drinks you ordered, the more token you will receive to try your luck with the machine. My sister was aiming the marshmallow but it was too heavy so she failed. Me and my friend failed too and we both was aiming for G-Dragons' perfumes but oh well, better luck next time.
One of the most instagrammable spot in the cafe is this ball pit bathtub. If you search up '#chubbeecloud' on Instagram, trust me when I say that you will see a lot of this bathtub photos. No picture of us in it because my friend only took her photos using her phone and I am too fat and too scared to get inside and my sister was 4 months pregnant at that time so she doesn't want to get in either. Hence, the nice empty looking ball pit bathtub. By the way, you need to take your shoes off before getting in, so if you're planning to come, do not wear hightop sneakers like I did. LOL!
Okay now on to the best part:

I was so surprised with the combinations of all the food that we ordered but knowing us, we always up for a new challenge and loves trying new food, so we ordered all the Cloudmoji series that was straight out of the oven with a rare combinations of ingredients. And don't be surprised by the price tag because y'all will go: "really?" because that's how we reacted to it in the first place.
Interested? Keep reading 😊
First up, Saigon Cloudmoji (RM9.90).

Thankfully I managed to snapped a few photos of this goodness before sister ate it all up because she just couldn't wait. She said the aroma was killing her. lol! My sister ordered the Saigon Cloudmoji because she loves anything savoury or spicy. When she heard that Saigon Cloudmoji has corianders in it, she was like "alright, I'll take that one" almost immediately.

Saigon Cloudmoji was inspired by the founders' trip to Vietnam. Combinations of peanut butter, oven roasted crushed peanuts, fried shallots and chopped coriander sandwiched together in a soft 'cloudmoji' bun will make you wanting more. And it served with a side of homemade Salted Egg Cracker Fries.
Golden Hashbrown Lychee Cloudmoji (RM9.90)

When we heard the word lychee, the taste altogether with the other ingredients wasn't what we expected it to tasted like. I mean can you imagine a lychee mixed together with fried hash brown, chicken ham and I don't know what it was but the sauce drizzled on top of everything just create a wonderful sensation in your mouth? Nope, we can't imagine either but that was what happened.
Signature Triple Cheese Cloudmoji (RM9.90)

Some of you may already know my love for cheese. I called dib on this even before we got there. I was so intriguing to try the combination between three different type of cheese (mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar) and torched marshmallow. It was so delicious I almost ordered a second one but I didn't. One thing for sure, if I ever got the chance to come again, I will order this again and yes, they all comes with a side of Salted Egg Cracker Fries. 
Now let me talk about the cracker fries. This is THE BEST salted egg cracker fries I have ever tasted! They even sell it separately if you only want to munch on just that without the sandwiches.
Last but not least:
Magic Mericorn Shake (RM16)

The only downside about this place is the drink menu selections. They only serves signature drinks, hot chocolates and flavoured teas. If it wasn't for the bottled water that I bought, they would've died thirsty because they didn't ordered any since they're not a fan of teas and other drinks is just too sweet to drink alone. I ordered the Magic Mericorn just to try it out and for photo purposes. Taste wise? It was so-so and too sweet for my liking. It tasted okay after the cereals mixed together with the shake. The Mermaid tale was too sweet to finish it (it's chocolate) and the Unicorn meringue crushed in my hand when I took a bite. It was a mess. Not going to repeat this one for sure. But I'm up to try other menus like the hot chocolate or fruit tea because I love tea.
Unlike other cafes, they do not prepare drinking water so make sure to bring your own in your bag just in case something gets too sweet or too spicy. Yes, I accidentally bit the cili padi seed in one of the salted egg cracker fries and man I was tearing up and down half of the water bottled that I brought from home. So don't say I didn't warn you.

So that's everything from Chubbeecloud cafe. My predict?
The food was awesome! Definitely going to come again for more (they added more menus recently so more reason to go again)
The drinks? not sure what to say. They should probably add something like fruit juices or something like that because not everyone loves super sweet shakes, coffees or teas. Other than that it was good. If you want to have a great food to munch on while catching up with your friends at the same time having a blast taking lovely photos? Then this is the place to go. Have any you been here?
Much love, T.

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  1. Aiman2:09 AM

    This place is too cute!
    And like you, I'm not into drinks that are too sweet and I'm not a fan of teas either so I might bring my own water bottle if I ever go there.
    IF I ever go there haha
    The food look so good especially the Saigon and the lychee one.
    Never thought lychee would look so mouthwatering haha

    1. If the beverage selection is too limited to choose, it can be a turn off.
      I have a lot of cafes that was so great in everything but I wouldn't bother to go again because of their limited beverages.
      The Saigon was super good because it's savoury. You gotta try one of them (or all of them haha) because it was really good.

  2. Leen Ryn2:11 AM

    I heard and saw about this place a lot.
    And it looks super cute!
    I might drag all my friends to come here just for the photos.
    And not forget the food.
    I love your blog, have a nice day

    1. Thank you and yeah make sure to bring them all so you guys can try everything.

  3. i cannot lah tgk gambar2 dalam ni kak tqaaaaaaa! knp cantik sgt gambar2 niiiiiiii. jealous tgk editing skills akak hehe
    tgk dari gambar je dah dpt agak air tu manis omg. & harga makanan tu, murah nya! selalu kalau pergi kat cafe2 mcm ni makanan confirm kdg2 sampai cecah RM10+ , tu pun belum tambah air lagi haha but slalu nya tak kisah sgt dgn harga, janji dapat ambil gmbar je HAHAHAHA

    1. Sebenarnya akak sendiri tengok time nak publish post ni pun terliur jugak hahaha
      Thank you :) alah babe, editing tu simple je, tambah exposure, contrast ikut suka janji tak buta mata orang tengok, kurangkan shadow, naikkan white, kurangkan black, up sikit vibrance and saturation, kurangkan noise and yellow-ish filter, naikkan luminance semua warna alhamdulillah ni lah hasilnya.
      Betul! normally kalau akak pegi cafe, harga tu dah boleh agak mahal macamana so bila pergi usually untuk bergambar je tapi bila tengok harga "wah murahnya!" so kira berbaloi lah except for the drink. Masih bitter pasal selection air dia hahahahaha

  4. WOW. this place is soooo aesthetic and beautiful 😍😍 thank you for the information. that Mericorn Shake looks so cute i might just spend time taking pictures of it and not even give it a taste hahahah 😂

    1. If you love taking photos of cute places, then give this place a visit whenever you can, you won't regret it :)
      Actually I did took a lot of photos of that Mericorn shake until the whip cream and ice cream melted hahaha

  5. omg! you're too good in taking pic!! and this is so cute and aesthetic! <3

    1. And you're too nice thank you ☺️
      It was super cute and the exterior was aesthetically designed 💯

  6. Oh My!! I'm crying for the cuteness and the deliciousness hahaha :3
    Nice review <3

    1. Wait till you taste the food, you'll be crying for the deliciousness for sure haha

      Thank you 😊

  7. Wah cantiknya deco Cafe Ni gambar makan pun nampak mama yg tgh lapar

    1. Tapi mama, mmg sedap. Even dah kenyang pun bila tengok gambar cloudmoji tu terus lapar balik hahahaha

      Kalau mama ada masa, singgahlah cafe tu and cuba makanan2 dekat situ 😊


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