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May Favourites

안녕 여러분~

It's a bit late for a monthly favourites post but I'm going to do it anyway. This post was inspired after I read my girl's post Captaineverland: April Favourites and I thought, why shouldn't I do this tag too? Maybe because it looks fun!

And now we're here.

May was amazing and so is this month so far but I don't want to speak too soon about June. Pictures below is some of my favourite last month, and a few probably will always be my favourite.

Some are old stuff and some are new.

99 Poems by Tulangkata

  • Poems is not really my thing but last month I decided to give this baby a go. I have this book for too long already and I thought it would be such a waste to leave it on the shelf unread.
  • One of my friend who studied at MSU is a friend with this one guy who is known as Tulangkata by everyone at the campus. She told me that he's like an underrated poets and author in Malaysia.
  • 99 Poems consists all kinds of poems and some of them contains a meaningful and deep meanings or in Bahasa Melayu we call it 'makan dalam' hahaha and the poems of course in Bahasa.
  • If you happens to love local poems with a little brutal and in-your-face touch, then this book is for you and you can check out his Instagram to see some of his masterpiece. And his book was sold out at all major bookstores like MPH and Popular. And in case you want to know, it cost only about RM25.

Japanese Pancake (Fuwa Fuwa Pancake)

  • To those who followed me on Instagram would see how often I went to this one special cafe (the only cafe in KL) that serves this goodness fresh out of the oven. I get sick of pancakes easily but Japanese pancake is super light and fluffy so you won't get sick of it. I can have 2 plates of these every morning.
  • I was meant to post about this cafe before I went to Langkawi but I got pretty occupied with my Dad's doctors appointment and busy with planning for out trip to Langkawi because it was my Dad's first vacation in so many years but this post will pops in your reading list soon. I've edited the photo and draft everything. All I need to do is click 'publish'.
  • If you're a big fan of brunch and pancakes, you REALLY need to try these babies. The price is slightly expensive but I promise you, it'll be worth it.

Starbucks Pop'zel Frappe

  • It's no unicorn frappe but it's really good. I rarely drink Starbucks since 4 years ago because I prefer drinking coffee at cafes that the name doesn't end with bucks. Why? Because I can find a lot more cheaper but high quality coffee around KL. 
  • I was in Chenang, Langkawi when I first tried this goodness. My brother was in the mood for some frappe so I thought why not get myself one because it's been a while.
  • I was surprised by the sweetness even though it was coffee based. It really suit the ambiance I was in. BEACH + ICED COFFEE + SWEET POPCORN TASTE = PURE BLISS.
  • I wish it would become a permanent choice on the menu but oh well.. I guess I have to wait for it like I do for Toffee Nut Latte on Christmas season.
  • And please S'bucks Malaysia, will you make a halal cranberry sauce/drizzle please? This is 2017 for heaven sake! And bring the friggin' Unicorn Frappe here.

Soap & Glory Bath Products
  • I've been using B&G products since 2012. I love the smells, the packaging and the effectiveness. And last month only God knows how often I overused this stuff. Practically bringing the body cream pot everywhere I go.
  • B&G Foot Cream is my all time fave from this brand.
  • I don't know what was I thinking of getting the Body Wash and Shower Gel at the same time, I mean aren't they like.. the same thing?
  • B&G is one of my fave brands apart from The Body Shop, L'Occitane, Jurlique and Kiehl's.

Fish Blending Brushes
  • One night my sister came home and throw these babies on my lap and I legit screaming in joy. I only see these kind of brushes on youtube, but now it's mine. We bought in bulk, so 2 for me, 2 for my sister, 2 for my little sister Tiny and 1 for my best friend.
  • I got 2 different colours because I don't want to mix it up so the matte black is for contouring and colour corrector and the rose gold is for foundation and concealer.
  • It blends pretty well especially under my eyes and around my nose. The tip and the corner of the brush really blend in that specific area really well. At first I thought it blended pretty slow but then I realise it blends slower than a beauty blender but it blends evenly since beauty blender can't do the job around my nose. I hope I won't damage this one like I did with the previous one. hahaha 😂
  • And it comes with a clear cap to close the brush after you've done using it or to keep it in your makeup bag.

Matte Nail Polish
  • I can't live without nail polish. I always put them on during that time of the month. And I only wear specific colours. Red, black, nude and pastel is my favourite colour but sometimes when I feel like my nails screams for more attention (depending on the occasions), I'd wear neon colours or something bold like coral, teal or gold.
  • But last month I bought the matte top coat and I've been applying it to all colours I put on and it is so pretty and I am super obsessed. I will never say no to matte.
  • So my nail polish of the month is matte brown 👍🏻

Not much but at least something to blog about. Been wanting to post about this last week but the nonexistent of photoshop in my laptop turned me off to do anything a little bit so I kept on on and off my laptop like I have no purpose of doing so. I'd watch movies or some Korean dramas then turn it off again. I need photoshop PRONTO!

Anyway, I already draft a new upcoming blog post, can't wait to publish it. So thank you for reading although it's a little too long.

Love, L.

Listening to: The Neighbourhood - R.I.P 2 My Youth


  1. Checking out tulangkata's instagram and i think he's quite amazing with his words..

    Now I want one of those fluffy fish brushes..!

    1. Ikr! Some are straight out vulgar and some are deep. Hehehe go and get it because you will never going to regret it 👍🏻

  2. next post pleaseee >.< i love all the pictures! and the matte brown nail polish is so pretty! lama dah tak beli nail polish and right now i feel like i want to buy one T_T

    1. That is so sweet of you, thank you. I'm still trying to find a way to get a photoshop to sharpen my photos. I rarely buy nail polish too, so when I tend to buy some, I'd buy a bunch.


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