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안녕 여러분~
It was our monthly (or weekly when we're not busy) meet-up that we decided to have coffee, doing a little shopping and dinner all at different places. To find a coffee shop that we never go before, I always search #cafehopkl tag on Instagram to find a good coffee shop. And that's when I came across The Glass House Coffee in Damansara Perdana near Empire Damansara. The Glass House, is run primarily by New Zealander Glen & his Malaysian partner Elaine.

I find this cafe interesting mainly because of the design, interior setting, decor and I don't know.. maybe because white is my favorite color and I just love spaces with huge window glasses with white interior so the place is bathed in sunbeams and my photos will come out clean and need less retouching using Photoshop or VSCOcam app.

Plus I also found out that they served gluten-free desserts. Not that I'm scared of putting a few more calories in my system but some of my friends are gym rats so maybe I could recommend this cafe to them if they ever crave for something sweet on their cheat day.

We spend 15 minutes going in circle from IKEA to Empire trying to find this place. Felt a like total bimbos when we finally found the place that we actually passed by it a million times. smh -.-

From the outside I only saw like 4 patrons and I was super happy because less patrons means more photo snapping because I hate disturbing other patrons with my auto focus beep and shutter sound firing like non-stop. This two-level cafe was quite small but spacious enough between tables to sit comfortably unlike certain cafes that set the tables close to each other you will feel so uncomfortable to take out your cameras, to chat or you can even hear the patron next to you burping.

I opted for their Mocha (RM12) because I've been craving for caffeine for such a long time while Ashley and Ayu went for their chocolate drinks (RM10 hot, RM11 cold).

And I'm not a coffee experts, so you'll not gonna find me babbling about coffee beans, filtered coffees and such. I only know how to drink one, whichever that tastes the best will be my favorite, 'nuff said. LOL

I really fell in love with this cafe because of the interior and architectural wise. I will definitely bring my family and other friends to try their coffee and desserts here. 

Ashley and Ayu went upstairs to take more photos... of them. LOL
Ashley is my personal photographer LOL
After spent legit 30 minutes taking photos, we finally sit down and have some serious talk about how my cats loves to pee on my bed.

On weekend it opens until 5pm while 7pm on weekdays. I can't wait to come back for their gluten free desserts. Got my eye on their Chocolate & Seasalt cake though.

Thanks for reading (if you really do, I love you so much for reading my crap) and much love, TL.

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  1. Wow! It's a nice place to hangout with friends :)

    Please check out my latest post, too. I'd love to hear something from you! :)

  2. cantiknye laa hai cafe nie.. skrg mmg tgh musim cafe2 hipster mcm nie kan..

    1. Pretty right? Yeah I guess so. But I hate yg terlampau dark, wood interior and with dimmed light.

  3. Nice! I love that the interior is white and simple

    1. Same. This is why its one of my favorite cafe.

  4. I would love to go to this cafe. It's so minimal yet eye-catching because it's all white (which is my favourite colour as well). And lol, we're in common there about hoping for a cafe to have less patrons in--mainly because we want to take pictures. haha.

    I'm looking forward to see that chocolate & seasalt cake though!

    1. Any cafes with white simple, contemporary or Scandinavian-inspired interior will always win me over.
      I always hoping for a cafe to have less patrons but sometimes I am glad there were many people because it would be less awkward haha pelik2 lah Tqa ni kan?

      Next time if I ever get the chance to come again, I will take photo of the Chocolate Sea Salt cake hehe

  5. Ok this cafe looks nice !!!! Really minimalis . Nak singgah try lah nanti. =)

    1. It was really nice and the cakes are mostly vegan. Hope you can try it soon :)


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