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Hello Blackberry..

Yesterday on 31st Oct, after finished accompany my dad to the clinic, we went for a gadget hunting. My dad is looking for the new Galaxy Tab (the small first model). So we went to the biggest digital mall in KL, Low Yatt. I'm looking for a new lens and Lumix GF2. Then out of the blue my dad ask me if I want to buy a new phone (because my sister returned her blackberry to her ex-bf and I gave mine to her).
So I'm looking for LG Lollipop because I love cute phone. Plus, it's really rare to see someone use that phone in KL.

After a long walk followed by disappointed feeling (because LG Lollipop is nowhere to be found, we have to make a special order to buy one), then I saw a white Blackberry Bold 9780 on display with a video on. I suddenly remembered Se7en's music video, Better Together.
Then, my dad said, "You want that one?".
I still have no clue whether to buy a Blackberry or not because I don't like Blackberry so much. There's so many kids and teenagers are using Blackberry nowadays. It doesn't look exclusive anymore.. Even the bathroom cleaner used a Blackberry Curve since it's easy to get and cheap. C'mon!

After several hours of discussing and persuading, my heart open a little space for Blackberry in my life. I promised my dad that I will take a good care of it, because It cost 2 years of my personal allowance.
The salesperson told me that because Bold 4 is highly sophisticated, it tends to damaged and obstructed many times.
What I like about this BB is that the salesperson gave me the one with diverse forms of the head-wired charger. And he gave me a lot of BB casing as well. A lot of my friends said that I'm lucky to have someone to buy expensive phone for myself but believe me, my dad said I can't have another gadgets, lens or anything until next year. That means no concert tickets for 2PM Live in Malaysia this November and MNET Live in Malaysia this December (which Super Junior, F(x), Miss A and B1A4 is coming).
Lord, help me.. I keep holding myself from screaming everytime I saw 2PM Live in Malaysia posters. Whenever my brother alert me, I turn to look away really fast. (whatever.. =_=!)

I really wanna watch 2PM live in Malaysia but.. :( goodbye Chansung.. 
P/s: The phone salesperson who served me look 89.9% like 2AM Jo Kwon only with body covered with excessive tattoos. And please stop telling me who's coming to perform in Malaysia because I am so broke right now to go to any concerts.

Listen to: Graffiti6 - Annie You Save Me


  1. Hello, new gadget of Tqa's :D
    (Phones are irrelevant in my world because I don't want to use it much, so have no idea what to say haha).

  2. @Izzie hahaha.. Still got the hang of things though.. I'm not bb fan so idk how to use it (actually i'm not a cellphone fan).
    I can live without cellphone.. lol

  3. thats a great deal your dad gave. ahahha BB's are freakn expensve! thats why i got the galaxy S instead. :) i wanted to get BB aswel but my budget is way off hand. lol

    i like your photographs by the way

  4. aaaa. how much is this?i planning to buy, but, im broke.wahahahaa

  5. @KaoRu oh dear.. It's RM1,180 but the guy remove the 8 and put 0 there.. Lol. Kinda pricey aite?

  6. @Stella he loves to make such deal..
    It's irritating but worth it.. Lol
    I love your Galaxy S.. Will trade my bb for that kind of phone though.. Loljk

  7. Ohh congrats for your blackberry! I am a blackberry user too :)

  8. yay! :)
    awesome yet so expensive phone! hihii :)

  9. @Konayachi thanks. Still got the hang of it. Really? What model do you use?

  10. @Kryk Thanks dear.. Yeah really expensive and I don't know if its worth it. lol
    I just use it for 3 days and some of the parts are kinda loose. Makes me worried.. lol

  11. 20. Malaysia. I'm conglomeration and fusion of fierce, swizzle, demon, american and english indie, girly, vanity, presumptuous, lattes, vanilla and everything nice.

    I LOVE THIS!!!! hahahaha your pictures are really lovely to behold xD I'm so darn jealous!!! LOL the only phone I've got is an old motorola that's slowly peeling off. Ah...well...that was really bad. I take it back. I'm happy I've got my phone x)

    oh and in response to your previous comment, that was my brother who took the shots. He's lovely and all but a mess when it comes to photgraphy. I had to set the aperture and shutter speed for him ==

  12. cool ! would love to have one since i've been phone-free for 2 years now .

    #not because my parents don't want me to use one but our budget is so tight to get me a new phone since the previous one broke even though my dad tried to repair it again and again . but kalau sudah rezeki , mana tau i'll get a BB as well ? hahah xD amin !

    sys , awesome photos btw *O*

  13. Thank you for the support! I will do my best here :)

    I use the curve one since I only got it from my dad, if I were able to plead my dad I would choose the Bold one. :D

  14. @Punk Lol, thanks lovely. Aww.. that is so sweet of you.
    Your photos are amazing. Your brother did a very good job.

  15. @Myra yeke...? tapi BB pun boleh tahan la senang rosak, especially Bold 4.

    Ya allah, kau cepat-cepat turunkan Blackberry untuk adikku Myra ni, Amin..!

    Thank you syg..

  16. @Konayachi No problem.. that's what bloggers do. lol

    Curve? I heard the new curve is slimmer.. is it?
    Yeah, plead your dad for bold one. lol


  18. @Rainy its a handbag. Its actually bigger than a paper file. lol

  19. Wee Se7en! I love that guy so much <3
    I think I'm one of the vew people in Holland that hate Blackberries.. It's just that everyone has a freakin Blackberry, even when they look poor.. And the quality is really bad. They're often stuck without internet and it takes forever to charge them. Let's say I'm very commited to Apple ^^
    :O I'm jealous of your Chanel bag <3 Want one too


  20. @Alma, you and me, we are the same. I hate blackberry because everyone have one even the poor people get to used the freaking bb. (they think its somekind of a trend, like "I am so cool because I own a blackberry" you know what I mean?)

    I only bought this because I don't wanna leave the mall empty handed, thats not my style whenever I went out shopping. (actually because it reminds me of Se7en ^.=) lol
    Maybe in a few months I will change to iPhone because I'm a devoted Apple user.

    Lol, I got the Chanel on my 17th Birthday. Thanks babe.

  21. Hi thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the comments :)and yes I did read them, haha, I think comments from others are really lovely :D I hope you have a great day~

  22. @Julie haha thanks. Appreciate it. At least I know that you read it.

  23. I began loving BB when I saw it in the movie The Holidays it was using by Kate Winslet. I supposed to buy in Dubai it's not an open line, so I refuse to take it even though I definitely loving it.

    By the way, I just read your comment regarding my the Dolphin show it was indeed fun. Hope, you'll watch it too.

  24. @Lena is the bb cost the same price as where you are right now? Or cheaper?

    Yeah i hope so too.. :)

  25. I totally agree with you, I'm not a fan of Blackberry at all. Lots of kids nowadays own Blackberries but I don't understand what's so great about it. The buttons are too small and annoying :P But I hope you work well with your new one. I want to go for the 2PM concert too! But I'm saving up for a better one, the tickets are sooooo expensive! Why can't they have cheaper tickets ><!

  26. The model I supposed to buy is much cheaper now, because in Dubai every week they had a new set of all mobile phone models. So, its kinda a waste of money if you buy a very expensive phone because after a week you'll see much better model than what you buy last week. Because if not you end up collecting all mobile phone models. 'Cause you can't get enough with the new models, and all latest features in it and the same with other gadgets it keeps updating every week.

  27. @Lizzy see? At least I know someone who has the same opinion as me. Its not exclusive anymore.
    Well, so far, my blackberry has been nothing but a trouble. It downloads apps on its own (idk where did YM, sudoku, and other apps came from, honestly..)
    And my phone carrier took all my money for no reason.
    I almost burst out last night when my bb said that my memory card is not inserted/error and erase everything.
    Gosh! I hate my bb.

  28. @Lena just like Apple. It keeps on coming. They took 4 months to put an 'S' behind the iPhone 4. Lol
    What a daft.

  29. @Lizzy Idk why 2PM concert are just too expensive. Normal seat cost RM300++
    i kept telling myself that its not worth it. And I refrain myself from loving 2PM so much because its only hurting myself knowing that I can't watch them live.
    Just like how I felt about Tokio Hotel. Urgh! I don't wanna think about it.

  30. Do you know that there is an IPAD 2 The History Edition, which is cost $5M dollars and one person has owned it already but name has been disclosed for security purposes.

    I just posted the article regarding it. It was history edition because it was made of Dinosaurs bone, diamonds and gold. Its really an epic!

  31. @Lena really? wow.. I never heard about that before..

  32. Yes, it is... you could read the full article and watch the video of it in my blog... actually it's IPAD 2 24CT THE HISTORY EDITION model, it just came out.

  33. @Lena Oh ok, I will check it out soon. Because I'm on my iPad right now.. thanks for the info and video.

  34. love these photos :)

    - Sydney xo


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