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February Favourites | 2019

Here comes another monthly favourite post. And I just want to point out that my diet is still on-going. Wee hoo! I had a 3 cheat days on February and I blamed it all on my sister's pregnancy because I got the pregnancy cravings instead of her and my weak-willed on delicious food. Here I'm going to break it down 6 of my favourites during the whole month of February.

NCT 127 Hologram PC Sticker & Sticker Book

I know I promised that I won't be spending money on NCT and I still managed to keep my promise. I ordered this stickers on December last year but she sent them out pretty late (not that I mind) so I received it on late January. I wanted to buy hologram photo card but most of them were sold out, so I settled for this. Thinking that "at least I have one hologram pc / sticker."
I bought two because I want to use one of the hologram sticker on my Touch 'N Go card since my TnG card is so plain and boring to look at. I know.. I know.. but I'm that type that likes everything nice to see.
Homemade Mushroom & Potato Salad
My diet is going so well since January. Cheat day is always going to be there but alhamdulillah I'm doing great and so far I only had like 4 cheat days in a span of 2 and half months. I am into variety of salad and last month I was so into my sister's boiled potato and mushroom with my favourite Kewpie's Caesar Salad dressing. And believe it or not, I already have a new favourite salad this month hehe :) 
Nanda Chicken
It's been a while since I have Nanda Chicken. The last time I had it was a few weeks before I left for South Korea. My sister was craving for it and has been bugging me and her husband about it. I am super happy that she loved it but less happy that it ruined my diet. They only ate like 40% of what they ordered and let me finished the remaining 60%. It was super delicious, fulfilling and unhealthy.

Missing Fluffballs
So I wrote about this on my instastories before. Last month I lost about 10 of my cats. 8 died and 2 missing. I was more worried about the 2 missing kittens because they were super small and always hungry and they always sleeps with us because they need warmth. I hope somebody found them and take care and love them just like I did. I had trouble sleeping and I still am because I still couldn't adapt to the now quite home. I am used to wake up every morning and clean their litter box and feed them and yelling at them for playing with the steam that coming out from the air humidifier and the air that come out from the air purifier or when they literally running around the house. Gosh I miss those rowdy environment.

Family's Day Out
Family gathering is so hard to come by for us and last month we all got together to settle some stuff regarding my late mom at Amanahraya in KL. After that we had a nice lunch at our all-time favourite Bihun Hailam place. So I decided to cheat on my diet that day and had a hearty plate of their famous Bihun Hailam and 2 pieces of 'Begedil' and a piece if Cheese Pizza from Pezzo for dinner. It was a nice evening spending with the whole fam and just catching up on everything that we were missing.

Almost Blue Twinkle Jelly Wallet
Yup, this has to be in the list of my Feb favourites. Need I say more? I rarely buy stuff that I will use everyday but yes, this is my favourite. And I changed the photo at the front to my fake boyfriend. LOL!

So that was my February. There was more but I literally blogging using my phone because my brother borrowed my laptop so I didn't have the access to coding and stuffs. I really want to share some of my favourite song from last month but I guess I will just have to carry forward to March Favourites then. I hope you guys had a great Feb and tbank you for reading. Much love, T.

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  1. i should be reading my journals but why am i here? hhhahhaahah

    i'm warming up by reading ur post first i guess. hehe

    1. Hahahahaha!

      Thanks for choosing to be here in order to warm up 😂

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I am so sorry to hear about your cats. I hope they all in a cat heaven and for the missing ones, I hope someone found them and take care of them.

    1. I hope so too. Been worried sick thinking about them

  3. Hi!
    Back here to your lovely and aesthetically minimalist blog.
    I am so sorry to hear about your cats. I'm pretty sure they're all in cat paradise and as for the missing kittens, have faith that both of them will be okay.
    How's your diet going now?
    Omg that sticker book is so nice and it's actually pretty necessary for a bullet journalists because sometimes you will have random spare stickers that you wanted to use on your journal, and tak tau nak letak mana for the time being.
    And Johnny look so good there with a hologram bg. Actually he looks good in everything haha
    Your new wallet deco is super nice! I love the transparency and the hologram combo.

    1. Thank you Aiman for dropping by 😊
      I hope they are well wherever they might be.
      My diet went well although I did cheat almost once a week.
      Oh good that you understand how important sticker book is. Some don't and asked me if it's were really necessary. That is so me. I have a lot of stickers laying around with no place to stick on to.
      He's looking good indeed haha
      I thought so too. Hologram strap and the white transparent with glitter material look so good together to me.

  4. Dah lama tak makan Nanda Chicken. Dekat Melaka ni susah sikit nak cari makanan korea best2. Terus terliur tengok post ni.
    And saya pun dah lama tak beli kpop merch, bila baca balik your blog posts, rasa triggered nak kumpul balik haha (exo-l here)

    1. It was so good. The one in Sri Petaling is not as spicy as the one in Solaris Mont Kiara. Yang dekat Solaris tu punya pedas boleh bawak bergaduh.
      Yeke? I hope something will open soon in your area. Korean food is good to have every once in a while.
      Hahaha jangan. It's a loophole. Susah nak keluar once you're in. I am still struggling with it, don't know how to get out of it. Hahaha don't be like me.
      I still not knowing what to do with my exo merch though. I got lots. *deep sigh*

  5. hehe why did u have the pregnancy cravings ? hahaha aiyok.. so your sister tak ada any cravings ?
    its ookay to have cheat days. hehe bukan selalu =D

    1. Not sure why but it really could happen to the person's (who's pregnant) family or husband. Apparently it happened to me. Kalau tak dapat mulalah nak menangis.
      Nope, she doesn't have any cravings at all. Cuma dah hujung2, dah nak bersalin (time kat hospital) tu dia craving A&W 😂
      Oh yessss hahaha but don't want to get too comfortable doing it too often 😝

  6. Anonymous12:53 AM

    had to click this right away because i saw johnny!

    sin e v r y d y

    1. Haha I would do the same if I see any of other NCT's faces on anyone else's blog post :)
      Thank you !


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