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My Blogging Space (Throwback)

Yes, it's a throwback. I was scrolling down my draft section and I found this post that I wrote on the night of my sister's wedding on 2017. I remembered I wrote this because at that time a lot of bloggers were sharing about their blogging space and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Back then before I switched room with my now-married sister, I couldn't do this post because I don't even have a desk to begin with so I don't think people would want to see my bed where I do most of my work on. Plus, I often blog at random cafes because I need to use the wifi so that's another reason why I couldn't do this post.

I got the camera out on my desk because this was taken right after my sister's wedding, a lot of family members were waiting for the photos so I have to transfer everything asap. So while waiting for all the photos to be transferred, this draft happened.
This is how my table always looks like most of the time. I didn't have a bullet journal before so that was why my table was so clean. When my sister got engaged, we switched room with each other because my room was bigger than hers. The only furniture that I had was my bed and cupboard. So I bought my own desk, chair, decor items etc with my *sob sob* monthly allowance ⎯ but I am fully satisfied. I love simplicity, so this is enough for me.

I guess it is safe for me to say that universities dormitory or single dorm room is bigger than my room. My room is just as big as a storage room and I'm not even lying. I think the storage room is bigger than my room. Only take one step to my bed, 2 steps to my cupboard or the door. Super small.
And like Andy said:

"One's company, two's a crowd."


Here's what's on my table:

  • Laptop. Of course we need if for.. well, blogging.
  • Phone. There's no other place for me to put my phone other than my desk
  • iPad. Sometimes when I'm sick of listening to the same song in my playlist, I'd watch movies or my favourite tv shows like Empire, 2 Broke Girls, 2D1N (Korean), Running Man (Korean) and Knowing Brothers.
  • Camera. Normally I don't have my camera lying around on my desk like that. Like I said on the above paragraph, this was taken right after my sister's wedding. I need to transfer a few photos for other family members and friends who was waiting outside of my room. I usually put my camera on my shelf and just take the Micro SD card out to transfer all the photos.
  • Candle + candle holders. The pink candle is for decor purpose only but I do use the candle holders with IKEA's vanilla tea light candles. I have 3 bags of those. I'm a sucker for Vanilla and the candle sold out really fast so when I see it in stock, I'll grab a bunch.
  • Organiser Drawer by Muji. That drawer is going to be there permanently because this is not JUST my blogging space, this is also my makeup desk. I put away the vanity mirror because I hate to see my own face when I do my work.
  • Portable Fairy Lights by IKEA. This item is a must because sometimes my eyes get blurry when I use the desk lamp for too long. So when I need a darker ambiance, I'll turn on the fairy lights inside the bottom drawer and switches off other lights.
  • Makeup Products those were brand new at the time so I still didn't open it and just leave it like that. It's gone now.
  • Block Letters from Typo. Got these back in 2014-2015 (can't remember) with letters T, Q & A to spell my name.
I know that laptop, and some other bloggers requires notebooks as their most crucial items to blog with but as for me, as important as the two mentioned earlier, I need something more important than that..
Which is.. FOOD!
I don't know if you can tell but it still has that 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' written on that cake. My family doesn't really eat cake so I got the whole cake to myself. 
Food keeps me going even if it's already 5AM. Food, music and movie. Just what I need. I can keep going with those by my side. I need something to munch while I'm diving in the blogging world. If I don't feel like eating anything, I'd need a drink. A good one. No matter how late it is, I need something to drink or chew on my table. Thankfully my table doesn't have a drawer, otherwise you'll see how pack it is with food. Now my cupboard drawer is full of energy bars. 

Messy? Nahhh. I'm a bit OCD so I can't stand seeing a piece of bread crumbs on my desk, chunk of fries here and there, tiny puddle of water from the ice cream bowl next to my laptop, hell no! I'll clean everything spotlessly after I am done.

Despite my super small room, I really like it. I like having my own space. It gets super dark at night because my room doesn't have a window ⎯ well it does have a window but it's an indoor window where you can see the dining room. But yeah, like I said, I really love it because during summer, it doesn't feel humid at all. While the others were sweating from the hot weather, meanwhile I am super cosy inside my little cave. But I only stay in my room when my family has gone to sleep, or go to work. So most of the times I will hang around at the living room and do everything there to catch up with my family.

So, this is my little blogging space. Not that amazing compared to other bloggers because my room was still new so my wall is empty and dull to look at. Maybe some time in the future I could post a newer version of my blogging space because trust me when I say that my current desk is different than it was before. That was it for this post, Thank You for reading and much love from me, T.

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  1. Cantikkk! Nampak kemas sangat. Kecik pun takpa yang penting selesa. Tak payah susah2 nak sharing room dengan orang lain, bilik tu memang muat untuk sorang je :p
    Okay lagi tu ada proper place utk blogging. Saya ni kadang2 meniarap kat lantai, kadang2 atas katil. Jaranglah blog atas meja gagaha

    1. Thank you Mazni :)
      I know.. dari kecik asyik sharing so when I grow up and finally have a space of my own, regardless of sizes, I am contented and grateful.
      Hahahaha yeah mmg muat untuk sorang je, masuk sorang lagi je terus penuh bilik ni.
      Trust me, most of the time Tqa pun blogging sambil meniarap atas lantai sebab nak tengok tv punya pasal. Dapat blogging atas meja bila semua dah tido atau tv dah takde apa2 cerita hahaha

  2. So cantik and kemas your blogging space! I don't have a blogging space. I blog wherever I feel like blogging. lol

    1. Actually this is more like my bullet journaling space. I blog wherever my body wants to laid on but still, Thank You.
      Most of the time I still blogging on the carpet, meniarap depan tv will pillows underneath. haha

  3. So nice and aesthetically pleasing! I love aaahh! xx

    lenne | blog

    1. Thank you Lenne. The only space in my house that I could have for myself, trying my best to make it as simple as I could.

  4. Wow! neat, clean and minimalis, i love it so much! seeing this sure will help our mind to relax and feel calm. and also will help us to get ideas more

    1. Thank you Najah :)
      You're right. It does help me relax and be more organized and creative.

  5. good post 😊 would you like to follow each other? if the answer is yes, please follow me on my blog & i'll follow you back.

  6. I don't have a special space for blogging however I wish I had one like yours.

    1. Aww thank you. I hope you'll get your own space one day. Not that one really need it but it helps you focus in some way.

  7. kemas sgt! kalau sy atas meja tu penuh dgn brg yg x berkenaan hahaha

    1. We all like that somehow haha!
      Dulu mmg. Setiap malam ada je barang bertambah kat atas meja tu but alhamdulillah nowadays takde dah.

  8. Cantik sangat... So whiteeee... Nampak so suciiii.. I love this.. Mine work station is pinkish gold

    1. White is one of my fave colour so thank you for noticing hehe
      Oooo I love pink and gold combo ! Would love to see it someday :)

  9. Simple, kemas dan minimalist. Suka tengok your blogging space.

    1. Thank you! That's exactly what I was aiming for :)


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