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I Wander | Line Friends Store, Myeongdong

안녕 여러분~
To all of you who didn't know, this place, this brown bear and this brand was the reason that pushes me to save up and dream about going to South Korea in the first place. I'm a huge fan of Line. Been using Line app for 7 years until today. My love for Line that really pushes me to really go out of my way to save up and travel abroad without anyone's help. Solely depending on myself because my friends are depended on me too.

It was one of my dream to take a photo with this giant Brown doll. One more item ticked off my bucket list.
We were supposed to find a place for dinner but my feet just stopped on its own once I saw the huge symbolic ginormous Brown statue. I'm not sure whether to call it a statue or just a ginormous doll. There was no one there when we taking pictures but during my turn as I turn around to face the camera the non-existence queue suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I didn't realised there were tons of people queueing behind me. I was too shy to stand in front of everyone for a picture as they look at you so I didn't even bother to check the photo hence, this blurry shot. Please excuse the quality.
Isn't this cute??

From the four photos above, I guess you can tell who's my favourite LINE character. I'm always a big fan of Brown. I spent too much money on this guy in the app. Brown themes and Brown stickers.. I couldn't get enough so I must say that I was glad I didn't bring enough money at that time because if I did, I would go broke in 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes is all that it takes for me to go broke when it comes to buying stuff with my favourite character on it, I just don't think twice.

I've always wanted one of these 25cm-38cm plushie
Meet Brown's girlfriend, Cony
KRW2,000 milk chocolate
The money box was just too cute!
Some kind of mirror selfie?
Brown & Choco's (Brown's little sister) head plushies

I can stay in this shop the whole day without getting bored. I feasted my eyes until I got super satisfied to leave sections after sections and made my way upstairs to absorbed more of these cute characters. I know that I love pink and white but in this case, Brown is my ultimate favourite. He's super cute and he has no face expression. I watched Line Town on Nickelodeon and I am impressed with how they still managed to make the viewers grasp his expressionless concept but he still has minor expression that you can tell right away what he's feeling.

View from the top floor
My biggest regret ever. Should've bought this cute card holder plushie for your T-Money/Cashbee, Touch 'N Go, Oyster Card, Opal Card or whatever smart card  you are using.
Boxes of mini Line Character Figurines
Meet my second family
This is Adam. And Adam, if you're reading this I just wanna say thank you. Without you, there will be no pictures of me
with Cony and Leonard
And half an hour later, we finally left the store because our stomach's started to growl and I know how hungry everyone was and I don't want them suffer because of me (LOL!). Since I didn't bring enough cash, I did made a second visit the next week with Ayu when we were on our way home from Shinsegae. I will post about that too but don't worry, it doesn't have that much photos like in this post.

I hope the photos come out great to all of you since I used my friend's camera on this trip. I forgot to bring my DSLR charger (sheeesh!) so I didn't get the chance to set the setting to my own preference. I only set it to manual and that was because I found the manual button at that last minute when we were inside the subway. Thank you for reading. Much love, T.

Listening to: Sunmi - Siren


  1. I'm not a huge fan of it but I did went there but no photos of me and the giant bear because when I was there, there's an endless line of people lining up just to get a photo with that huge bear. I can only stand at the corner watching people getting excited over the bear. haha


    1. Yeke? Thankfully when I was there, there's practically no one at all. The line was form after we started taking photos.
      Aww hahaha but yeah nothing special pun sebenarnya, cuma Brown is like ughhhh comel I just have to tapi kalau queue tu panjang sangat, memang tak lah. Taknak buang masa.

      Thank you. I try to keep it as simple as I can

  2. Oh God it's so so so cuteeeeee! Ira dapat rasakan ke'gebugebas'an plushies tu bila dipeluk tau T.T

    1. Memang gebuuuu! Kena lah dengan harganya. Bayar mahal2 tapi tak gebu, memang bagi balik! hahahaha

  3. Not a fan but could be a fan since it's too cute that it has its own shop! So much love <3

    1. hahaha could be because of the cuteness :)


    1. Haha it's okay this was 2 years ago. I got left out too nowadays hahaha
      Kita sama2 kena tinggal :)

  5. Brown ni memang sinonim dengan Line app. Serius comel2 semua yang ada dalam store tu. Kalau kak ana pun akan terjebak bershopping sekali. Hehe

    1. Hahaha kan? I think he's the main character in Line. Everyone wants a little piece of Brown. Samalah kita sama2 terjebak haha

  6. After reading this post only mama know about this cute bear. No wonder u Bhavesh supercraving becoz it's supercute

    1. It's okay mama. Not everyone knows about Line let alone the characters. The characters bersepah kat Malaysia but nobody really knows where it was from :)

  7. the brown bear, seriously was so cute. lovely pic, btw. ^^

    1. Tu lah so cute, I just have to sacrifice 2 years of fun just so I can meet him hahaha thank you so much ☺️

  8. I love Brown as well. Cute gila! :D

  9. Anonymous4:57 PM

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  10. Omg so many cute stuffs in there! My wallet will be in real crisis since I love collecting plushies (regardless what character they are) haha

    1. Me too. That was why I was glad I didn't bring more money because I already set a budget for how much I needed to bring to certain places. If not, like you said, my wallet will be in real crisis hahaha

      But I do got my eyes on the 35cm - 45cm brown plushie because it was so fluffy and huggable :)


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