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Unboxing | Early Birthday Gift

I'm going to save the long story to myself and just going to write a short one. Well, hopefully it is short. I was meant to post about this last July but I was a lazy bum who always procrastinate at my best then regret it later. Sorry for the delay.

Anyway moving on...

First of all, I did not post about this just to show off but I got a lot of questions about how worthy the laptop is, so this is me reviewing it, well half of it. If some of you interested in getting a Macbook, then keep reading.

As some of you already know, my 2 previous laptops is completely broken. The other one is not completely broken but its hardly functioning that the only thing I can do with it is transferring data from my hard disk to the laptop and vice versa. No iTunes, no photoshop, no notepad, no videos, no Chrome or Mozilla, and definitely nothing useful for me to do with it.

I was laptop-less for about a year. I've been borrowing others for the past 14 months to do all the blogging and the transferring photos and music to my phone and hard disk. One day my dad asked me to create my brother's business logo and I told him that I can't do it since I don't have a laptop to work with and I definitely need an editing platform for that kind of stuff. That's when it hit me that I need a laptop. ASAP!

The seller was so kind as if he understands he asked me, "I want to open it, taknak buat Boomerang ke?" LOL!

The amount I spent on the internet on my phone is just ridiculous but helpful because I don't need to waste my time searching once I'm in the store. I have a few laptops on my mind so I can save all the talking about specs etc with seller which I really hate. We went to Harvey Norman and Asus store in Mid Valley, but unfortunately I live in a country where most of the good stuff is unavailable, I wanted to cry when they said they don't have the Asus Zenbook UX330.

The seller recommended the Windows notebook but he said it doesn't come with the keyboard. Both is sold separately and the notebook alone is almost RM7,000 - RM10,000 so I wasn't bother to ask the price of the keyboard. I almost asked the guy whether Oompa Loompa made it with their tiny hands. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚
Am I looking at Windows notebook or Alienware? Ridiculous!

Got the case along with keyboard cover from Monocozzi

So I made up my mind and with a heavy heart, I practically dragged myself to Machine (Malaysia's Apple Store) and walked straight to the laptop section. I am already familiar with all the models so I don't take much time to choose what I want. I know about each model's pros and cons. Without hesitation, I asked the seller to get me the 128GB MacBook Air 13". I bought the 128GB because I have like 2TB hard disk so I can save some money on that part.

I don't really fancy MacPro. I mean, I'm just a blogger. I don't need a high tech device in my life unless I'm a graphic designer, a gamer or a national hacker. Although I admit MacPro spec is much MUCH MUCHHH better than MacBook Air, but I'm going to be honest here I'm only using 15% of the laptop. The rest of the built-in goodness is left untouched.

When I said MacPro, I didn't mean MacPro Touch Bar & Touch ID. I have had my hands on it and all those bad reviews are so true. So yeah, if I'm rich and got nothing better to do, ONLY THEN I'll get the Touch Bar MacPro.

He kept on asking, "tak nak ambil gambar dulu ke?" ambik gambar cincai je sebab orang keliling tengok ๐Ÿ˜…

I asked all kinds of questions I need to know including anti-virus installer and how relieved I was when they said "Mac is a virus free device. You can't get a virus if you're using the new Mac." I forgot it's 2017. hahaha windows should have that too but maintain the price because Windows is so expensive but so easy to get virus.
  • It's an anti-virus device. You don't need an anti-virus software because virus and Mac is like me and boys. Boys is the virus and I'm the Mac, they'll never attracted to me.
  • Any kinds of blogging platform looks good in Safari and I don't use Chrome.
  • Pictures appears crisp and sharp be it in Photoshop, blog or Instagram web version.
  • The Macintosh interface is top notch. I love how with 3 fingers swap from left to right I can access to full screen blogging to Mac dashboard.
  • Built-in app screen recording. It's also allow me to record my iPhone screen even before the iOs 11 was released.
  • Built-in video editor aka iMovie. So handy!
  • Video float on top. I can watch my favorite movie while doing my work.
  • Airdrop. My ultimate fave feature. Every time I take a new photos or videos, I just airdropped it from my phone and save it in my hard disk to save some space in my phone or if I want to watch a movie from my laptop to my phone real quick.
  • If you are using Android, you need to download a third party app to transfer file etc.
  • Music, photos and videos has to be sync if you want to add it in your iPhone. Too much work.
  • Fake Apple cable doesn't work to connect with your iPhone to Mac.
  • No CD drive
  • You have to format your hard disk to be able to transfer files between the Mac and your external hard drive otherwise you need to download a third party app... again.
  • Overpriced.
  • Other cables is sold separately at the cost from RM200-RM500.
  • If you need to present a presentation at work or class, you need a DisplayPort to VGA Adapter for RM122.
  • no HDMI port and the adapter is sold separately for RM150.
  • For a newbie, the whole interface can be a little confusing and hard to understand.
I like it that it comes with an extension just in case the plug is a little far
But sadly, it doesn't come with different types of adapter. Only two types.

Macbook + casing (inc keyboard cover) = RM4199 + RM160 = RM4,359

Like I said, I'm just a blogger, not a uni student or working so I didn't buy Microsoft package. I don't need them. I rather spend that money on Photoshop or Lightroom. So if you're a student or your work requires Microsoft Excel. Word, Outlook etc, then be ready to fork out RM600+ for it at Apple store.

Example of one of the Microsoft pack

I must admit, it's worth the money. Imagine buying the Asus Zenbook for the same price and as soon as I download a torrent, BAM! Virus starts flowing in. I guess for once in a while, you can reward yourself something regretful but helpful. hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚

But everyone has their own opinion and this is mine. I really hated this laptop for 4 weeks after I got it but as I learned its basic, playing around with it, its apps and some other things I learned from random geek website about what I can do with it, I'm starting to love it.

So what do you think?
Anyway thanks for reading. Much love, T.

Listening to: Raleigh Ritchie - Keep It Simple (Ft. Stormy)


  1. Welcome to the Mac club! Lol

    I own a Macbook Air that I bought in 2014 and 3 years have passed but the Mac is still doing fine and more importantly, virus free!

    But recently, HP laptops caught my eye, the new model is so pretty and flawless like those shiny sleek design. #inisemuanafsu

    1. Thank you and yay Mac gang! hahaha

      Most of my friends own a Mac be it Air or Pro or just Macbook, they said if you know how to use it properly, it could be use up to 4-5 years with no problem. And yes virus-free is crucial factor hahaha

      Ugh tell me about it. Before I decided to get the Mac, I was actually planning to get the HP Spectre 13 but the virus-free of the Mac factor wins me over although price almost the same. Kan? Ini semua nafsu hahaha

  2. info yang sgt berguna. mek pun igt nk beli mcpro. tp fikir juga nak macbook. mcm awk ckp la, kita bukan guna pro pun sbnrnya. just blogging je. paling tidak download. aiih,h kusut betul. tp alang alang beli, beli yg ummpph terus la kot. hihihi

    1. Betul, saya pun sbb tengok budget jugak. Ikutkan hati nak beli iMac je sbb screen besar, GB besar and harga pun nak sama dgn Mac Air ni cuma tulah, tak portable. Saya ni jenis kesana kesini, tak boleh nak angkut iMac tu. hahahaha Kalau ada rezeki lebih, tak salah beli yg umph! terus hahahaha walaupun kita guna bape kerat je dalam tu.

  3. It's like a dream come true if I can own the hi-tech lappy..
    Unless I can 'paw' someone on my birthday ;-)

    1. *paw someone* paw someone! hahahaha Alhamdulillah I felt like my dream came true too hahahah

  4. Kak Ana bab laptop ni memang out. Selalu suruh husband je yg tgkkan sebab tu kepakaran dia. Hehe. Seumur hidup ni kak ana ada satu laptop je tu pun beli sebab nak buat keje di pejabat dan guna offer dr pejabat utk tanggung 20% of the cost. Dpt lah beli jenama asus. Skrg dah 5-6 tahun rasanya laptop tu dan masih elok. Tak beli lain lah jawapnya. Skrg semua guna hp je senang even utk blogging.

    1. Saya pernah cuba blogging via smartphone tapi susah nak upload multiple pictures, bila nak draft je saya guna phone, bila nak masuk gambar saya guna laptop. Asalnya saya mmg nak beli Asus sebab minat dengan Zenbook tu, tapi bila saya ke kedai, takde pulak model yg sana nak tu. Okaylah tu kak tahan lama, saya beli Asus apa tah, baru pakai 2 bulan dah lingkup. hahaha

  5. EEEuuwwww Your birthday coming soon ya Tqa? Happy Birthday in advance ya... May God bless you always and always and always. And may the joy and happiness will shower you till the end of time..

    1. 6hb haritu kak, but thank you so much for the wish. Aminnn ya rabbal alaminnn

  6. wauuuu so a happy girl got the present. btw happy becoming birthday dear.

    1. I am beyond happy alhamdulillah ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you so much ❤️

  7. TQA! Happy belated birthday :) Sep sikit sebab kita sama Oct babies <3

    I don’t have my own laptop too. Sekarang if nak blogging, kena pinjam laptop suami. Tak best tapi kena jugaklah kan.

    Plan to have one Macbook Air too! Maybe next year. Pray for me. Hehe.

    1. Thank you Siqah ❤️ yeke? yay! *high5*

      Seksa jugak dalam dunia moden macam ni tapi takde laptop atau internet. Tapi kalau dalam family members dah ada, takpelah takdelah asyik nak meminjam kawan punya sampai dah naik segan hahaha. Tqa doakan Siqah cepat2 ada rezeki and beli Mac Air so kita boleh gang! hahaha

  8. Kita punya laptop Toshiba. Okeylah, tapi cepat panas dan bunyi kipas kadang2 melampau-lampau. Haha

    Teringin nak jadi gang Macbook, tapi tak mampu lagi. Tunggu kerjalah kalau ada rezeki. Hehe :D

    1. Toshiba is good too but sayangnya laptop nowadays mahal, so better go with something that is virus-free. It's okay take it slow. Insha Allah it will be yours one day ๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. i want to buy macpro but then i think maybe i can have it when i serious in my job (graphic designer/videographer). end up i brought msi laptop which helps me alot for my project and work. (much cheaper but high end laptop)

    have to admit that the performance of imac/macpro is bloody awesome for graphic design. (have used it few times)

    1. Tbh, I'd consider MSi too but at that time when I was browsing for it, all MSI models punya pricing dah almost cecah RM4k. So mmg dilemma nak angkat yg mana satu because I wanted an iMac too. I wanted MSI sbb design dia ala2 Alienware and good for gaming too (my brother loves gaming) so in the end I go with Apple bcos the virus-free factor wins me over. And as for my brother dia dapat PS4. Win-win situation hahahaha

      Tapi graphic dia mmg cantik especially when you edit photos and videos. I'm in love with Lightroom and Macbook's photo editor. Hopefully you will get one once you are serious in your job. Tak rugi beli even tak join bidang graphic.

  10. Sesekali dapat reward diri sendiri macam nie memang best..

  11. been using my macbook pro for almost 6 years this year! yes yang paling best because takde virus so boleh download torrent as much as i want hehe x

    Erin Azmir

  12. 6 years! Sangat tahan lasak if you really know how to use it and take care of it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    Kan? That is the best part, I'm a download junkie so this factor is very important to me. Torrent kalau download dekat windows and kalau takde virus scanner ke apa, mmg cepat lah jahanam.

  13. I'm still thinking and deciding of which to buy. Recently there's a rumour that apple are going to release something new or whatsoever within next month if I'm not mistaken. not sure whether it's MBA or just MB but gonna be patient and wait for a lil bit more. Who knows I'll get something better. Hopefully

    1. That's exactly what I would do too. Just hope that new release items is pretty convenient for all users. If it's an iMac then.. hmm I don't know what to expect from Apple anymore. iMac used to be so handy for a desktop but now, it doesn't feel like that anymore. Everything is wayy too modern and need all kinds of adapters. Menyusahkan. But yes better wait for a bit.


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