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Roadtrip | Ipoh Art Street

안녕 여러분~

I knew about the boys are going to Ipoh for a BMX competition but they lied to me. They just wanted some free time outside of KL just to let off some steam and just.. enjoy themselves. I was waiting for Ayu to go to Podgy & The Banker cafe at Verve Suite in Hartamas but she didn't pick up my calls or replied my Line messages so I thought she was really exhausted from work.

The boys suddenly said "Tqa you are not cafe hopping with Ayu right? How about you come with us to Ipoh? At least we can save up a little by sharing expenses! *evil laugh*

After a few minutes of diss rap battle aka bickering with them niggas, I decided to tag along and be their chaperone. Yeah, they are in their 20s, has a driving licenses but yet still "Tqa this.. Tqa that.." such babies I tell you!

We departed from KL at midnight and arrived in Ipoh around 3AM and cleaned up my grandma's place since nobody lives there anymore so it was a bit dusty and dirty and finished around 4 then we went to McDonald for an early breakfast before hitting the sack. The next morning the boys (especially Aidil) want me to take them to some photo-worthy places in Ipoh so the first place that popped in my head is the Art Street. Here are a few photos that I managed to capture.

I find this door aesthetically placed behind the busy street of Ipoh Oldtown.

No photos of me because I prefer to be behind the lens plus I enjoyed taking photos of my brothers. Yes the one with the brown pants is my brother and the other two is his friends that I knew for so many years they practically family to me. The hunky one is Dean and the one with the beanie is Aidil.

Believe it or not, we went to 3 cafes in less than 6 hours right after we went to Ipoh Art Street. We acted like a real tourist what the hell? I'm going to post photos from the cafes separately because I don't want to squeeze the whole thing into one post.

Thanks for reading and till next time :)

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  1. Oh nice photos! :)

    Please check out my latest post, too. I'd love to hear something from you! :)

    1. sure I will and thanks for dropping by.

  2. Cantiknya gambar-gambar dekat blog ni! Suka sangat :D

    1. Thank you so much. I try my best supaya my followers tak bosan hehe :)

  3. your pictures are so pretty :)

    1. Thank you Rasya. I really appreciated it.

  4. may i know what is the font used for "ipoh art street" as in the first picture?

    1. That font is called Jasmine Dowling. :)

  5. Ipoh is so vintage. I hope I'd get to go to Ipoh someday! You're good to your brother and his friends :)

    1. Ipoh is a really nice place to stay for a few days. Especially the food. Ipoh food is just as insane as Penang.
      I hope so too. You will love it here!
      They have done a lot for me, so I need to treat them well. I need to treat everybody who is good to me nicely :)

  6. I never been to Ipoh to stay or stop by. Selalu kalau balik Penang mesti straight to Penang. And, last year , ada amazing race organized by my company and I participated. That time, we need to make a stop at Ipoh because it was one of the check point. And, I didn't know that Ipoh have a lots of mural too just like Penang. Arghhh~ I guess maybe this year I should do a road trip to Ipoh , perhaps? hihi

    Tq for sharing this dear <3

  7. Ipoh is a really nice place. Banyak tempat makan best and mural tu panjang lah jugak but not as many as the one Penang. Penang best jugak so normally kitorg singgah ipoh dulu baru naik penang. My grandma's house takde org duduk and jarang2 balik so bila ada kesempatan, mesti singgah tido satu dua malam. You should, nak tau tempat2 makan best, you can always ask me. I'd be glad to help 😊

    You're welcome :)


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